Restore Deleted Images on SD Cards in Simple Steps

Today SD card is essential for all users for storing pictures. These images might bring some golden memories of previous days. You may store images depending upon the capacity of the memory card and it is used in varieties of cameras, phones, etc. It really hurts a lot to bear a situation like deletion of images from memory card.

Sometimes you may capture photos of birthday functions on camera and store on SD cards but may not observe that you have pressed delete button accidentally. This leads to deletion of images and you might wonder to see all captured pictures from SD card are lost within few clicks. Now, looking to recover those erased images, here is the best solution to undelete memory card files like CF cards, XD cards, etc.

Probable scenarios for deletion of image files on SD cards:

  • Virus infection: Virus attack is a well-known and common scenario for deletion of images existing on SD memory cards. Sometimes, virus entry occurs to your SD card when you copy pictures from virus infected PC to SD card connected through a card reader. These viruses can severely corrupt the images and delete them from it.
  • Accidental deletion: In some situations, you wish to store images of your previous days on your computer to keep everlasting memories permanently. While previewing stored images from memory card connected to the computer via a card reader, you may accidentally click on option delete all option. This can end in deletion of useful images along with unwanted images.
  • Improper ejection of memory card during data transfer: After the completion of photos transfer process from system to SD card by means of a card reader, you might draw memory card improperly. This leads to deletion of images present on it.

When you struck in above-mentioned scenarios, you can make use of this widely accepted software to recover SD card images after deletion from standard brands like HP, SanDisk, Sony, etc. Novice user and users who have knowledge can use this application to get back erased photos from different kinds of SD cards like mini SD, Micro SD, mini SDHC, Micro SDHC and other types of memory cards effortlessly. It is suggested by industry experts and concluded it is simple to use application performs faster recovery of deleted pictures. Do not overwrite the images once it is deleted otherwise it is difficult for any recovery tool to get back deleted photos.

It is capable to recover deleted images captured from different types of standard brands of cameras like Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, etc. This program will perform recovery of photos of different file formats like JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc of different popular brands of memory cards like Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, Lexar, Sony, etc. This tool has the capacity to get back image files from Windows OS of versions Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10, Windows Server 2007, 2008 and Mac Operating system of numerous versions including Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard,  Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and so on. with ease. It is available with the demo version, which helps you to view photos before purchasing the software.

Reliable Way to Recover PST Items

Microsoft Outlook is an email-based application and widely used as a personal information manager for sending and receiving emails, managing contacts, tasks, calendar, etc. Any of the Outlook data may get deleted due to any reasons from a single pst file which is not acceptable. When PST file may get deleted, you will lose your all contacts details, emails, and other Outlook profile, at that moment you may become worried about how you will get those Outlook items. So you can use Recover PST Software to recover those files.

Scenarios behind the deletion of PST files:

Using shift delete command: When you are deleting any items from Outlook PST files and you accidentally click on Delete all button which leads to deletion of an entire file.

By Third Party Tool: While scanning your System which has Outlook PST files with antivirus, then if these files are infected by virus then antivirus may delete PST file.

Error while file transfer: Sometimes it is necessary that you need to transfer your PST file for the necessities to other or for itself. During the transfer, if any interruptions cause due to power surge, system shutdown suddenly, etc which lead to making file inaccessible and you may lose your PST file.

Precautions to be taken:

  • To avoid deletion of PST files don’t use shift delete button in hurry.
  • While you open your Outlook profile don’t close it abruptly.
  • Update your system with Antivirus to avoid deletion of files.

Features of Recover PST Software:

  • This software is build for deleted PST recovery on all versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista,  Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Windows 2000, Windows 2002, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, and Windows 2010.
  • It recovers deleted emails along with other attributes of Outlook such as contacts details, tasks, calendar, etc.
  • With the help of this software, you can easily find your deleted items folder if you don’t know where you have kept it previously.
  • It also repair password protected PST files.
  • This tool doesn’t modify your original PST files as it scans from original PST file and creates a new PST file without modifying it.
  • Preview option ensures you that users can view recovered files prior to restoration.
  • Demo version ensures that users can check the efficiency of the software and if they are satisfied with the recovered files then they have to activate the software for a full version. If they activate with full version then you can save the recovered files.
  • There are two types of scan, normal scan and smart scan in which users can easily find the location of PST file.
  • The professional technical team is available 24*7 to help users if they find any difficulty during installation of the software or afterward.

Way to recover Mac hard disk after crash

There are different methods and are cheaper to keep the data on Mac. You ought not to worry as there are many preventive steps to keep your data safer from data loss. Follow few precautionary steps and you will find there is less loss of data compared to other situations. Often people fail to do that and lastly, they need to face the data loss from their hard disk.

If any of the users find that data is missing from his hard disk or other storage devices then what? Usually, he or she runs behind the recovery process either from backups or from restore points. Apart they want the process of recovery to be faster, easier, safer and at the end cheaper. Storage devices are generally used with different systems. Mac is one amongst most secured OS that uses the hard disk to store the files. Few of the way or can say conducts are there which result in complete deletion of files from your Mac OS. These conducts are sometimes followed willingly or sometimes unwillingly. Thus losing of files is for sure no matter what OS you are using. Therefore, if you are thinking to use the recovery software then what all qualities must the product have so that to recover data easily.

  • In concern of Mac recovery software

Very first quality that software must have is that it must be capable to recover data from different lost scenarios. The software must be able to recover data after loss/damage /format right from your Mac system inbuilt internal and external hard drive.

  • Capable to recover all Mac files including system files

A quality must be there to recover lost/deleted/damaged files from Trash, Volumes in Mac OS. To perform this task the software must have the best way to give profound scanning to the hard disk and to recover all the files from it.

  • The software must support recovery from the hard disk in a system

Unbootable hard disk, dead hard disk, lost volumes; un-mountable volumes are the things that can confront you very often. Therefore the core of the software must be strong to deal with the scenarios of loss.

Software, if completes the terms and condition then it must be cheaper and also easy to use. Then only it is going to be considered as best software.

Definitely! The main quality of the software must be that it has to be cheaper and must be easy to use. If you delete files or folder or lost data from your hard disk, memory card, USB then it can be recovered. This concept can be trusted is because when the data is deleted from the hard disk then also it remains in there only the access to them is gone.

A very IMPORTANT thing that needs to keep in mind: If you are known about the data loss then you have to stop putting the files and folders on your hard disk. The rate of recovery will be reached high if you are doing such things.

Here is gradual and stepped procedure to recover data:

Download the software to make disk recovery on Mac. After launch, the software on your computer and then the software will do rest. This will recover the data from hard disk easily.

If the hard disk or storage device is not accessible then you have to install the software on a healthy system. Connect the corrupted disk to the system and recover the files from it. If you are confused then better try the links out.

The web page will give you the recovery software to recover data from your hard disk.

Photoshop PSD repair

Photoshop is very useful application tool used widely to modify and improve the quality of the images. This application has more advanced features. In spite of that PSD files get damaged and it became inaccessible in few situations. Photoshop PSD Repair tool is a very much simple and effective tool to resolve Photoshop CS6 PSD file with just few mouse clicks.

Apart from CS6 version, one can even able to resolve issues of other versions of Photoshop as well. It is free from the virus so that the end users can use it in a safer manner on their devices, it can even work on other storage devices also.

Have you faced a problem anytime where your Photoshop application tool showed an error message?

If you are still searching for a solution, just get relaxed!! You are at an absolutely perfect place where you will get expert advice to resolve Photoshop PSD retrieval successfully.

Anyone can get this type of error problem all of a sudden when you are accessing Photoshop application tool in your system. If you are not aware of such error message.

Photoshop PSD Repair software helps you performing necessary operation to resolve all the user’s query in an appropriate way.

This application is specially designed to fix Photoshop issues with proper resultant. Another vital thing is, you do not require experts help to manage this application because this tool is implemented with an easy user interface and you are just away from few clicks to repair Photoshop issues in an accurate manner.

All the end users can successfully resolve all the corrupted PSD file that unable to open in any formats. Photoshop PSD repair software is very user-friendly and flexible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and all other advanced versions of operating system.

Reasons for corruption of Photoshop PSD File

When the Photoshop application tool has not installed in a proper way, then it will become damaged and inaccessible to the user.

Sometimes because of certain obstacles like power supply failure or system shutdown. As a result, chances of getting PSD files corrupt will be more.

When user’s device is infected with the virus, it enters in the system, so that stored files like Photoshop PSD files will get damage.

Usage of unauthorized software tools to recover deleted PSD file causes damage to files. Under such situations, the end user can use repair software to resolve damaged or corrupted PSD files.

One can use Photoshop PSD Repair software tool to fix their issue.

This software consists of simple graphical user interface because of that all the end users can easily repair Photoshop CS6 PSD files in a reliable way.

Characteristics of Photoshop PSD Repair Tool

  • This tool is capable of repairing PSD files on different versions of Photoshop application tools.
  • With the help of this application, you can even repair files from a list like a file name, file type, and file date.


How to unformat the hard drive of system?

Nowadays computers are designed with inbuilt storage devices known as hard drives or hard disk drives. These hard drives possess huge data storage capacity. You can use the Windows or Mac computers to store all your official and personal information like files, worksheets, music, videos, business files etc. You may have your precious files as back up on external devices like SD card, pen drive etc. But, losing such important files would hurt a lot, if the deleted or lost files are not needed enough, then it’s ok, suppose the deleted or lost files are much needed and if you need them at any cost, then you need to bring them back using recovery software.  Then, to resolve such data loss situations, software experts have developed this excellent file recovery software, this tool can recover data from the formatted hard drive and unformat the SD card and Pen drive. It is capable of recovering data which could be probably lost under following scenarios.

  • Unintentional format: – It’s common to format the hard drive while installing OS or to get rid of dangerous virus etc. While formatting the hard drive in haste, you may accidentally choose the wrong drive to format and then you could lose huge data. Sometimes, you may intentionally format the hard drive or SD card or pen drive, but after that, if you require any files from that drive, then obliviously you need a tool to unformat it.
  • Deletion of hard drive or Volume: – Sometimes, there is a chance of deletion of complete drive or volume of your system. If such case happens, then you could be under a huge data loss condition.
  • Severe virus contamination: – It is the well-known reasons for your data loss from the hard drive of your system or from external devices like SD card, memory card, pen drive etc. Once the virus gets into your system or any storage drive, then it persistently damages the files stored on hard drives, in some cases, it makes to prop up an error message which leads you to format the drive forcefully, thus you could lose files.

After deletion or formatting the drive, the lost files could not be moved away permanently, they could be residing on the drive or external drive but the files would be unseen. So, to get back those files you can use this software to recover all deleted or lost files from the formatted hard drive. It is capable to unformat SD card, and brings back all files without a miss. This software is non-destructive and performs the read-only operation

This Unformat drive software supports photo recovery, partition recovery, more than 300 types of file recovery. You can use it on both Mac and Windows systems having any version of OS. One more added benefit of this tool is that it lucratively supports pen drive data recovery too. It supports almost all external data storage devices and performs the quick scan action on the drive and regains the files with utmost ease.

This software is also available for user confirmation in the demo version, simply get it from the internet and execute it by selecting the drive or SD card from which you need to retrieve data, and then after a quick scan it gets back all deleted files and unformats the drive. Suppose if you need to save the recovered files, and then get the licensed version of this software.


To recover files deleted using comman delete button

Apple keeps its position strong in market comparing to another competitor. This is because products of Apple are made up of an advanced technology and that too with full security. In the year 2012 Mac OS X was launched this is the latest version of Apple OS.  The version is the best version as it has number o features that other OS do not have. You can easily update your OS using the Mac OS X.

There is still one thing that Mac OS X cannot skip from and that is data loss. Though Mac OS is powerful than other OS, still it got some drawbacks. Data loss is the term that makes clear everything. The same thing happens with this Mac OS X but to remove this drawback here we are with a solution.

Firstly, let us see what process makes the data loss:

  • Saving of data is done in volumes. These volumes are nothing but a partition of hard disk. Saving and removing data from hard disk is quite easy task but needs to be done carefully. Using command delete option the files is deleted permanently. This deletion of files also ends the hope to recover files from trash.
  •  Formatting the volumes is the task done by the user very often. The deletion of files is completely done if using the format option and this delete all the data permanently. This process is basically made when you want no data to be kept on the hard disk. If this is performed intentionally then it’s fine or else if accidentally then could cause trouble.
  • Journal is the file that stores all the updates, which are made in Mac system. Saving of files, deletions of files, editing and these all are maintained in journal files and the files reflect the changes. Therefore, if saving the updates in journal files is hindered then this could be the reason for data loss.
  • Deletion of journal files could be the reason of loss as it keeps all the records of updates in Mac OS.
  • Lastly, the one main reason to lose the files is to empty the Trash. The Trash contains all the data, which is deleted from the volumes. If the Trash is emptied then there could be data loss.

If you want the data back that had been deleted then you need to use the recovery software. Using recovery software, you can even recover emptied Trash.  The data lost from any of the scenarios can be recovered using the recovery software. In fact, you can recover OS X too using the recovery software.

Getting rid of the problems that are to recover data from hard disk, the software has to be used. No other option exists to get your lost or dumped data back apart from recovery. Download the software with snaps shots that are provided with the software. Seeing the recovery in snapshots and using the software features will make recovery easy. Instead, installing the software is very easy just need few clicks to be performed.



Approach to recover hard drive data

The hard disk drive is the storage device on each computer device that stores entire data that you make use of on the system. Hard drives can be of internal and external types. Internal drives are the drives mounted inbuilt in the computer CPU whereas external drives can be used by connecting it externally to the system. The system drives will store all program files, user files, as well as the operating system, will reside on the same drive. Hence it is very important that the data on this system drive must be kept safe and secure. Otherwise, an occurrence of any mistakes will bring about a complete loss of data.

The external hard disks may be commonly used because users often take backup data from system drives. These external drives are simple to use and portable too. It may store various user files like text files, word files, media files of formats like JPEG, MP3, MP4 and etc data. One of the common scenarios in which you lose data from hard drive is a virus attack. Herpes affected hard disk drive probably will become corrupt along with the data stored about it can be inaccessible. Thus you could possibly lose all of the important data. If the corrupt hard drive, that you might have lost data is not overwritten then you can certainly recover hard drive data back with the aid of hard drive recovery program. The other factors that cause data loss from computer drives are mentioned here:

  • Bad sectors – Bad sectors are nothing but the damaged sectors on the hard drive. As an illustration the scratches on the hard disk drive memory surface. Thus any data stored under this sector will become inaccessible due to corruption.
  • Hard drive formatting/reformatting – Format and reformat of computer drives will erase all the book-keeping information of each and every file making the files invisible to the OS. Thus accidental drive format causes data loss.
  • Hard drive file system corruption – Every hard drive posses one or the other file system which organizes the way of data storing and fetching. Hence corruption of file system will cause data inaccessibility resulting in data loss.
  • MFT corruption – Master File Table on a hard drive with NTFS file system rarely becomes corrupt. When it becomes corrupt the hard drive will not work in a good manner causing system non-booting and other issues. All this together will cause data loss.

There may be many such reasons that create the loss of data from hard disks as well as in all such situations you’ll be able to recover hard disk drive data with the help of recovery software. The program can effectively retrieve lost files after MFT corruption in Windows and thus you are able to extract the corrupt hard disk drive data. You can go through the software features here:

  • Can recover hard disk data from a variety of hard disk drives like PATA, SATA, IDE, etc. with simple steps.
  • Retrieves various lost data like files, folders, documents, pictures, videos plus more from hard disks.
  • Data lost during re-partitioning, re-installing OS, formatting etc process can be treated easily with the software.
  • You can recover hard disk drives having different file systems like HFS+, exFAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc.

When you have the question in your mind like how to recover RAW files from an external HDD then try utilizing this recovery program. It really works fine with multiple systems like Windows  10, 8.x, 7, 2003, 2008, Vista, Mac Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra. You can avail demo software that can be downloaded here with a single click. If the process and efficiency of the recover utility are nice then find the complete software.

Way to regain the PST file data after the loss

PST is definitely an abbreviation that means Personal Storage Table that’s personal files of Outlook.  This files stores what all data Outlook consists of a mailbox. Folders in Outlook mailbox are a mailbox, sent products, erased products, drafts, calendar, contacts, tasks as well as individuals folders produced by other profiles user. No matters the number of user’s profile exist in Outlook but all of the information is held in exactly the same files.

Apart from PST, there’s yet another file that stores data and operates in an Offline mode which is OST. This file is directly connected to MS exchange server which means storage of files can be created effortlessly using particular OST file. OST can be used as a support file that means if there is no web connection then you definitely need not worry because this will take proper care of your data. The OST is available in action once the outcome of MS outlook and exchange server is damaged because of some error or slow web connection.

Amazing and firm factors that lead to deletion or corruption of PST files too frequently are… Virus attack that’s some deterioration exists in your pc. Exchanging or using of PST file over an unsecured network could directly corrupt file.  Swapping or using PST file over an unsecured network can also be other reason behind loss/deletion or corruption of files. Blending the file, this too for portability purpose is an additional way that causes loss of data. Abrupt shutting down product is a strange action to be carried out and the outcome is same that is corruption or sometimes deletion of files.

Which means you desire to make backup PST file. backup Outlook email can be achieved easily with this you should utilize the program. Aside from this, you will find the option and also the choice is of utilizing Outlook built-in tools. Here you will discover what’s going to be retrieved if you are using support from the file produced by the program.

  • PST file once you import in Outlook though backup you produced using software will return the characteristics like e-mail, contents, visits, journals, notes, contacts.
  • The software supports a number of versions of Outlook which are 2013, 2016, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97 and may create backup copies for these versions.
  • Attachments, which are completed in mails, may also be retrieved when the support of .PST file is produced correctly. This can range from the documents, images and all sorts of other files that come with your email.
  • Password protected PST file’s backup may also be produced with no difficulty.

The backup software provides a completely new copy of PST file which, without touching the older one. They were the special sign of the backup software. This makes you improve how often within the data that you’re getting by means of emails. Even you can use exactly the same setting and may obtain the same atmosphere to operate in Outlook. Therefore, this is actually the smartest choice to produce support from the PST file using the software.

Easiest approach to rescue USB hard disk drive data from data loss scenario

File recovery is having its own significance as it is only way to get back deleted/lost data from different storage sources like hard disk, USB drive, external hard disk etc. Computers assemble with various devices and a few are utilized externally, USB HDD is one of them. USB hard disk drive can be used to store the information in a portable form. But as any of the storage media is not completely secure to skips from the data loss, same happens with USB hard disk drive too.

Whenever we lose data then only we came to realize that why expert always advice to take safety measure. There are lots of situations which can make a person suffers a great deal such as data loss due to human errors, software errors, virus infection, hardware failures and more. Sometime the data loss may be so severe with the result that you have to suffer a large business loss.

Suppose eventually you store your all project files in USB HDD from the PC through the use of cut and paste option. While you reached the office, you connect your USB HDD to your office system. However, you get shocked having seen this there is nothing there’s that drive. You obtain upset and commence murmuring that what dam is occurring along with you. If you are one who is facing a similar type of situation, then don’t get upset because USB HDD recover file is now became very easy and simple. How these losses can occur and how come we can prevent them to occur let’s see in the below-mentioned scenarios.

  • Virus attack on USB HDD will corrupt the information kept in it. In case you connect your USB HDD to already infected PC, severe viruses will corrupt the file within your USB HDD making it inaccessible to suit your needs.
  • Improper system shutdown occurs because of power failure or fluctuations and can damage to the File system of the USB HDD. Whenever the File system gets corrupted, the device fails to detect and therefore you may not be capable of access data from your USB HDD.
  • Formatting a USB HDD is another common reason for a loss of data as a result. Before formatting, it really is advised to take proper backup of important files and folders. Sometimes while accessing USB HDD users accidentally format it, without maintaining proper backup and suffer abundant data loss.

They were the well-known scenarios which corrupt the data present in your USB HDD, but there are several more possible cases which can be unknown and occur suddenly, you can’t even escape from them. Therefore if you lose data from the USB HDD either due to human error or as a result of corruption, there is only one solution and that is disk drive recovery software. If you lose data from your USB HDD, don’t worry because still there is the possibility to recover USB HDD data. Just one condition you should be followed which is “stop utilizing your USB HDD after facing a loss of data “this can help you to avoid the overwriting of files. If you didn’t overwrite your deleted/lost files then recovery part is quite simple to accomplish. To use this tool first choose a trial version of this tool from here, if the result of the trial version is as per your requirement, then you can download licensed version of this tool.

Need help in deleting my files permanently

I have heard that though the files are deleted, they can be retrieved through some recovery software. What can be done to delete files forever?

What you have heard is true!

When files are deleted, the actual file contents are not deleted but they are just marked for deletion and not shown in the file system. Unless it is overwritten, they can be recovered using recovery tools. So when you delete confidential files, the usual windows delete method is not enough. This is true even if you empty the recycle bin or “shift” + delete to skip recycle bin.

Manual methods are not available to help you erase all your files forever. In such situation, Remo File Shredder can perform the job perfectly for you. It enables you to erase data including confidential files and trash files just in few clicks. Then you can make sure that no one will be able to restore the files at any time in future. Hence, this software helps to delete file beyond recovery.

Why choose Remo File Shredder?

  • Erases files permanently from the computer: This software eliminates files, folders and deleted data from your hard drive in the safest way.
  • Context Menu Integration: Helps to add files/folders to shredding zone. The option also offers “single click” shredding of files and folders.
  • Inbuilt Scheduler: This option is used to schedule shredding process to run at a specified time. If you want certain files or folders to be shredded regularly at the specified time, then they can be added in the task list in the scheduler and also time and date can be specified so that those files/folders can be shredded at that particular time and date.
  • Password Protected: Set password to protect the software from being misused by others, you can set the password so that you can restrict the number of users from accessing Remo File Shredder.
  • Notifications and Reminders: Pop up notifications and reminders, when there is need to shred free disk space and recycle bin. This advanced feature helps to ensure protection from deleted data theft.
  • Event log: Generates event log of the complete shredding process.
  • Live updates: Automatic live update to keep the software up to date.
  • Context sensitive help: Extremely easy to use, several on-screen instructions and context-sensitive help.

Excellent Approach to Defrag Memory Stick

Are you facing problem while accessing data within memory stick? Your memory sticks data accessing speed degraded as compared to prior speed. If that is the case then you have to go for defragmentation of the memory stick. With the help of defragmentation, a user can fix performance degradation issues. Actually, it is due to an improper arrangement of data within memory stick. What do you do to perform defragmentation of memory stick data? Here you need a highly effective tool through which you can successfully recover memory stick pace and boot up its performance effortlessly. You can use Defrag Drive tool to speed up system speed further you can access memory stick data in an effective way without any prompt. It is one of the best applications and recommended by an industrial expert because of its proficiency regarding defragmenting memory stick.

Generally, user sticks in such a situation, when files are stored within memory stick in a number of parts. When it happens continuously, then at some stage you can find that your memory stick performance becomes degraded. Memory stick performance is measured in terms of retrieve data. As low as retrieving time of data from memory stick, higher is the system performance. When you find that, the retrieving time of data is increased then it shows degradation of system performance. Such a condition becomes more drastic when you face not responding condition while accessing memory stick data. When you face such a condition in your life then there is no need to think of any other option. You can blindly make use of this tool and successfully perform defragmentation of drive data in an effective way.

Suppose you have a file of 300GB and you have stored this file in your computer system. Due to lack of contiguous memory location, an operating system stored a file in more than three different locations. When you keep storing big files within computer system then files get scattered within the computer hard drive. In such a condition when you try to access file then you could wait until the whole file retrieved from computer hard drive.  Sometimes it takes more time due to defragmented data, resulting in low performance. Here in such condition, you can make use of the above mentioned defrag memory stick tool and successfully fix such a performance issue.

Some standalone features of this tool:

  • With the help of this tool, you can perform defrag operation on various versions on Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and so on.
  • This tool is capable to reduce the seek time for I/O operation on storage devices
  •  This tool is capable to perform defragmentation on various available storage media such as memory sticks, external hard drives, FireWire drives, hard drives, USB drives etc.
  • It is skilled to defrag memory stick of various existing brands including SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, etc.

Thus by considering some popular features of this tool, we can improve data retrieval time on various storage devices. It is boon for an individual who has issue related system performance or memory stick performance; those can make use of this tool and successfully fix such issue with ease. For more detail, you can visit this link:

Rpair Outlook 2010 PST

Has your PST file corrupted? Nowadays communication becomes cheaper and faster when compared to earlier. Especially the message communication whether it is a text message or email. There are many email clients are developed. Everyone is aware of Outlook because it is one of the best mail clients among all mail clients. You can feel comfortable while you are using Outlook. Because it can have all features like password protection and you can create folders to keep your files. There is a file called PST (personal storage table) file which can store and manage all your folders like emails, contacts, calendars etc. So you need to be careful while dealing with PST file otherwise you may lose files from PST file. Outlook has an integral tool called scanpst and which can fix the errors that occurred to PST file up to some level. There are certain circumstances to losing files from Outlook by corrupting PST file. You can recover Outlook PST files using PST file recovery tool.

  • Bad Sectors on the hard drive: Your hard drive boot sectors may get some bad sectors due to some reasons like virus attack and maybe some reason. If your PST file may stay there for a while then you cannot retrieve the complete PST file and the data in that PST file can be in accessed.
  • Oversized PST file problem: The actual maximum size of PST file is 2 GB. Sometime it may exceed because of the rush of the incoming emails arrived in your inbox. So because of that reason, there is a chance of corrupting of PST file.
  • Faulty network device: Sometimes if your network interface cards, routers, hubs or any other network cards have encountered problems, then the access of PST file which is in that network server from the client computer may get corrupt.
  • Abnormal Outlook termination: The abnormal termination of the Outlook may happen sometimes when you are in a hurry. You may close the Outlook intentionally without saving and closing the PST file properly. It may cause PST file corruption.
  • Virus attack: Many of us may face this problem frequently because the chances of getting affected by a malicious virus are high when you are using the internet. This malware can damage your PST file and become inaccessible.


PST file recovery tool can repair corrupted PST file from Outlook. This tool can retrieves emails, folders, calendar items, contacts, appointments, meetings, tasks, journals etc. from Outlook PST file. You can repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and also repair Outlook 2010 PST. And it can also support OST files. The oversized PST files also can be repaired using this software. It can repair all the PST files which cannot be repaired by using scanpst file. You can restore emails messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from any other Outlook folder. It can retrieve even password protected PST files. It supports all Windows operating system versions like Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 etc. Download the trial version to test the performance of the Repair Outlook software before buying the full version of this application.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Document Files from External Hard Drive?

Most of the people use the external hard drive to store data as a backup. These external drives store many media files as well as documents. Sometimes users may face data loss from external hard drive due to various reasons. In such circumstances, don’t get panicked, you can easily recover your document files from an external hard drive on Mac with the help of recovery software. You can make use of Mac Deleted File Recovery software to restore deleted document files from the external hard drive within few mouse clicks.

Assume that you are working on any documents files like PPT that contains more than 75 slides. You have been preparing this presentation for your office meeting. Since you have been working on it for last 3 months and you are just putting on the finishing touches. After completing your PPT documents you have transferred it to your external hard drive on Mac based operating system. After transferring of files, you see that it has some unwanted stuff so you decided to delete that files. But after deleting the files, you shocked to see that PPT file is missing from your external hard drive in which you had spent lots of time as you have deleted this files accidentally.

Once files get deleted from Mac OS, you will search the deleted files in its Trash folder. If you delete any file from the external hard drive it doesn’t move to Trash instead it bypasses the Trash. Anyone can suffer from this type of situations, so don’t worry!! The documents that are deleted from an external hard drive is logically erased from the external hard drive but not permanently as this documents still remain on the external hard drive. You can recover those documents files with the help of recovery software until and unless you have not overwritten any new data on them. You can make use of Mac Deleted File Recovery software to recover accidentally deleted document files from the external hard drive.

How to avoid data loss in the future?

  • Always keep backup of important documents periodically so that you can restore your important files when you accidentally delete them from your hard drive.
  • Check twice before deleting any files from your external hard drive or any other removable storage devices to ensure that you don’t need those files anymore.

Features of Mac Deleted File Recovery software:

  • This software restores documents files from the external hard drive, on Mac operating system such as  Sierra,
  •  Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • It can also recover various types of files such as videos, photos, audios, etc.
  • This software is also capable of restoring documents files after empty Trash folder on Mac operating system.
  • A preview option is available for the users to preview the recovered files. If they are satisfied with the recovery results then they can upgrade the software to its full version.

Download Tool to Get Data Back from Windows and Mac OS

“I got 32 GB memory card and tried to back up all files to the card, but unfortunately card got corrupted and lead to loss of all the data. Can anybody suggest how can get back data without losing a single file from memory card?”

Corruption of memory card or any other storage device happens generally because virus or card unnecessarily removed without closing it properly. But still, you don’t need to be panic as you can get back data from memory card with the advanced Get-back data software, which uses the advanced algorithm to retrieve files which are lost due to memory card getting corrupted, damaged, infected, formatted unknowingly etc…

get data backUse of advance algorithm and technology in the software, make sure that all the directories and files are stored to their desired location without missing a single data from the drives. To get back data from any drives such as USB drive, pen drive, hard drive, flash card, MMC, SD card, SSD sticks, and USB sticks is possible with the help of this tool.  It is compatible with all the operating system file systems.

Advanced Features of Get-Back Data Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Hard Drive of Computer or Laptop:

  • The software is able to recover data without harming any of the files which are already present in the drive.
  • It has the capability to support various gadgets and Filesystems.
  • Get-back data tool can get back data from the RAW hard drive, partitioning error, external hard drives, hard disk crash and by bypass recycle bin.
  • The retrieved data is sorted based on their size, name, file type, and date.
  • This utility is a digitally signed, which make sure that any file is not misplaced or deleted from the drive.
  • Provides “Save Recovery Session” option, which helps you to save the scanning session info and to proceed with the recovery later
  • It can get back data from a various version of an operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or Mac versions.

Procedure to install get-back data software:

First, download and install get-back data software, then launch an application which directs to the main screen from which you can select “Recover partition /drives” again after processing it will direct to “formatted /re-formatted recovery”. The software will scan deeply to recover entire data and display with the choice of “preview” button. To view, all the recovered files click on the button “preview” option. Once satisfied with the data is recovered and restored then you can purchase the software.

Certain scenarios from where data gets deleted or lost:

  • Data gets lost while formatting or re-installing of hard drives.
  • The data gets infected by malware or virus may that generate to lose files.
  • Unintentionally recycle bin deleted from Windows or Trash is been deleted from Mac OS.
  • System hacking might be one of the reasons by which data gets lost.
  • Power failures, which results in unsaved data to be lost or corruption of files.

There is a way to overcome the corrupted PST problem

One of the fastest and cheap means of communication and that is E-mailing. Basically, these E-mailings domains are used to communicate. No foundations are there to communicate, a person can communicate anywhere in the world. E-mailing is a package which is too fast and parallels to that it’s easy and fast as well. What makes it so powerful and popular worldwide that is provided facilities like attachments of files, adding contacts for future use, creating tasks, calendars, which also includes sending and receiving of emails which are gradually so fast.

Severs are ensured to send and receive the data as they are heavily configured to perform in every condition and even also in busy traffic of packets switching. These packets are emails which can be photos, videos, text files or any content (with a limited size). These traffic of packets are sometimes so heavy so that it becomes difficult for a server to respond this service provided sometimes the inconvenience to the user.

Microsoft had resolved this problem just by inventing a tool named Outlook, which basically is a client tool. This tool lets the user work even in offline mode also. These offline data is saved in OST file and later is turned to PST to make the work online whereas this is done in Outlook but it fails to do then the third-party tool has to be used.

The OST and PST are the formatted files which are used to save the data into these files and these files are saved in the system though they are used by Outlook. These files often get corrupted and for the reason stops working, and need repairing so to repair damaged PST file.

Though the repairing of PST files is easy Outlook PST repair is not reliable all the time to achieve so better to have precaution to save the files from getting corrupted. For the deed, one ought to download the software so as to repair the PST. All this option for repairing is quite easy but must be the last one to work with. There are some of the conducts which are intentionally achieved or else they are attempted unwillingly.

Look at some of the behaviors which are not meant to happen which result in damage of PST files.

  • The basic reason behind the PST or OST file corruption is due to oversized PST (The PST files vary in the size so if file size exceed from 50 GB in outlook 2010, 20 GB in 2007, 2 GB in 2000, 2003).
  • PST files are stored in C drive (by default), if the particular drive is corrupted then Outlook stops working (which actually corrupts the PST file in the location).
  • Most of the file corruption is due to a virus which can come from any source.
  • A shutdown of an application or systems due some reason like a power surge or sometimes power failure corrupts the PST file.

Before reaching the stage of curing the PST, we can save that file by following few precautions. Some are as follows. Creating back up, a Good supply of power, antivirus usage and still if you find that then download the software from internet and can repair the PST files for further use.



Best method to retrieve data from formatted memory cards

Memory cards, the best storage devices are used on video cameras, camcorders, smartphones and mobile phones to store data. The memory cards could be operated on various gadgets like desktop computer and laptops, with different operating systems.

The different memory card brands in the present day are HP, Kingston, Lexar, Transcend, Sony, SanDisk, Samsung, etc. The various data that you just store in memory cards could be lost during several situations. Your data loss from storage devices usually happens because of file corruption or accidental deletion. One of such loss of data from memory cards can be explained here. Assume that you connected the memory card of your camera onto your system to transfer few photos from it. After connecting it instead of opening the files in it, you accidentally formatted the memory card. The entire data present in it was lost with the single click of yours. So in order to recover formatted memory card photos and other data you have to make use of recovery software before the card is overwritten. And there are many reasons that cause loss of data from memory cards. The different causes that lead to loss of data from memory cards are:

  • Invalid or corrupt file system – Once you reformat any memory card and if any errors encountered during the process then you may face problems like file system corruption or inaccessibility of data that you store that formatted memory card, etc. that results in loss of data.
  • Error messages suggesting to format – Certain times if you make an effort to access any data from memory card, error messages appear proclaiming the message ‘device is not formatted. Format it now.’ This could be simply because of any malfunctioning of the memory card or could be due to some virus attack. In this instance, you must forcefully format the memory card which leads to data loss.
  • Accidental deletion of data – Usually while accessing memory card photos on a camera you might accidentally select delete all option instead of deleting few
  • Virus attack – Once the hard disk drive is affected by malware then all the partitions and its particular data will be corrupt and inaccessible. This extremely causes data loss from hard disks and therefore you might want to lose many priceless data.

You may encounter various scenarios that lead to loss of data from memory cards. And in all such scenarios, you need to restore the data from memory cards with the help of recovery tool. The software can be easily utilized for lost picture recovery on Windows. Some of the salient features of this recovery program:

  • Completely regains lost data on flash memory cards such as CF, SD, XQD, XD picture cards, MMC, memory sticks, Pen drives, etc.
  • Also, the software is capable of recovering data from devices having FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, etc. file systems
  • It successfully recovers each of the data types like XLS, TXT, DOCX, EXE, MPEG, DIVX, MP3, MP4, etc. from Windows and Mac systems
  • Performs good recovery of various photo files such as JPEG, PNG, NEF, CR2, CRW, BMP, JPG, TIF, etc.

The software can be easily utilized to restore any data from memory cards of different brands. This recovery utility is a perfect solution for the question like can you retrieve deleted pictures from SD card? The software is compatible with various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2003 and Mac OS Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard.

Synchronizing Audio and Video with Merge Clips

Premium Pro is a function that provides a method to sync audio and video called merge clips. This function streamlines the process by which people can sync audio and video that have been recorded separately. One can select a video clip (MP4, MOV, etc.) and sync it with up to 16 channels of the audio clip by using the Merge Clip command. Clips that are created by the merged clip are often referred as component clips.


Generally, one can merge a clip by group selecting them in either the Timeline or the Project Panel. The Merge Clips command can be invoked through either the clip menu or a contextual menu. More than one clip should be selected in order to enable contextual command.

One or more audio clips can be merged into a single AV clip. The maximum number of audio tracks permissible in a merged clip is 16 that includes a combination of mono, stereo, or surround 5.1 clips. A single mono clip counts as one track, whereas a single stereo counts as two tracks, and a 5.1 clip counts as six tracks.

Merging the clips in the Project Panel:

Follow this procedure to merge video and audio clips in the Project Panel:

  1. Choose the video clip that you want to merge with an audio clip. Note that you can have only one video clip in any merged clip.
  2. Use Shift or Control-click to choose the audio-only clips that you wish to merge with the video clip.
  3. Perform either of the following tasks:
  • Select Clip > Merge Clips.
  • Right-click and then choose Merge Clips from the shortcut menu.

Merge Clip dialog box will launch now. Select from one of the following options for the point of synchronization.

  • Based on the In point: For locating sync based on the In point, at the clap of the slate, for instance.
  • Based on the Out point: To locate sync based on the Out point, at the clap of the tail slate, for instance.
  • Based on matching timecode: To locate sync based on the common timecode between the two clips.
  • Based on clip makers: To locate a sync point based on a numbered clip marker in the middle of the shot. This function will be disabled as long as all the component clips have at least one numbered marker.

Now, click OK. Your merged clip will now be displayed in the Project Panel, with a name that matches the video clip, or the top most chosen audio clip if there is no video “-Merged” is appended to the end of the new merged clip’s name. You can rename this name if necessary.

Merging the clips in the Terminal:

Follow these steps to merge clips in the Terminal panel:

  1. Choose the clips and then perform one of the following:
  • Drag and drop the component clips into the Project panel.
  • Select Clip > Merge Clips.

Now, the Merge Clips dialog box will be launched.

  1. Now, click OK. The merged clip will now appear in the Project Panel.

Synchronizing clips in the Timeline panel:

Synchronizing the clips aligns multiple clips in the Timeline panel. After synchronizing the clips, you can create a merged clip. For synchronizing the clips in the Timeline panel, first edit the clips into the Timeline panel, and then perform one of the following:

  1. Manually align the clips by dragging them into a place until they are synchronized.
  2. Now, make use of synchronization function to align the clips. To do so, do the following:
  • Choose the clips that you want to synchronize.
  • Then, choose Clip > Synchronize.

Now, the synchronize dialog box will be launched. Then, select from one of the following options for the point of synchronization.

  • Based on the start of the clip.
  • Based on the end of the clip.
  • Based on matching timecode.
  • Based on the clip markers.

Now, click OK to complete the process of synchronization. Now, you are done with synchronizing the clips.

As said earlier, you can choose MP4, AVI, or other video formats for synchronizing with the audio clip. You can even edit the merged audio and video clips and trim the file. However, there are chances that you may face out of sync error after you edit the merged video file. As a result, audio codec may go lagging behind the video or vice versa. In situations like this, how to overcome the issue? As the efforts and time spent in synchronizing the clips will go in vain. Don’t be panic, as you can fix audio sync MP4 or other video file with the help of Repair QuickTime software. This advanced repair software is built with completely automated repair process that can fix any kind of issues associated with MP4, and MOV video files. The trail version of this software is available for free download, just download and install it, and start fixing audio video sync issues in MP4 file.

Software to Recover Files from Memory Card on Mac

sandisk-memory-card-recoveryHave you accidentally deleted your important files from memory card on Mac system? After doing this, you come to know that you did not take the backup of deleted files. In such case, you can take the help of Memory Card Recovery Mac application to overcome from this painful situation. This easy to use tool is the perfect answer for all your questions and easily restore files from memory card which can be either deleted or lost. Memory card is a small portable storage card which is used with various electronic devices like smartphones, camcorder, digital cameras, tablets, video game consoles, laptop, to save different types of files.

In this memory card, not only images, you can save various types of data files including documents, ppt, music, videos, text files, and many others. These memory cards are also capable of saving large number of data files and compatible with numerous electronic devices.  Let us take a situation in which you can face your important files deletion or loss issue. Suppose you have a memory card which contains your important documents. When you connected it to the Mac computer for transferring files from it, during this you may accidentally choose Format option and which will remove complete data files from the memory card.

After doing this, when you come to know that you have lost all your important files and also do not have any backup, then it can be very painful situation for you. In such case, you can take the help of Memory Card Recovery Mac software and easily get back all your lost files just by following few simple instructions.

Most Common Causes of Data Loss from Memory Card:

  • Damaging file system of memory card is also result in data loss. It deletes your file table entry, by which all the files saved on memory card become inaccessible.
  • Virus attack or malware infection on memory card can also lead data loss from it.
  • Files deletion from memory card when using any unsafe third party app for scanning it.
  • Accidental deletion of Files from memory card when it is connected with Mac computer.
  • Improper laptop shutdown while data transferring process is going on.
  • Abruptly removing the memory card from the device when it is being used by the device.

Features of Memory Card Recovery Mac Software:

  • It can recover data from memory card which can be formatted, re-formatted, broken, inaccessible, corrupted, non-recognized or damaged easily.
  • This easy to use tool supports data recovery from memory card on all the latest versions of Apple Mac based operating system like Leopard, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Lion.
  • Memory Card Recovery Mac app is capable to get back various types of files from memory card which can have any file systems such as FAT16, ExFAT and FAT32 without any difficulty.
  • With the help of this easy to use utility, you can restore various types of files from memory card including audios, pictures, documents, text files, ppt, pdf and many others easily.
  • By using this tool, you can recover your files from memory card based on their file name, signature, extension, creation date, etc. within few simple mouse clicks.

Download Software to Retrieve Data from Maxtor Drive

maxtor-external-hard-drive-recoveryHard drives are non-volatile device used to store data such as videos of different formats, photos, music, document files of all formats, programs and games. Maxtor hard drive is commonly used hard drive to store data. High quality of production and its speed is its greatest feature.

“I normally use Maxtor hard drive to store data. I access them through my system. As usually I connected drive to system to access some important data but my system couldn’t recognize Maxtor hard drive. I was getting a message pop ups to format drive to access. I formatted according to my system instruction to get accessibility. After formation I lost all my files and I don’t even have back-up of those files. Can anyone help me: How can I recover Maxtor drive data?”

Data loss from hard drive is most common in this recent days due to various reasons. Recovering of lost/deleted data is quite simple. Maxtor data recovery software is used to get back data from Maxtor drive in few simple clicks.

 How to get back data from Maxtor hard drive:

  • Step 1: Download and install Maxtor data Recovery software on your operating system.
  • Step 2: Connect the Maxtor hard drive to your computer and Run the application.
  • Step 3: Later from the main screen window select the Recover Drives
  • Step 4: Choose Maxtor hard drive to restore Maxtor data and hit on Next option to continue further.
  • Step 5: Scanning drive for Recovery process will be started, later you can preview the retrieved data from Maxtor drive.
  • Step 6: Save those retrieved data on your system on successful purchase of software.

Situations where Maxtor Data Recovery is used:

  • When Maxtor hard drive is inaccessible to read the files due to the adverse effect of Virus/Malware attack on drive can be easily accessed by this software.
  • Corrupted file system can be easily corrected and can successfully restore lost/deleted data from this application.
  • Combination of shift-delete keys will erase the files on drive permanently without throwing them to recycle bin.
  • Improper handling or abrupt ejection of Maxtor hard drive from a computer may results in loss of data. This application supports to restore them back on track.

Important features to be noted:

This software helps to retrieve deleted files from all types of storage drives like hard drives, external hard drives, iPods, USB drives etc. without hassle. Deleted data by shift-delete keys can be recovered. Recover data from hard drives like SATA / SCSI etc., flash memory cards such as SD, Memory Stick etc., USB external drives, FireWire Drives can be restored. Provides simple and easy guidance of mechanism to restore deleted files Mac, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 drives. This software helps in retrieving deleted/lost data from any version of Windows and Mac operating system as well.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From SanDisk Memory Card?

Memory card is an electronics flash storage device which is used for storing digital info on Smartphones, musicsandisk-memory-card-recovery player, video game console, DSLR cameras, camcorder, and other electronic devices. It is a fastest digital storage media through which data can be accessed easily and quickly. They are portable and small in size but store huge amount of data and can retain data without power. That’s why memory cards are widely used by the users to store huge amount of data.

You can store various types of files such as videos, photos, documents, etc. on memory cards of various types such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, XD, CF, etc. However, even after such extraordinary features and benefits, you can’t forget that every man-made device has one or more disadvantages. Sometimes, your videos from SanDisk memory cards may get deleted due to some known or unknown reasons. But don’t get panic in such situations, you can opt SanDisk Card Recovery software to know how to recover deleted videos from SanDisk memory card within few mouse clicks.

Reasons for deletion of videos files from SanDisk memory card:

  • Accidental deletion of videos files from SanDisk memory card when connected to system or mistakenly clicking on “Delete All” button while previewing videos on digital camera or smartphones.
  • Inappropriately formatting of SanDisk memory card instead of formatting some other device when it is connected to system results in huge loss of data from SanDisk memory card.
  • If you get an error message like “format error” or “card is not formatted error” when connected to the system then in such case you have to format the card in order to reuse it for saving new files. But if you format the SanDisk memory card then the entire files from it including videos files get erased from SanDisk memory card.
  • Unintentionally selecting and deleting of videos files instead of unnecessary files from the SanDisk memory card of digital camera, smartphones, camcorders, etc.
  • Unintentionally clicking on format option instead of ejecting SanDisk memory card from the system will erase all the files including videos from the SanDisk memory card.
  • Deleting memory card videos when connected to system will not move them to Recycle Bin which results in permanent deletion of videos files from SanDisk memory card
  • Deletion of videos files due to a virus or malware threats on SanDisk memory card.

There are several other reasons behind deletion of videos files from SanDisk memory card. But you can overcome with such situation if you have a proper backup of deleted videos files. If you don’t have a backup of deleted videos files then don’t get upset as you can opt SanDisk Card Recovery software to know how to recover deleted videos from SanDisk memory card with ease.

Features of SanDisk Card Recovery Software:

  • This software is capable of recovering deleted videos from SanDisk memory cards as well as from various brands of memory cards such as Transcend, Kingston, Sony, HP, Samsung, Lexar, etc.
  • It recovers deleted videos files from various types of memory cards such as MMC, CF, XD, SD, SDXC, SDHC, etc. on various versions of Windows based operating system.
  • Once recovery process gets over, user can preview the recovered videos before restoration.