Synchronizing Audio and Video with Merge Clips

Premium Pro is a function that provides a method to sync audio and video called merge clips. This function streamlines the process by which people can sync audio and video that have been recorded separately. One can select a video clip (MP4, MOV, etc.) and sync it with up to 16 channels of the audio clip by using the Merge Clip command. Clips that are created by the merged clip are often referred as component clips.


Generally, one can merge a clip by group selecting them in either the Timeline or the Project Panel. The Merge Clips command can be invoked through either the clip menu or a contextual menu. More than one clip should be selected in order to enable contextual command.

One or more audio clips can be merged into a single AV clip. The maximum number of audio tracks permissible in a merged clip is 16 that includes a combination of mono, stereo, or surround 5.1 clips. A single mono clip counts as one track, whereas a single stereo counts as two tracks, and a 5.1 clip counts as six tracks.

Merging the clips in the Project Panel:

Follow this procedure to merge video and audio clips in the Project Panel:

  1. Choose the video clip that you want to merge with an audio clip. Note that you can have only one video clip in any merged clip.
  2. Use Shift or Control-click to choose the audio-only clips that you wish to merge with the video clip.
  3. Perform either of the following tasks:
  • Select Clip > Merge Clips.
  • Right-click and then choose Merge Clips from the shortcut menu.

Merge Clip dialog box will launch now. Select from one of the following options for the point of synchronization.

  • Based on the In point: For locating sync based on the In point, at the clap of the slate, for instance.
  • Based on the Out point: To locate sync based on the Out point, at the clap of the tail slate, for instance.
  • Based on matching timecode: To locate sync based on the common timecode between the two clips.
  • Based on clip makers: To locate a sync point based on a numbered clip marker in the middle of the shot. This function will be disabled as long as all the component clips have at least one numbered marker.

Now, click OK. Your merged clip will now be displayed in the Project Panel, with a name that matches the video clip, or the top most chosen audio clip if there is no video “-Merged” is appended to the end of the new merged clip’s name. You can rename this name if necessary.

Merging the clips in the Terminal:

Follow these steps to merge clips in the Terminal panel:

  1. Choose the clips and then perform one of the following:
  • Drag and drop the component clips into the Project panel.
  • Select Clip > Merge Clips.

Now, the Merge Clips dialog box will be launched.

  1. Now, click OK. The merged clip will now appear in the Project Panel.

Synchronizing clips in the Timeline panel:

Synchronizing the clips aligns multiple clips in the Timeline panel. After synchronizing the clips, you can create a merged clip. For synchronizing the clips in the Timeline panel, first edit the clips into the Timeline panel, and then perform one of the following:

  1. Manually align the clips by dragging them into a place until they are synchronized.
  2. Now, make use of synchronization function to align the clips. To do so, do the following:
  • Choose the clips that you want to synchronize.
  • Then, choose Clip > Synchronize.

Now, the synchronize dialog box will be launched. Then, select from one of the following options for the point of synchronization.

  • Based on the start of the clip.
  • Based on the end of the clip.
  • Based on matching timecode.
  • Based on the clip markers.

Now, click OK to complete the process of synchronization. Now, you are done with synchronizing the clips.

As said earlier, you can choose MP4, AVI, or other video formats for synchronizing with the audio clip. You can even edit the merged audio and video clips and trim the file. However, there are chances that you may face out of sync error after you edit the merged video file. As a result, audio codec may go lagging behind the video or vice versa. In situations like this, how to overcome the issue? As the efforts and time spent in synchronizing the clips will go in vain. Don’t be panic, as you can fix audio sync MP4 or other video file with the help of Repair QuickTime software. This advanced repair software is built with completely automated repair process that can fix any kind of issues associated with MP4, and MOV video files. The trail version of this software is available for free download, just download and install it, and start fixing audio video sync issues in MP4 file.

Photoshop PSD repair

Photoshop is very useful application tool used widely to modify and improve the quality of the images. This application has more advanced features. In spite of that PSD files get damaged and it became inaccessible in few situations. Photoshop PSD Repair tool is a very much simple and effective tool to resolve Photoshop CS6 PSD file with just few mouse clicks.

Apart from CS6 version, one can even able to resolve issues of other versions of Photoshop as well. It is free from the virus so that the end users can use it in a safer manner on their devices, it can even work on other storage devices also.

Have you faced a problem anytime where your Photoshop application tool showed an error message?

If you are still searching for a solution, just get relaxed!! You are at an absolutely perfect place where you will get expert advice to resolve Photoshop PSD retrieval successfully.

Anyone can get this type of error problem all of a sudden when you are accessing Photoshop application tool in your system. If you are not aware of such error message.

Photoshop PSD Repair software helps you performing necessary operation to resolve all the user’s query in an appropriate way.

This application is specially designed to fix Photoshop issues with proper resultant. Another vital thing is, you do not require experts help to manage this application because this tool is implemented with easy user interface and you are just away from few clicks to repair Photoshop issues in an accurate manner.

All the end users can successfully resolve all the corrupted PSD file that unable to open in any formats. Photoshop PSD repair software is very user-friendly and flexible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and all other advanced versions of operating system.

Reasons for corruption of Photoshop PSD File

When the Photoshop application tool has not installed in a proper way, then it will become damaged and inaccessible for the user.

Sometimes because of certain obstacles like power supply failure or system shutdown. As a result, chances of getting PSD files corrupt will be more.

When user’s device is infected with the virus, it enters in the system, so that stored files like Photoshop PSD files will get damage.

Usage of unauthorized software tools to recover deleted PSD file causes several damage of files. Under such situations, the end user can use repair software to resolve damaged or corrupted PSD files.

One can use Photoshop PSD Repair software tool to fix their issue.

This software consists of simple graphical user interface because of that all the end users can easily repair Photoshop CS6 PSD files in a reliable way.

Characteristics of Photoshop PSD Repair Tool

  • This tool is capable of repairing PSD files on different versions of Photoshop application tools.
  • With the help of this application, you can even repair files from a lists  like file name, file type, and file date.


Software to Recover Files from Memory Card on Mac

sandisk-memory-card-recoveryHave you accidentally deleted your important files from memory card on Mac system? After doing this, you come to know that you did not take the backup of deleted files. In such case, you can take the help of Memory Card Recovery Mac application to overcome from this painful situation. This easy to use tool is the perfect answer for all your questions and easily restore files from memory card which can be either deleted or lost. Memory card is a small portable storage card which is used with various electronic devices like smartphones, camcorder, digital cameras, tablets, video game consoles, laptop, to save different types of files.

In this memory card, not only images, you can save various types of data files including documents, ppt, music, videos, text files, and many others. These memory cards are also capable of saving large number of data files and compatible with numerous electronic devices.  Let us take a situation in which you can face your important files deletion or loss issue. Suppose you have a memory card which contains your important documents. When you connected it to the Mac computer for transferring files from it, during this you may accidentally choose Format option and which will remove complete data files from the memory card.

After doing this, when you come to know that you have lost all your important files and also do not have any backup, then it can be very painful situation for you. In such case, you can take the help of Memory Card Recovery Mac software and easily get back all your lost files just by following few simple instructions.

Most Common Causes of Data Loss from Memory Card:

  • Damaging file system of memory card is also result in data loss. It deletes your file table entry, by which all the files saved on memory card become inaccessible.
  • Virus attack or malware infection on memory card can also lead data loss from it.
  • Files deletion from memory card when using any unsafe third party app for scanning it.
  • Accidental deletion of Files from memory card when it is connected with Mac computer.
  • Improper laptop shutdown while data transferring process is going on.
  • Abruptly removing the memory card from the device when it is being used by the device.

Features of Memory Card Recovery Mac Software:

  • It can recover data from memory card which can be formatted, re-formatted, broken, inaccessible, corrupted, non-recognized or damaged easily.
  • This easy to use tool supports data recovery from memory card on all the latest versions of Apple Mac based operating system like Leopard, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Lion.
  • Memory Card Recovery Mac app is capable to get back various types of files from memory card which can have any file systems such as FAT16, ExFAT and FAT32 without any difficulty.
  • With the help of this easy to use utility, you can restore various types of files from memory card including audios, pictures, documents, text files, ppt, pdf and many others easily.
  • By using this tool, you can recover your files from memory card based on their file name, signature, extension, creation date, etc. within few simple mouse clicks.

Download Software to Retrieve Data from Maxtor Drive

maxtor-external-hard-drive-recoveryHard drives are non-volatile device used to store data such as videos of different formats, photos, music, document files of all formats, programs and games. Maxtor hard drive is commonly used hard drive to store data. High quality of production and its speed is its greatest feature.

“I normally use Maxtor hard drive to store data. I access them through my system. As usually I connected drive to system to access some important data but my system couldn’t recognize Maxtor hard drive. I was getting a message pop ups to format drive to access. I formatted according to my system instruction to get accessibility. After formation I lost all my files and I don’t even have back-up of those files. Can anyone help me: How can I recover Maxtor drive data?”

Data loss from hard drive is most common in this recent days due to various reasons. Recovering of lost/deleted data is quite simple. Maxtor data recovery software is used to get back data from Maxtor drive in few simple clicks.

 How to get back data from Maxtor hard drive:

  • Step 1: Download and install Maxtor data Recovery software on your operating system.
  • Step 2: Connect the Maxtor hard drive to your computer and Run the application.
  • Step 3: Later from the main screen window select the Recover Drives
  • Step 4: Choose Maxtor hard drive to restore Maxtor data and hit on Next option to continue further.
  • Step 5: Scanning drive for Recovery process will be started, later you can preview the retrieved data from Maxtor drive.
  • Step 6: Save those retrieved data on your system on successful purchase of software.

Situations where Maxtor Data Recovery is used:

  • When Maxtor hard drive is inaccessible to read the files due to the adverse effect of Virus/Malware attack on drive can be easily accessed by this software.
  • Corrupted file system can be easily corrected and can successfully restore lost/deleted data from this application.
  • Combination of shift-delete keys will erase the files on drive permanently without throwing them to recycle bin.
  • Improper handling or abrupt ejection of Maxtor hard drive from a computer may results in loss of data. This application supports to restore them back on track.

Important features to be noted:

This software helps to retrieve deleted files from all types of storage drives like hard drives, external hard drives, iPods, USB drives etc. without hassle. Deleted data by shift-delete keys can be recovered. Recover data from hard drives like SATA / SCSI etc., flash memory cards such as SD, Memory Stick etc., USB external drives, FireWire Drives can be restored. Provides simple and easy guidance of mechanism to restore deleted files Mac, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 drives. This software helps in retrieving deleted/lost data from any version of Windows and Mac operating system as well.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From SanDisk Memory Card?

Memory card is an electronics flash storage device which is used for storing digital info on Smartphones, musicsandisk-memory-card-recovery player, video game console, DSLR cameras, camcorder, and other electronic devices. It is a fastest digital storage media through which data can be accessed easily and quickly. They are portable and small in size but store huge amount of data and can retain data without power. That’s why memory cards are widely used by the users to store huge amount of data.

You can store various types of files such as videos, photos, documents, etc. on memory cards of various types such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, XD, CF, etc. However, even after such extraordinary features and benefits, you can’t forget that every man-made device has one or more disadvantages. Sometimes, your videos from SanDisk memory cards may get deleted due to some known or unknown reasons. But don’t get panic in such situations, you can opt SanDisk Card Recovery software to know how to recover deleted videos from SanDisk memory card within few mouse clicks.

Reasons for deletion of videos files from SanDisk memory card:

  • Accidental deletion of videos files from SanDisk memory card when connected to system or mistakenly clicking on “Delete All” button while previewing videos on digital camera or smartphones.
  • Inappropriately formatting of SanDisk memory card instead of formatting some other device when it is connected to system results in huge loss of data from SanDisk memory card.
  • If you get an error message like “format error” or “card is not formatted error” when connected to the system then in such case you have to format the card in order to reuse it for saving new files. But if you format the SanDisk memory card then the entire files from it including videos files get erased from SanDisk memory card.
  • Unintentionally selecting and deleting of videos files instead of unnecessary files from the SanDisk memory card of digital camera, smartphones, camcorders, etc.
  • Unintentionally clicking on format option instead of ejecting SanDisk memory card from the system will erase all the files including videos from the SanDisk memory card.
  • Deleting memory card videos when connected to system will not move them to Recycle Bin which results in permanent deletion of videos files from SanDisk memory card
  • Deletion of videos files due to a virus or malware threats on SanDisk memory card.

There are several other reasons behind deletion of videos files from SanDisk memory card. But you can overcome with such situation if you have a proper backup of deleted videos files. If you don’t have a backup of deleted videos files then don’t get upset as you can opt SanDisk Card Recovery software to know how to recover deleted videos from SanDisk memory card with ease.

Features of SanDisk Card Recovery Software:

  • This software is capable of recovering deleted videos from SanDisk memory cards as well as from various brands of memory cards such as Transcend, Kingston, Sony, HP, Samsung, Lexar, etc.
  • It recovers deleted videos files from various types of memory cards such as MMC, CF, XD, SD, SDXC, SDHC, etc. on various versions of Windows based operating system.
  • Once recovery process gets over, user can preview the recovered videos before restoration.

Steps to Recover Sony Cyber Shot Digital Camera jpeg Photos – Procedure

Nowadays most of the people are using Sony Cyber-shot digital camera to capture videos and photos from it. It has asony-cybershot-photo-recovery wide range of high resolution and many features which are a need for a professional camera user. It includes LCD display, waterproof and 4 x zooming and many more. It Sony Cyber-shot digital camera supports data storage on all major memory cards such as SDHC, SDXC, SD, XD, MMC, CF, etc. You can store various files such as RAW images, photos, videos and many more on these memory cards. As same as other storage devices, sometimes, users also lead to loss of JPEG photos from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera memory card.  In such case, the user gets upset if they have lost any memorable JPEG photos from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera but if they have a backup of those photos then it doesn’t worry. You can restore it from that backup. But worse situation comes when you forget to take the backup of those photos, in such case, you need to opt recovery software like Digital Photo Recovery software to recover Sony Cyber-shot digital camera JPEG photos with ease.

Note: If you have lost any photos due to any of the unforeseen reasons, the first thing you need to do is stop using the Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. Because adding any new files on it will overwrite the data which makes the recovery very difficult.

Reasons behind loss of JPEG photos from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera:

  • Unintentional deletion of JPEG photos from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera.
  • Formatting of Sony Cyber-shot digital camera’s memory card leads to loss of files including JPEG photos.
  • Improper ejection of Sony Cyber-shot digital camera when it is connected to the system for transferring files.
  • Virus infection is one of the common reasons behind loss of JPEG photos from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. Due to this, you can’t access the photos and finally it needs up with the loss of photos.
  • Your JPEG photos from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera gets corrupted or damaged due to sudden shutdown of the system during transferring of photos from system to it or vice-versa.
  • Abruptly ejecting of Sony Cyber-shot digital camera’s memory card from the system when photos are copying or moving.
  • Sony Cyber-shot digital camera’s memory card corruption.
  • Accidentally clicking on “Delete All” option from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera.
  • Using Sony Cyber-shot digital camera’s memory card on multiple electronic devices.
  • Sony Cyber-shot digital camera firmware issues.

In above-mentioned scenarios, it is always recommended not to use Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. In such case, you need to use recovery software like Digital Photo Recovery software to recover Sony Cyber-shot digital camera JPEG photos.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Don’t save any new data on Sony Cyber-shot digital camera which will result in overwriting of data.
  • Regularly keep a backup of vital files from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera to some other storage devices.

Features of Digital Photo Recovery Software:

  • This software is capable of recovering JPEG photos and different files from Sony Cyber-shot digital camera as well as from various brands of digital camera such as Panasonic, Samsung, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, etc.
  • It recovers photos of various file formats such as from SD, MMC, CF, XD, SDXC, SDHC, etc.
  • Using “Preview” option of the demo version of the utility, you can view the recovered JPEG photos before saving it to the desired location.

Download Tool to Get Data Back from Windows and Mac OS

“I got 32 GB memory card and tried to back up all files to the card, but unfortunately card got corrupted and lead to loss of all the data. Can anybody suggest how can get back data without losing a single file from memory card?”

Corruption of memory card or any other storage device happens generally because virus or card unnecessarily removed without closing it properly. But still, you don’t need to be panic as you can get back data from memory card with the advanced Get-back data software, which uses advance algorithm   to retrieve files which are lost due to memory card getting corrupted, damaged, infected, formatted unknowingly etc…

get data backUse of advance algorithm and technology in the software, make sure that all the directories and files are stored to their desired location without missing a single data from the drives. To get back data from any drives such as USB drive, pen drive, hard drive, flash card, MMC, SD card, SSD sticks, and USB sticks is possible with the help of this tool.  It is compatible with all the operating system file systems.

Advanced Features of Get-Back Data Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Hard Drive of Computer or Laptop:

  • Software is able to recover data without harming any of the files which are already present in the drive.
  • It has capability to support various gadgets and File systems.
  • Get-back data tool can get back data from RAW hard drive, partitioning error, external hard drives, hard disk crash and by bypass recycle bin.
  • The retrieved data is sorted based on their size, name, file type, and date.
  • This utility is a digitally signed, which make sure that any file is not misplaced or deleted from the drive.
  • Provides “Save Recovery Session” option, which helps you to save the scanning session info and to proceed with the recovery later
  • It can get back data from various version of operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or Mac versions.

Procedure to install get-back data software:

First download and install get-back data software, then launch application which directs to main screen from which you can select “Recover partition /drives” again after processing it will direct to “formatted /re-formatted recovery”. Software will scan deeply to recover entire data and display with the choice of “preview” button. To view all the recovered files click on the button “preview” option. Once satisfied with the data it recovered and restored then you can purchase the software.

Certain scenarios from where data gets deleted or lost:

  • Data gets lost while formatting or re-installing of hard drives.
  • The data gets infected by malware or virus may that generate to lose files.
  • Unintentionally recycle bin deleted from Windows or Trash is been deleted from Mac OS.
  • System hacking might be one of the reason by which data gets lost.
  • Power failures, which results in unsaved data to be lost or corruption of files.

Hard Drive Recovery Tool – Restore Lost or Deleted Data from Hard Drive’

84482612Are you facing data deletion or loss issue from your hard drive? Have your data been deleted from external or system hard drive? Do you want to recover data from storage device? If yes, then there is no need to worry about it because here in this post I am describing an efficient way by which you can easily perform data recovery from storage devices very easily. The recovery of data from storage device can be achieved by using an advanced third party app like My Hard Drive Recovery because there is no other manual way to get back data from system as well external hard drives.

There are a number of circumstances by which data can be deleted or lost from storage devices such as improper handling of external drives, formatting, accidental deletion, MBR corruption, partition table corruption, bad sector on storage device, virus attack, file system corruption, etc. After deletion or loss of data from storage device which can be an internal or external drive, people can easily recover data with the help of My Hard Drive Recovery application. This tool has been developed and tested by expert IT professionals with different storage devices in all possible situations to recover data from it very easily. For developing this easy to use program advanced search algorithms has been used by which it performs deep scanning of storage devices and easily restore data from them without any difficulty.

Most common causes behind data deletion of loss from storage devices:    

  • Accidental deletion of data from storage device is very common way of losing data. Mostly people delete their data incorrectly while deletion other unused data from interior external drives.
  • Emptied Recycle bin or trash folder without checking the data present on it can also lead to data loss from system drive.
  • Interruption between file transferring process and ejection of external drive from the system while data transferring process is going on may be reason behind deletion of data.
  • Corruption of file system of internal or external storage device will lead to inaccessibility of storage device.

Data recovery from storage devices is possible because after the deletion or loss of data, it is still present on the storage drive. The pointer of deleted or lost data has been removed and space is available for new data. This deleted data will remain in storage device until another new data is saved in this memory space. Due to this feature of storage device data recovery is possible which can be deleted or lost in any above mentioned way. To recover data from internal or external drives, people can utilize My Hard Drive Recovery program. This software is available for both Mac and Windows based operating system. People can easily get back their data with the help of My Hard Drive Recovery app from various storage drives including system drives, Solid State drives, Pen drives, flash drives, external hard drives, memory sticks, SD cards, CF cards, etc. very easily. Not only from these storage devices, it is also capable to recover data from numerous hard drive types such as SATA, IDE and SCSI without any difficulty.

FREE Data Recovery Software- Recover Deleted or Lost Files

Have you ever accidentally deleted or lost any files from your anyimages (1)
storage device like system hard drive or external drive? If yes then you may be in the drastic situation due to data loss. Such situation occur when you don’t have the backup of your data which may lead to huge data loss. You are wondering about how to recover delete or lost files from any storage device?If you have deleted or lost any files from any storage device then don’t get devastated. In such case, you can use Recovery Software Download which can recover your deleted or lost files with great ease. This software has a powerful algorithm which scans your entire storage device and recovers deleted or lost files on major version of Windows and Mac operating system. For more details, you can visit this link:

Reason for deletion or loss of files from any storage device:

Human Errors   

  • Accidental deletion of the files from hard drive, iPod, memory card, USB drive, external hard drive or any other external storage device.
  • Formatting or deleting the wrong partition instead of some other drive.
  • Mistakenly emptying the recycle bin
  • Unintentionally formatting of any storage device.

Partitioning Errors          

  • Re-partitioning also lead to data loss.
  • Corruption occurs when you tried to create, resize, or delete any partition.

File System Errors          

  • While converting file system from NTFS to FAT or vice-versa
  • File system corruptions occur due to any interruption.

Other Reasons 

  • Virus infection
  • Bad sectors
  • Abrupt removal of external storage device from the system
  • Sudden shutdown of system
  • File deletion due to antivirus program

Besides these, there are many other reasons behind deletion or loss of files from any storage device but don’t get panic as you can use Recovery Software Download.

Features of Recovery Software Download:

  • This software ensures you the recovery of all deleted or lost files from a various storage device such as pen drive, computer hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, memory stick, memory card, iPod, etc. To know more about how to recover deleted files from USB flash drive, you can click on this link:
  • Using this software, you can sort out the recovered files on the basis of their unique signatures like file name, file type, data of creation of file and file size.
  • This software offers you distinct view types of recovered file selection which save your lots of time.
  • This software offers you a “Save Recovery Session” which will avoid further re-scanning of the drive.
  • You can use “preview” option of the software to ensure whether you have recovered right files or not.
  • This software is free from all types of harmful threats like virus, malware, Trojans, Spyware, etc.
  • It supports recovery of various file formats of pictures such as DCX, CPT, ART, AMFF, 3DMF, WPG, WMF, TGA, SID, QTM, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, QFX, PSP, PIC, PCX, PCD, PBM, EPS, EMF, DWG, DRW, etc.
  • This software also recovers videos and music files such as RAM, WMA, OGG, AU, MPG, AVS, AMR, MIDI, M3D, ASF, ASX, WMV, etc.
  • Demo version is available free of cost for the users which can be downloaded from the internet. Once you download then you can check the efficiency of the tool. If you are satisfied with recovered results then purchase the utility to save the recovered files.

Recover Files from exFAT Drive on Windows

hyperdeckexfatExtended File Allocation Table is one type of file system that locates the files and folder stored in hard drive. It is one of the latest and advanced version of file system. Although it is latest version of file system and it contains several outstanding features yet files get lost from ExFAT partition. In such horrified, you can go for reliable recovery tool to retrieve files from ExFAT partition.

ExFAT Recovery Application is widely used on all Windows operating system to recover ExFAT partition. Apart from ExFAT recovery, this tool is also compatible in recovering deleted files from FAT and NTFS file system. It is free from various harmful viruses so it is safe and secure to recover files from ExFAT tool. Using this tool, user is able to restore files on CD ROM, hard drive, external hard drives or any other devices. You can easily purchase this software online software to recover files from different file system.

Reasons for Data Loss from EXFAT Drive  

  • Due to interruption in power supply or removal of external drive abruptly results in loss of data from ExFAT drive.
  • Sometimes use of delete button unintentionally results in deletion of files EXFAT file system. It happen while deleting unwanted files from the file system.
  • While resizing EXFAT partition if any error occurs then you may delete file from EXFAT partition.
  • Sometimes you may connect to infected system as result virus enters into the system and corrupts the file and folder stored on EXFAT partition.
  • Use of format button for EXFAT partition accidentally can delete files for permanently from the hard drive.
  • Low Battery or power surge are some of the interruption due to files get deleted or lost from EXFAT hard drive partition.
  • The use of combinational key directly bypass the recycle bin as a result your files get permanently deleted from the system.
  • The cluster of file system is changed when the partition is formatted. In such case, there are little bit chances that you may EXFAT partition file.

In all of the above mentioned scenarios you can easily use this software to recover EXFAT drive as well as FAT and NTFS file system. It is compatible with all the latest version of Mac system as well as Windows system.

Features of EXFAT Recovery Software

  • It recover files from EXFAT drive in few simple and effective. You can launch this application either on Mac or Windows based system.
  • The software can recover generic file format as well as RAW file types such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, PSD, DOC, PDF, XLS, etc.
  • The software can download from website to recover deleted or lost files from ExFAT drive partition.
  • The technical executive is always available for users to support while recovering deleted files from EXFAT drive partition.

Find a Missing File inside a Windows 8 Desktop Folder

wi n8Are you facing file missing issue from your Windows 8 system? Do you want to get back your missing files from Windows 8 system? If yes, read this article carefully to recover your missing files from Windows 8 system by using few simple steps. Here I am describing an advanced way by which people can easily find missing files in Windows 8 system. In order to get back missing files there is no manual way so people need to utilize an efficient utility to restore missing files from their Windows 8 laptop/desktop. Windows Recovery is one of the efficient files recovery program which is capable to get back missing files very easily.

Windows Recovery Software has developed with the help of advanced scanning algorithms which performs deep scanning of system hard drive and find missing files in Windows 8 system very easily. This utility is very easy to use and have a number of features by which a non-technical user can easily recover missing files. People can utilize this application to recover files on Windows 8 along with other Windows operating system including Win 7, Win Vista, Win Server2003, Win Server 2008 and Windows XP.  This ready to use software allows people to perform file recovery from various hard drive types including SCSI, IDE, SATA and ATA. To know more, check this:

Before talking about the recovery procedure of missing files with the help of Windows Recovery app let us talk about some most frequent reason behind file missing from Windows 8 system:

File system corruption: File system is responsible for fetching and storing files on hard drive. This file system is used by operating system to perform such task. File system can be damaged due to virus infection or any other cause. If it gets damaged, then entire files stored in it become inaccessible.

Power surge: During working on system, if system shutdown improperly due to power outage, then there is a chance of file missing g from system hard drives.

Formatting: Hard drive formatting is a procedure of deleting the entire files stored in the drive. People accidentally format their Windows 8 system drive and face file missing issue.  

Accidentally Deletion: During removing some other files in order to make some free memory space, people might wrongly end up with the selection of important file and face file missing issue.   

In order to find missing files in Windows 8 system which can be lost or missed in any way as mentation above, people can utilize Windows Recovery software. This tool allows people to take the preview of recovered missing files before saving them to other hard drive location. This application supports several file system such as FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT to get back missing files from Windows 8 system. Its save recovery session feature allows people to save their time by resuming recovery process. It is capable to recover all types of missing files such as audio, documents, video, pictures, text files, excel files, etc. very easily. Windows Recovery app allows people to save recovered files in ZIP archive.

Know About Halting Hackers From Sabotaging Computer Systems

The second Firewall side chat will be hosted by the Engineering and Computer Science Center for Cyber Security from 10-11 a.m. Friday March 25, that is focused on using “penetration testing” in order to beat hackers around the world who are at work breaching systems.

Op-Ed-Halting-Hackers-For-The-Holidays-300x186Mikhail Gofman who is ECS Center for Cyber Security’s assistant professor of computer science and director. The issue of vulnerability of hackers and computer security using malware is discussed to take control of computer systems – accessing sensitive data and crippling businesses.

The companies are targeted by these threats such as recently Los Angeles was attacked along with many government institutions around the world and steal private and sensitive data and sabotage critical infrastructure such as power plants, said by Gofman, who is expert in virtualization, biometric authentication, Web security and cloud security.

Why is ransom ware a growing problem?

The Ransom ware is distributed by the pay per install networks (PPIs) like many varieties of malware today, in malware distribution which are blank markets specializing for profit. To get a feeling of accomplishment for having successfully infected system the hackers in the old days spread hacker enthusiasts spread malware. The main aim for spreading of the majority is done for profit.

How are systems breached?

Malware is developed by the attackers such as trojans, ransom ware, and fake anti viruses, these are designed in such as way that it can help to achieve monetary gain. Except the victims everybody wins and malware of the attackers extracts money from the infected users and systems and the money will be made by PPIs from the attackers who pay them for their distributed services.

Attackers are allowed by many of the vulnerabilities to successfully plant malware such as ransom ware. Due to insure system configuration and implementations these things happen and most of which are avoidable. For example, all the companies can force their workers to scan the emails attachments and avoid the malware, but most of them won’t do this.

Know How to Easily Migrate Outlook Data to a New Computer

Microsoft Outlook is one of famous email client application that comes along with the package of Microsoft Office Suite. Most of the institutions, organizations, schools, companies use this application for communication purpose. It is also known as personal information manager and holds so many Outlook attributes like emails, tasks, notes, calendar entries, RSS feeds, junk emails, etc. Outlook consists of mainly two files i.e. OST file and PST file. PST file permits the storage of all the Outlook attributes, so it is necessary to take the backup of PST file.Migrate Outlook to new computer

Consider a scenario where you bought a new PC and want to work on the Outlook application. Here under situations, you are not able to work on Microsoft Outlook application on the new PC before all the Outlook data gets stored in the older PC. To start Outlook application on your new PC you need to migrate Outlook to new computer i.e. you have to copy your PST file onto the Outlook of new PC and along with these, you have to copy some more attributes like notes, journal entries, calendar entries, etc.

How to migrate Outlook to new computer?

The migration of Outlook from older PC to new one can be done in two ways

  • Manual Copying of Outlook Items: By copying all the Outlook items manually you can move the entire Outlook data from old PC to new PC. For this process you have to copy each and every Outlook item i.e. you need to copy PST files, rules, signatures, shortcuts, etc. This seems to be a simple process but it is so lengthy process because each Outlook item needs to be copied exactly to the same location as it is in the original PST file. While moving data if any sort of disturbances occurs then it results in valuable data lost.
  • Using Migration Software: In order to overcome the data loss problems which involve copying of each and every item, a reliable third party application came into picture which is nothing but Migrate Outlook software. This application helps you to migrate Outlook to new computer. This process doesn’t involve copying of Outlook items and the migration can be done by using this software. But before starting the migration process it is mandatory to backup the Outlook data.

Unique Features of Migrate Outlook Software:

This software supports migration of Outlook data on various versions of Windows operating systems. It is also used to move Outlook personal folders to the new computer and provide backup of all the Outlook data including PST files and other Outlook attributes. It consists of a powerful algorithm which helps to relocate the Outlook 2010 PST file to Outlook 2013 PST file without having any difficulty. This application is also used to resettle Outlook data such as emails, tasks, calendar entries, RSS feeds, journals, reminders, etc. from your old PC to new PC. At the time of PST file migration, there will be no data loss as this software doesn’t assist the copying of Outlook items.

Software to Recover Data from RAW USB Flash Drive

maxresdefaultUSB flash drive is a storage device that stores various types of data such as image files, audio files, video files and document files for a long time period. Now day by day the storing capacity of an internal hard disk drive is increasing. Apart from internal hard disk drive, you can store data in external USB flash drive also.

There are many brands available which manufactured USB flash drives such as Lexar, Transcend, Western Digital, Kingston, Seagate, Samsung, etc.Usually you can save data in your USB flash drive for a long time period but due to some various known or unknown reasons you can face data loss issue from USB flash drive. One of the most reason is file system corruption due to virus or malware infection. If your file system get corrupted then your USB flash drive turns RAW. When you try to open that flash drive then error message appears like “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? As a result of this you may face data loss from RAW USB flash drive.

If you are feeling tensed about data loss from RAW USB flash drive and searching a software to get back all your data from USB flash drive then it is not a big issue. You can buy recovery software from online or offline market but one thing is to keep in mind that all the third party recovery software’s are not reliable or effective in nature. So whenever you purchase any recovery software, first check the efficiency of that utility or go with expert’s view.

Some common reasons behind the data loss from USB flash drive are infection of virus in USB flash drive, corruption of USB drive due to any reasons such as MBR corruption, boot sector corruption etc. Using of third party tools which is not truthful may cause the data loss from USB flash drive. When system is in working mode and due to any unwanted reasons, if system gets shutdown due to power failure then there is a chance of data loss from USB flash drive. Apart from this, there are many reasons behind the data loss from USB flash drive such as software conflicts, accidental deletion of data from USB drive, unintentional formatting of entire USB hard drive is also one of the reason behind the deletion or loss of entire data from USB flash drive.

Undelete USB software is one of the expert’s trusted application. You can buy this software from our website and if you have any doubt in your mind then you can download the free demo version of this tool and recover data from your RAW USB flash drive. If you are satisfied with results then you can download the full version of this software and perform RAW USB drive data recovery with greater ease.

This software is designed with graphical user interface and is compatible with various platforms of Windows and Mac OS. Any type of data is recovered from corrupted or damaged drive within few simple steps. This application provides you ‘’Save Recovery Session” features. Under this features, if your scanning process interrupted due to any known or unknown reasons then no need to scan entire USB flash drive again since data recovering process will starts from where the interruption occurs. You can recover data from raw USB drive brands such as Lexar, Transcend, HP, Kinston, Western Digital, Samsung, Sony, Seagate etc.

All about Seagate 10TB HDD Using Helium

Seagate hard drive is one of the widely used hard drives across the world. Recently Seagate have announced that it is using helium for manufacturing the hard drive, with the 10TB storage capacity. The intension of using helium is to make it the large data storage capacity drive of the company.

seagate_10tb_hdd_678_678x452This hard drive can be used only on the Cloud based data centers and 14 read/write heads along with seven platters in this hard drive. The case used in it is hermetic which is sealed and a turbulence free interior is created in by helium, by which the friction on the platters will be decreased.

By using helium in the hard drive, disk density will increased by 25% when compared to the previous air filled HDDs. According to the reports of the company, this hard drive can also deliver high performance; less weight as well as power consumption is also reduced. Also the helium can enable the less power of the industry for each terabyte of capacity ratio.

A Western Digital subsidiary called HGST has used helium in many data center-class HDDs and in December, the Ultrastar and 10TB data center HDD was announced.

In both 12Gbps SAS and 6Gbps SATA interface, there is an availability of Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD.

The Seagate Company is laser focused, because the cost of the storage system is lower and unprecedented data growth. The big advantage in using Seagate’s 10TB HDD is it will increase the density of the storage in the data centers.

Helium atoms are tiny i.e. it contains only two neutrons, two electrons and two protons. Both the WD and Seagate companies ensure that the gas that is present in the drives will not leak out.

Instead of using a wrought aluminum, a forged based helium sealed drive (without uniform density and porosity it is designed), they use “weld width and superior material for a more hermetic robust drive and which is enclosed to protect from helium leaks”.

With the help of shingled magnetic recording technology, Seagate announced its first drive which is 8TB 3.5-in. But in the standard perpendicular magnetic recording technology, data tracks will rest side by side. Whereas SMR will overlap the tracks on a platter like shingles on a roof, so that more tracks can be squeezed on a platter.

A New Protection Technique from Ransomware File Coder in Sight

RansomwareRansomware is a software or application which is a similar to the CryptoWall which is a technique to protect and safe guard the files by providing locker to the files. After many experiments, finally experts came up with the new challenge in the field of locking the files and also able to work with the files with this new technique. Now this Ransomware recently discovered and it’s especially work for protecting the data of the Google browser and also can be easily detect the solution for file coder with the ESET’s Security solution. Before this the final detection process, initially it was examined by the Emsisoft and Ransomware 32 was the name given to it. Now let us see how this technique works and where it can be applicable.

How this Technique Works?

When you talk about its working, it really works like a Ransom as a Service as it fully provides service to the users in the case of file encryption and also can be hidden server and it can be available in the Tor network. You need not to be panic about the attack of malware that infect the victim from which you can make choose of the cyber criminals as the network detect the following requirements. Performance of its working can also be evaluated with the help of the statistics which are displayed on the screen so that you can even know how many of them needed to paid and how many are remaining ones. Before knowing more about paid, it is much better to know how this Ransom can be make use of.


 How Ransomware can be used?

 In order to make use of this software, you need to get the update version of this application to the screen of your desktop and then for this, you need to search for the latest version of this software by utilizing different sources and then make use of the download option in order to get the latest version of Ransom to your computer’s screen. Download and installed it on the computer and then Ransom 32 will automatically execute as it is inbuilt design to execute itself, there is no separate application is needed for executing this application. You just need to take care of that it Software can be executed on each and every boot.

The working phenomenon of the Ransom 32 was clearly explained by the Matias Porolli who is a malware analyst at ESET and it is in Latin America. He said that there will some different action take as the users execute the applications and the action may includes like encryption of files and folders, appearance of notification and messages which will be demanding Ransom and also contact with the servers.

Way to Restore Microsoft Windows Factory Settings

ms-osMicrosoft Windows operating systems provide many advanced features to the users. These systems are most commonly known for their easy to use interface and their functionality. Microsoft is continually upgrading their Windows system in order to provide more security and advanced features. There are many operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft Corp such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. These operating systems are widely used by people for their personal and professional works.

Sometimes, Windows system does not give response very slow or when people try to access some files or some other functional then it will give very slow response.  On that case user need to format or reset factory setting options to improve the system performance and make their task easier. Basically these problems occur due to malfunctioning systems, virus removing, configuration and settings of the computer operating system, making some free memory space and also remove personal information from the system. In general, factory reset option is used to hide or remove the data from the system which will not available longer after reset operation.

Whereas, formatting the system or reinstalling operation used to erase the entire information from the system hard drive partition. In order to reinstall the operating system, you need to spend a lot of time and resources. If you are not aware about reinstalling process, then you need an expert person which re- install the operating system and format or delete the whole data saved in the system hard drive. But in the case of restore factory setting, you just need to follow some simple step to perform it. In factory reset, basically application restores the entire system to its original state by removing all of the data saved on it and attempt to restore the computer to its original manufacturer settings.

In order to factory reset, you just need to follow some simple step. To restore the system in earlier stage, first of all you need to take the backup of your important data and disconnect external devices to the system like printer, scanner, modem, mobile phone, USB flash drives, etc.  Go to control panel and search ‘Recovery’. In recovery Window, you will get two options, that is Reset this PC and Advanced Startup.  Click on Reset this PC option, after that a new window will display with two options like to keep my file and removing everything. Select the option accordingly, after that a new window will display for conformation.  In this window press ‘Reset’ button to reset the system to factory setting.

Know an Easy Way to Perform Mac File Recovery

mac digital photo recoveryMac is a personal computer or laptop designed by Apple Inc. The Mac system contains different files stored in hard drive. Sometimes files from Mac system get lost or deleted due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, file system corruption, etc. In order to perform Mac file recovery, you need reliable third party recovery tool. Can anyone suggest me file recovery tool for Mac based system?

If you are facing similar problem, no need to get tensed. By using this tool, the user can easily recover 330 file types in few steps. This software has an option to add new file type according to user’s choice. You are able to recover generic as well as raw file format. Mac File Recovery software is available online so that you can easily purchase and recover your files from Mac system.

Reasons for deletion or loss of files from Mac system

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes when hard drive gets fully loaded with files and you don’t have sufficient place to store further data, then you may delete unwanted stuff from it. While removing, if you unknowingly select important files then it is obvious that those selected ones get deleted.

Virus Attack: There are several computer viruses and malware programs that get into system by some means like when the device is connected to computer or when any unreliable sites. If they get into the system, it starts corrupting data that is present in it. After getting corrupted they become inaccessible and ultimately get lost.

File System Corruption: The file system is very crucial part of any of the storage media. As a consequence of any technical fault or any other reason, if file system gets corrupted then entire data residing the device will become inaccessible and you’ll lose everything that is present in your Mac system. File System Corruption:

Other Factors: Several other factors responsible for data loss from Mac system are sudden power failure, improper ejection, error while file transfer, etc.

You can use this recovery tool to overcome above mentioned scenarios. This Mac recovery tool includes few steps to recover files.

Features of Mac File Recovery Tool

  • This software can be downloaded and used on different versions of Mac such as Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • It recovers deleted or lost files from Mac based system in few simple and effective steps.
  • Save Recovery Session is available for this utility to resume the recovery session any time. It is completely depend upon the user.
  • You can search the recovered file from Mac system according to name and size of files. It makes your work easy since you don’t need to search recovered file one by one.
  • 24X7 technical assistance is given to users who find any difficulty in accessing the software.

Outlook OST to PST File Fixer

Microsoft Office Outlook is fully fledge email client application which facilitate users not only emails to read and write but also they can attach varieties of attributes such as calendar, notes, contacts, journals, appointments and more. It is the tool that provides a simple graphical user friendly feature to send or receive the mails. Microsoft Outlook is a mail storage manager which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook synchronize email and stores all the information like email, contacts, calendar and other outlook attributes in a single file. This type of file is known as Personal Storage Table.

fix ostOutlook is a standalone application. It is one of the most efficient and reliable software which helps user to manage and organize all the information of Outlook profile account in a systematic way and it also saves user time and perform the task very effectively. The most important features of Microsoft Outlook is enable user to accomplish their task like sending emails and reading mails even if there is no internet connection on their PC. The Outlook has specific file type in which whatever user have done modification or changes to their Outlook profile account like reading / writing mails to the respective client are saved in the .OST file extension.

Offline Storage Table is the full form of OST. When Microsoft Outlook resume with an internet connection, all the mails and all the attributes will automatically get synchronized with Outlook Exchange Server and stored on the mail server. However, there are some instances were Outlook PST file may get damaged or corrupted due to severe reasons. In such situation, user want to fix OST file and search for the solution on the internet in order to overcome from this problem.

What are the scenarios for corrupting Outlook OST file?

Unlike other files that are stored in the system, Microsoft Outlook OST file is also prone to get corrupted due to many issues and some of which are described below:

  • If the Outlook user computer is get infected by the intrusion of virus, Trojan, malware and more. Then, there is chances of damaging Outlook OST files that are usually get stored in the system hard disk and lead to inaccessibility of mails and attributes from the OST file.
  • Sometimes OST files will not synchronize properly due to improper connection with server and network problems such as slow network connection etc. Then it may damage complete Outlook OST file and get corruption.
  • The Outlook inbuilt inbox repair tool (i.e. Scanpst.exe) is designed to fix OST file that is corrupted or damaged. Most of the Outlook user gives first preference after they are not able to access mails and other attributes from there OST file to the Outlook‘s default repair tool. The major drawback with this inbuilt repair tool is that it won’t work properly is the file is corrupted severely and it also manipulates the original OST file itself while repairing the damaged OST files, in case if it fails then it will lead to further damage of OST file.
  • Outlook OST file size might get corrupt due to increase in size, when it goes beyond the specified file size limits (ie.2GB or more). It becomes inaccessible and leads to OST file corruption.

Fix OST Software is the most reliable OST fixer which is designed with special scanning algorithms that scans all the content from the corrupt OST file and copies it into a healthy PST file. This tool repair both corrupt PST and OST file of the Outlook. It follows read only mechanism which do not damage the original file.

Quick Solution to Get Back Digital Photos from Your Mac

Nowadays, almost every user is utilizing the features of digital cameras, camcorders, etc to shoot their memorable moments. Due to its amazing benefits more number of people is getting addicted towards it. As these digital photos play an important role in a person’s life. By looking at those digital photos user can keep their best memories alive and whenever user want can have a look on photos and remember those favorite moments.

After taking images on their auspicious moment, user will copy those captured digital photos on to their Mac system. However, there are some circumstances occurs with the user digital images saved on Mac PC may get erased or lost due to number of occasions like deleting photos unknowingly, interruption during transferring pictures, intrusion of viruses, etc.

mac digital photo recovery Have you lost photos in above told reason or some other issues? And need to perform Mac digital photo recovery operation. Then, do not worry! Here, is the solution for all your problems. You just need to read this article carefully because I have explained about the software that has ability to recover digital images on Mac which are captured on different brands of digital cameras or camcorders with ease. It is possible with some reliable third party tool like Mac Photo Recovery Software. This program can be used to restore the lost or deleted pictures on the Mac computer.

With the help of Mac photo recovery software you will definitely recover photos from Mac hard drive in easily without any trouble. You can also get back photos after formatting, damaged or corrupted Mac system hard disk under various situations. This application supports Mac digital photo recovery on all the version of Mac operating system such as Leopard, Mac OS X, Lion, Snow Leopard and more. Using its inbuilt search algorithm method you can scan the Mac system for retrieving digital photos. It enables to retrieve all photos from the external storage devices like USB drives iPods, memory cards, etc in few mouse clicks.

What are factors behind losing digital photos from Mac computer?

  • Sometimes, you may select a wrong folder unknowingly that was containing collection of your favorite digital photos and erase it, instead of deleting another files and folders which is not important. Then, this action will lead you to lose photos from Mac PC.
  • If any interruption occurs like power failure or abrupt removal of device when you are transferring some of your favorite photos on Mac system to any other storage device or vice versa, resulting in loss of photo from Mac PC.
  • Due to unreliable third party application, there is chance of deleting your vital digital pictures from Mac hard drive.
  • By performing cut and paste operation to copy lot of digital photos at a time from Mac system to some other storage device. If there is not enough space in storage device where you want to copy photos, then there will be a chance of losing your photos.

With irrespective of data loss scenarios on Mac system, if you really want to recover deleted photos that were lost due to above mentioned factors, then you can go for Mac digital photo recovery tool to rescue photos easily from different types of file system such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32.