Are you losing data on an aging FAT partition system?

Computers using Windows 95 and 98 operating systems separate data on their hard disks using file allocation tables. Commonly referred to as FAT 16 and FAT 32 drives, these disk partitioning systems are prone to complete loss of data. Unfortunately, if one loses access to a segment of the hard drive due to a lost partition, on also loses access to the data contained within. Although few computers operators are still using systems divided by file allocation tables, there still needs to be a means to recover lost partitions and damaged file from these drives. For that reason, REMO has available FAT recovery software.

Computers with newer operating systems from Windows 2000 through to Vista use the NTFS partitioning system. For recovery of lost partitions or damaged files on these drives, there is a REMO program specifically geared to NTFS recovery. Both of these programs support USB data recovery from Flash drives.