To recover files deleted using comman delete button

Apple keeps its position strong in market comparing to another competitor. This is because products of Apple are made up of an advanced technology and that too with full security. In the year 2012 Mac OS X was launched this is the latest version of Apple OS.  The version is the best version as it has number o features that other OS do not have. You can easily update your OS using the Mac OS X.

There is still one thing that Mac OS X cannot skip from and that is data loss. Though Mac OS is powerful than other OS, still it got some drawbacks. Data loss is the term that makes clear everything. The same thing happens with this Mac OS X but to remove this drawback here we are with a solution.

Firstly, let us see what process makes the data loss:

  • Saving of data is done in volumes. These volumes are nothing but a partition of hard disk. Saving and removing data from hard disk is quite easy task but needs to be done carefully. Using command delete option the files is deleted permanently. This deletion of files also ends the hope to recover files from trash.
  •  Formatting the volumes is the task done by the user very often. The deletion of files is completely done if using the format option and this delete all the data permanently. This process is basically made when you want no data to be kept on the hard disk. If this is performed intentionally then it’s fine or else if accidentally then could cause trouble.
  • Journal is the file that stores all the updates, which are made in Mac system. Saving of files, deletions of files, editing and these all are maintained in journal files and the files reflect the changes. Therefore, if saving the updates in journal files is hindered then this could be the reason for data loss.
  • Deletion of journal files could be the reason of loss as it keeps all the records of updates in Mac OS.
  • Lastly, the one main reason to lose the files is to empty the Trash. The Trash contains all the data, which is deleted from the volumes. If the Trash is emptied then there could be data loss.

If you want the data back that had been deleted then you need to use the recovery software. Using recovery software, you can even recover emptied Trash.  The data lost from any of the scenarios can be recovered using the recovery software. In fact, you can recover OS X too using the recovery software.

Getting rid of the problems that are to recover data from hard disk, the software has to be used. No other option exists to get your lost or dumped data back apart from recovery. Download the software with snaps shots that are provided with the software. Seeing the recovery in snapshots and using the software features will make recovery easy. Instead, installing the software is very easy just need few clicks to be performed.



Way to regain the PST file data after the loss

PST is definitely an abbreviation that means Personal Storage Table that’s personal files of Outlook.  This files stores what all data Outlook consists of a mailbox. Folders in Outlook mailbox are a mailbox, sent products, erased products, drafts, calendar, contacts, tasks as well as individuals folders produced by other profiles user. No matters the number of user’s profile exist in Outlook but all of the information is held in exactly the same files.

Apart from PST, there’s yet another file that stores data and operates in an Offline mode which is OST. This file is directly connected to MS exchange server which means storage of files can be created effortlessly using particular OST file. OST can be used as a support file that means if there is no web connection then you definitely need not worry because this will take proper care of your data. The OST is available in action once the outcome of MS outlook and exchange server is damaged because of some error or slow web connection.

Amazing and firm factors that lead to deletion or corruption of PST files too frequently are… Virus attack that’s some deterioration exists in your pc. Exchanging or using of PST file over an unsecured network could directly corrupt file.  Swapping or using PST file over an unsecured network can also be other reason behind loss/deletion or corruption of files. Blending the file, this too for portability purpose is an additional way that causes loss of data. Abrupt shutting down product is a strange action to be carried out and the outcome is same that is corruption or sometimes deletion of files.

Which means you desire to make backup PST file. backup Outlook email can be achieved easily with this you should utilize the program. Aside from this, you will find the option and also the choice is of utilizing Outlook built-in tools. Here you will discover what’s going to be retrieved if you are using support from the file produced by the program.

  • PST file once you import in Outlook though backup you produced using software will return the characteristics like e-mail, contents, visits, journals, notes, contacts.
  • The software supports a number of versions of Outlook which are 2013, 2016, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97 and may create backup copies for these versions.
  • Attachments, which are completed in mails, may also be retrieved when the support of .PST file is produced correctly. This can range from the documents, images and all sorts of other files that come with your email.
  • Password protected PST file’s backup may also be produced with no difficulty.

The backup software provides a completely new copy of PST file which, without touching the older one. They were the special sign of the backup software. This makes you improve how often within the data that you’re getting by means of emails. Even you can use exactly the same setting and may obtain the same atmosphere to operate in Outlook. Therefore, this is actually the smartest choice to produce support from the PST file using the software.

Easiest approach to rescue USB hard disk drive data from data loss scenario

File recovery is having its own significance as it is only way to get back deleted/lost data from different storage sources like hard disk, USB drive, external hard disk etc. Computers assemble with various devices and a few are utilized externally, USB HDD is one of them. USB hard disk drive can be used to store the information in a portable form. But as any of the storage media is not completely secure to skips from the data loss, same happens with USB hard disk drive too.

Whenever we lose data then only we came to realize that why expert always advice to take safety measure. There are lots of situations which can make a person suffers a great deal such as data loss due to human errors, software errors, virus infection, hardware failures and more. Sometime the data loss may be so severe with the result that you have to suffer a large business loss.

Suppose eventually you store your all project files in USB HDD from the PC through the use of cut and paste option. While you reached the office, you connect your USB HDD to your office system. However, you get shocked having seen this there is nothing there’s that drive. You obtain upset and commence murmuring that what dam is occurring along with you. If you are one who is facing a similar type of situation, then don’t get upset because USB HDD recover file is now became very easy and simple. How these losses can occur and how come we can prevent them to occur let’s see in the below-mentioned scenarios.

  • Virus attack on USB HDD will corrupt the information kept in it. In case you connect your USB HDD to already infected PC, severe viruses will corrupt the file within your USB HDD making it inaccessible to suit your needs.
  • Improper system shutdown occurs because of power failure or fluctuations and can damage to the File system of the USB HDD. Whenever the File system gets corrupted, the device fails to detect and therefore you may not be capable of access data from your USB HDD.
  • Formatting a USB HDD is another common reason for a loss of data as a result. Before formatting, it really is advised to take proper backup of important files and folders. Sometimes while accessing USB HDD users accidentally format it, without maintaining proper backup and suffer abundant data loss.

They were the well-known scenarios which corrupt the data present in your USB HDD, but there are several more possible cases which can be unknown and occur suddenly, you can’t even escape from them. Therefore if you lose data from the USB HDD either due to human error or as a result of corruption, there is only one solution and that is disk drive recovery software. If you lose data from your USB HDD, don’t worry because still there is the possibility to recover USB HDD data. Just one condition you should be followed which is “stop utilizing your USB HDD after facing a loss of data “this can help you to avoid the overwriting of files. If you didn’t overwrite your deleted/lost files then recovery part is quite simple to accomplish. To use this tool first choose a trial version of this tool from here, if the result of the trial version is as per your requirement, then you can download licensed version of this tool.

Rpair Outlook 2010 PST

Has your PST file corrupted? Nowadays communication becomes cheaper and faster when compared to earlier. Especially the message communication whether it is a text message or email. There are many email clients are developed. Everyone is aware of Outlook because it is one of the best mail clients among all mail clients. You can feel comfortable while you are using Outlook. Because it can have all features like password protection and you can create folders to keep your files. There is a file called PST (personal storage table) file which can store and manage all your folders like emails, contacts, calendars etc. So you need to be careful while dealing with PST file otherwise you may lose files from PST file. Outlook has an integral tool called scanpst and which can fix the errors that occurred to PST file up to some level. There are certain circumstances to losing files from Outlook by corrupting PST file. You can recover Outlook PST files using PST file recovery tool.

  • Bad Sectors on the hard drive: Your hard drive boot sectors may get some bad sectors due to some reasons like virus attack and maybe some reason. If your PST file may stay there for a while then you cannot retrieve the complete PST file and the data in that PST file can be in accessed.
  • Oversized PST file problem: The actual maximum size of PST file is 2 GB. Sometime it may exceed because of the rush of the incoming emails arrived in your inbox. So because of that reason, there is a chance of corrupting of PST file.
  • Faulty network device: Sometimes if your network interface cards, routers, hubs or any other network cards have encountered problems, then the access of PST file which is in that network server from the client computer may get corrupt.
  • Abnormal Outlook termination: The abnormal termination of the Outlook may happen sometimes when you are in a hurry. You may close the Outlook intentionally without saving and closing the PST file properly. It may cause PST file corruption.
  • Virus attack: Many of us may face this problem frequently because the chances of getting affected by a malicious virus are high when you are using the internet. This malware can damage your PST file and become inaccessible.


PST file recovery tool can repair corrupted PST file from Outlook. This tool can retrieves emails, folders, calendar items, contacts, appointments, meetings, tasks, journals etc. from Outlook PST file. You can repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and also repair Outlook 2010 PST. And it can also support OST files. The oversized PST files also can be repaired using this software. It can repair all the PST files which cannot be repaired by using scanpst file. You can restore emails messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from any other Outlook folder. It can retrieve even password protected PST files. It supports all Windows operating system versions like Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 etc. Download the trial version to test the performance of the Repair Outlook software before buying the full version of this application.

There is a way to overcome the corrupted PST problem

One of the fastest and cheap means of communication and that is E-mailing. Basically, these E-mailings domains are used to communicate. No foundations are there to communicate, a person can communicate anywhere in the world. E-mailing is a package which is too fast and parallels to that it’s easy and fast as well. What makes it so powerful and popular worldwide that is provided facilities like attachments of files, adding contacts for future use, creating tasks, calendars, which also includes sending and receiving of emails which are gradually so fast.

Severs are ensured to send and receive the data as they are heavily configured to perform in every condition and even also in busy traffic of packets switching. These packets are emails which can be photos, videos, text files or any content (with a limited size). These traffic of packets are sometimes so heavy so that it becomes difficult for a server to respond this service provided sometimes the inconvenience to the user.

Microsoft had resolved this problem just by inventing a tool named Outlook, which basically is a client tool. This tool lets the user work even in offline mode also. These offline data is saved in OST file and later is turned to PST to make the work online whereas this is done in Outlook but it fails to do then the third-party tool has to be used.

The OST and PST are the formatted files which are used to save the data into these files and these files are saved in the system though they are used by Outlook. These files often get corrupted and for the reason stops working, and need repairing so to repair damaged PST file.

Though the repairing of PST files is easy Outlook PST repair is not reliable all the time to achieve so better to have precaution to save the files from getting corrupted. For the deed, one ought to download the software so as to repair the PST. All this option for repairing is quite easy but must be the last one to work with. There are some of the conducts which are intentionally achieved or else they are attempted unwillingly.

Look at some of the behaviors which are not meant to happen which result in damage of PST files.

  • The basic reason behind the PST or OST file corruption is due to oversized PST (The PST files vary in the size so if file size exceed from 50 GB in outlook 2010, 20 GB in 2007, 2 GB in 2000, 2003).
  • PST files are stored in C drive (by default), if the particular drive is corrupted then Outlook stops working (which actually corrupts the PST file in the location).
  • Most of the file corruption is due to a virus which can come from any source.
  • A shutdown of an application or systems due some reason like a power surge or sometimes power failure corrupts the PST file.

Before reaching the stage of curing the PST, we can save that file by following few precautions. Some are as follows. Creating back up, a Good supply of power, antivirus usage and still if you find that then download the software from internet and can repair the PST files for further use.



Mac Hard Drive Recovery Tool

Mac hard disk is employed to save any type of data for example media files, text file, image file and software related data etc. You may lose data due to Mac hard drive crash; it could get crash because of various reasons such as virus attack, OS reinstallation, and accidental deletion of OS files etc. When you have accidentally deleted file from Mac hard disk then actually what happen is pointer pointing to that particular file are dereferences to make the area accessible to store new file within it and recovery is not possible in case you keep the new data to lost file hard disk so you lost data permanently. To avoid an information loss just stops using hard disk after accidental deletion of file and employ the profession software to regaining data.

Have you ever lost files from Mac hard disk? If so you should not worry, you are going to regain lost files from Mac hard disk with basic steps using software for Mac file recovery. This tool is quite valuable in recovering file and yes, it helps you to recover greater than 300 file types from Mac hard disk. It gives you good news to all Mac users by returning lost or deleted data from Mac hard disk.

Loss of data from Mac hard disk is a serious problem for several users the world, human always make mistakes like deleting files in a hurry rather than deleting actual files using Command + shift + Delete” key arrangement. File deletion process done by using this key combination will not likely send the files to Mac Trash and therefore it doesn’t at all possible recover deleted file from Mac hard disk in this case of information loss, you may make use of this Software to recover files from Mac hard disk drive. This software also facilitates user to regain deleted file from Trash in few clicks.

 You could possibly lose data from Mac hard disk because of following reasons:

Hard disk crash: Hard disk gets crash a result of various reasons like virus attack, other unknown errors, improper system shutdown etc. If the Mac hard disk got crash then all files, folders yet others data becomes inaccessible to users  and you might get panic, you should not get panic, you are able to get back files from hard drive Mac by using this tool without difficulty.

Formatting a Mac hard disk: Mac hard disk gets corrupt because of virus threats, abrupt system shutdown, installing 3rd party application to the system etc. If hard disk drives get corrupt then the data within are inaccessible to users so you should format hard disk to use hard disk space further and often you might accidentally formatted wrong hard disk rather than selecting an actual Mac hard disk. Formatting Mac hard disk erases all data then you might end up with data loss.

This software has the capacity to regain all lost or deleted file from Mac hard drive as well as other storage devices such as Pen drive, external hard drive etc. It is more user-friendly utility and even new user are able to use this software without problem also it can performs recovery of lost/ deleted file from Mac hard disk using file attributes like file signature, extension etc. This software provides demo version, using that you can preview the lost file and folders before saving it for any storage location.

Sometimes you might have experience with losing important file from Mac Book hard disk because of various reasons like virus infection, bad sectors in hard drive etc and you might get worrying about how to recover Mac book files, but using this tool it is possible get back lost files very easily. This software can be useful for all possible way to regain lost files from Mac book quickly.

Utilize these precaution steps to prevent file loss from Mac:

  • Do not use unrelated software to regain file from Mac hard disk and employ suitable software to regain lost data.
  • If you want to format or reinstall OS to Mac hard disk always, take a backup of Mac hard disk drive data before continuing.

Best software to get back deleted Windows files

Are you suffering from data loss and  looking to get back those deleted or lost files? Then, no need to be bothered, Windows file recovery application emerges with well-organized elements to reclaim all deleted or lost files from Windows systems. This software is classy with a flow of algorithms and is relevant on all versions of Windows OS. There are several causes to mislay your significant files from your systems, so this application is intended to take over all such reasons and to recoup lost files securely. This tool effortlessly recovers files which are deleted or lost from following reasons.

  • Using Shift + Delete keys combination to delete: – You could involuntarily delete the important files using Shift + Del keys. thus, you may be incapable to find the deleted files in Recycle Bin folder, and you will lose the files.
  • Virus contamination: – You could desire to download any files from unsecured n/w, but without your conscious virus may dwell in your system. This hazardous virus may extend to whole drive and could cause ruthless files damage and virus exaggerated files could turn into inaccessibility and may be lost.
  • Hard drives containing faults: – Some of the logical errors may harm the hard disk on which vital files are stored. Once the hard disk gets injured, then all files on it may be deleted or lost due to inaccessibility.
  • involuntary formatting: – You could format the mistaken drive, instead of chosen one. It may be cause severe data loss.
  • Damaged file system: – If the file system of Windows systems gets damaged due to some capricious reasons. Then, stored files may become inaccessible.
  • fortuitous deletion: – Many of the users lose their stored files by inadvertent erasure. You may wish to delete unwanted files, accidentally you may delete other files or unintentionally you may clear the Recycle Bin folder. Thus, unintentionally you may end up with data loss.

Did you lost your vital files from any of the above reasons, then you need to focus on bellow steps:  –

  • Bring to an end of using your system to pass up fresh files storage.
  • Draw on this file restoration after you delete or files.
  • Habitually sustain much desired files as backup.

My file restoration software can overcome any sort of data loss; it is highly sophisticated to retain the deleted or lost files from your systems and is most successful to rescue all deleted or mislaid files. This file recovery tool is built for Windows file restoration purpose. It is premeditated with accommodating algorithms. You can make use of this tool to take back unusual types of files.  It is capable of regaining of deleted files like, Word files, notes, Excel, PPT, photos, music, movie, etc.

This application is professional to salvage deleted files from partitions of RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array. Thus, it is beneficial for you in many ways that you can repossess deleted files from Windows inherent storage and also pertinent to get back files from hard drives like SATA or SCSI or IDE. memory cards such as SD, XD, MMC, and Memory Stick, as well as flash storage drives etc. and supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT drives.  It won’t alter any other files, all recovered files are arranged in proper manner and facilitates you to Preview option to have a look on regained files.

This tool is accessible freely in trial sort to scrutinize its restoration capability. You can download this trial sort and run it.  This trial sort scans the preferred drive from your computer to pick up all deleted or moved out files. Once scanning process is over, then all files will be available to your view. In order to save recovered files, you t need to purchase the complete version of this tool.

How to recover lost data

Being a regular computer user, sometimes we can encounter data loss situations. One can delete a vital file and somehow it bypass from Recycle Bin. Practically it really is disappeared from the system before you reuse that space; there to stay is often a possibility of being this alive intact on hard disk. You can discover the way how to recover lost data. You can find and recover this file, using a right tool as common like just clicking few mouse clicks.

Ok, maybe you have deleted or missed important file from the computer. Don’t worry. Be relaxed for just a moment and let’s learn to think it is utilizing an appropriate tool. Before you decide to involve into recovery process, ensure that you check again the folder where it really was saved as well as the Recycle Bin. Still happened to not found? Then recover lost data from hard drive using vacation tool like recovery software. This is a powerful application created to get rid from loss of data problems. It is capable of recover all types of files like photos, videos, songs, business documents, excel file, presentation, etc. which is made with a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm.

When you delete a file, your OS simply marks this space on hard disk drive as free space. This file remains; your computer is ready to overwrite it with any fresh data. At such situation your data recovery odds are reduces and it is much difficult to recover them. It implies don’t use your computer frequently as soon as you possibly until you return your required file because every time you can save new file plus your computer writes new data on hard drive so the chances of recovery reduces.

In the event you lost data out of your memory card and that’s not overwritten, and want to get back lost data with the help of file recovery software. This is a strong application designed in order to recover lost data in all situations for example hard disk corruption, accidental formatting of drive, file system corruption, unknowingly empting Recycle Bin, improper ejection of hard drive, improper shutdown of system, OS crash, partition corruption, re-partitioning error, re-formatting of hard drive, etc. It has various inbuilt recovery modules which assist you to identify and recover various files like photos, videos, text file, etc.

Recovery software includes a user-friendly interface to ensure computer user can readily use this tool with no difficulties while performing recovery process. Those who need to recover data from computer having windows OS like windows XP, 7, vista, etc may go through this tool to have back lost files in a few minute. It supports recover file on file systems which can be using in Windows OS, like FAT and NTFS. Additionally, it supports to recover media files like photos, video clips, etc from various storage medias like flash memory cards, pen drive, iPod, etc.

You can get trial version of this software with free of cost, using that your data recovery result can be evaluated as it allow previewing the list of recoverable files. Its interface and performs data recovery process exactly same as just like the actual software but the save option was restricted. You’ll be able to install this tool inside your computer in a few seconds.

How to recover data from formatted hard disk

It is possible to recover the formatted hard drive with powerful recovery software which can be obtained through the internet. You could have lost files as a result of accidental formatting of partition. Then this recovery software, you could purchase, assists you how to unformat partition or recover formatted files quickly. In this scenario, you may be formatted the NTFS or FAT partition. Still, it is possible to recover files from formatted FAT or NTSF partitions using such recovery tools.

Don’t get worried about a loss of valuable data – it is possible to retrieve your lost files by quick means. Various important files have been deleted from the “Recycle Bin” directory or lost as a result of accidental formatting of the USB drive, as a consequence of virus / Trojan, software failure or system improper shutdown – whatever may be the reason, the recovery applications will successfully retrieve back all lost information.

Many times you may delete essential data by utilizing shift + delete on Windows computer, deletion from a command line or deleting a large number of files by making use of programs that bypass the Recycle Bin.

You are able to recover this sort of lost data and recover formatted hard disk drive by using recovery software. Commonly a trial version is going to be open to users to know the functions before getting the software; determined by them they’ll determine you may use it or not. Yet another facility would be that the application cost ought to be refundable, inside of a certain period, discover fully satisfied.

The functions which were offered by the recovery software are:

  • Facility for fast recovery of a file from storage media like USB drive for home users and professionals, network administrators etc
  • Ability to scan drives for recoverable files in short while
  • Option to scan directories and files on hard disks
  • Read-only process of recover file, there aren’t the likelihood of data being overwritten.
  • Ability to extract multiple files at the same time you go ahead.
  • Should help all standard computer drives like IDE/SATA/SCSI external hard disks.
  • Ability to operate on drives higher than 8GB in size
  • Should manage to recover formatted hard disks on Windows with FAT 16, FAT 32 along with NTFS partitions.

The best applications like formatted file recovery software that exists on the internet. It can be particularly built to recover the formatted hard drive and deleted or lost files, no matter of reasons. This software recovers data from formatted hard disk drive effectively; given it includes a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm. You can also use this software to perform USB drive data recovery, recover files from flash memory cards, hard drive, iPod etc. It supports to extract files from both FAT and NTFS partitions. The recovered files can be viewed on your desktop screen before storing them in a storage media. You are able to download demo kind of this tool on your computer so that you can evaluate recovery, before purchasing a full version of this software.


How do I recover photos from CF cards?

CF Cards are the storage utilities for digital cameras, cell phone, iPods etc. CF cards provide huge data storage capacity to amass large amount of photos and other files like videos, music and documents. Very good CF cards are existing with less cost. Essential photos can be stored progressively on it and you can remember when you wanted. But there is increasingly deletion of essential photos and other files from your CF card; when momentous photos are deleted accidentally or unknowingly from your CF card, you will be finding no further way rather than going for recovery utilities. Nothing to be worried!!! All deleted photos will be recovered lucratively from your CF card with the help of CF card resurgence application. It is the best photo upturn program that can efficiently restore all deleted photos and important files.

Photo loss scenarios: –

  • Power fluctuation: – When you are passing over photos from CF card to your system, during that period if power stops working suddenly. Then it might results in CF card corruption which in turn results significant photo loss.
  • Unanticipated extrication of CF card: – When you separate CF card suddenly from computer, then all photos might be damaged and might be lost.
  • Virus infectivity: – When risky viruses inhabit on CF card, then complete photos will be in risk of inaccessibility, later it might direct to loss of important photos from CF card.
  • Involuntary deletion: – Sometimes fortuitously you might press the delete button and all your crucial photos from CF card will be lost.

You must be on overwriting, when your vital photos are deleted / omitted from the CF card, do not take a risk to overwrite it with fresh information. When the CF cards are overwritten, it will lead unswervingly to permanent photos loss.

To recover photos from CF card use this best revitalization application, it has its own technique to take on all data loss states. It habitually creates fresh location for recovered photos. It can profitably recuperate all deleted photos which may be mislaid from above causes. This revival program cannot alter other files while recovery is on succession. Photo recovery tool can be applied to various CF cards as well memory cards like SD card, SDXC card etc. It can effortlessly comprehend the deleted files in quick single scan and puts back over 300 types of predictable file formats like documents, movies, music files, and photos and zip archives etc. You can apply this recovery utility to restore files from unrelated storage devices like hard disks, iPods, flash drives, hard drives, etc.

CF card revival tool is presented in trial edition to test its recovery method. Now you can download and run it. Complete CF card would be scanned in few minutes; all deleted photo will be recovered and are scheduled on a vision.  You may perhaps employ the “Save Recovery Session” option to put off from repetitive scanning. To save recovered photos you have to purchase the absolute edition of this software.


Parition recovery after it become inaccessible

Partition recovery from hard disk is needed when the partitions in hard disk either is deleted or becomes inaccessible. Some separations are made in the hard disk to store the data and these separations are named to know specifically. Hard disk is the primarily used device in computer system that is used to store the data.

These partitions are created with different headers and stores different files in it. All the data that are kept in the partitions having its information in the header section of the partitions.

Reason why hard disk partition becomes inaccessible:

When the header section is corrupted then that particular partition becomes inaccessible in the hard disk. When this happens all the data in the hard disk is lost and the partition seems to be inaccessible.

Files system exists in the hard disk partitions. Each information is tracked in the file system that is said as the record of the files stored in the hard disk.  Let us see what goes behind the simple savings and deleting of files.

When the files is saved in the partition of hard disk or any storage device containing files system then the files is given an address. The location where the data is kept is assigned an address that is called the access point for the particular data. This address information is kept in the files system and that too with all the information related to the files.

When you perform deletion then the files access is deleted. This means the pointers those are leading to particular data are only deleted. As soon as these pointers are deleted, the accesses to the files completely get finished. If in case the header of the files system is corrupted or deleted due any reason then the complete partition is lost or deleted.

However, you can recover partition and not only this but you can also recover damaged partition still you need to know how these pointers deletions are performed.

  • Viruses sometimes directly attack the header of the files system and to the pointers pointing the files system.
  • Shift delete also finishes the last option of recovery from “Recycle Bin” and delete all the pointer permanently.
  • Action like abrupt shut down, power surge, improper shut down of an application can result in deletion of pointer unexpectedly.
  • Header corruption of file system also keeps the same track of data loss.

Wait… wait…wait the concept is not yet over. Therefore, this is stated that only the pointers are deleted that means the files are still present in hard disk. This means you can easily restore files but the way is to find such medium to recover files for you. To undergo this process you just need to use the software. Download the software instead you can use the backups and restoring points but these both are only effective at the time when they are updated (the condition of updated backups and restoring points existence have very less priority). Therefore, its always asked to use the software that can recover data easily.

Easiest way to recover files from hard drive

Generally users think that when any file is deleted from computer hard drive using shift delete or command prompt, it’s lost forever. When any user deletes his / her file only pointer to that particular address is erased. After erasing the pointer to the stored data file, file system sends a message for the operating system that any new file can be stored at that location.So if any user has intentionally or unintentionally lost any of his files from hard drive easy data recovery can be accomplished by use of Easy File Recovery software. This software recover files from hard drive within couple of minutes of its application. There are plethora of possibilities by which any user may lose his or her data from computer hard drive like accidental deletion, deletion of files from command prompt, accidental format, erasing data from recycle bin, Deleting files from computer hard drive using Shift + Del command, virus attack, etc.

One of several reasons behind loss of data from computer hard drive is deleting files from command prompt. Let’s check out one of the scenarios of data loss from computer hard drive by use of command prompt. Suppose you’ve got a messy hard drive due to which finding files on hard drive has become hard. So in order to deal with such a problem you’ve made certain addition and deletion of files using command prompt. After accomplishment of task when you checked for other files you’re surprised to discover that some of the important are deleted. So what exactly is to be carried out in such circumstances?? You don’t need to get panicked in such state affair. By usage of Easy File Recovery each one of the lost files can be retained in couple of minutes.

But simply implementation of software is not key to 100% recovery of files from computer hard drive; specific things have to be taken care of prior to making utilization of software like formatting or reformatting of the drive needs to be avoided. Use of the hard drive should be minimized to ensure that overwriting of the desired files doesn’t occur. Also one of the things that need users attention is that recovery software should be installed apart from the recovery site.

Easy File Recovery has one of the best scanning algorithms which meet the requirement of computer users. This tool has user friendly graphic interface which can be utilized easily by any novice user also. Apart from performing recovery on computer hard drive it also extracts files from different external drives like sdhc card, flash cards, SD card, etc. This application not only restores document files but also songs, pictures, movies, etc. Easy File Recovery is supported by different versions of windows operating system. Another added benefit of utilizing Easy File Recovery is that it can be utilized to recover the specified files by name, size, and date. It helps to create backup by making recovery of the files and storing them at the desired location.

Thus by checking out the astonishing features of this tool we can easily state that it can be easily implemented for file recovery from computer hard drive and that too within couple of minutes of its application. Any user may get it over internet for evaluation purpose.

Recover Hard Drive Files

Accidental formatting of the hard drive is the common reason behind the data loss on the hard drive. When the user decide to format the hard drive without keeping the proper back up of the saved files then the user have to suffer from the  large amount of data loss. If anytime you find it out that your some crucial files are missing or the files you saved in a particular folder, that is not there inside of the hard drive folder. Then where the file is actually? Well the reason is that the file is probably lost or deleted on the hard drive. However the file has been deleted its depend upon you that how you will control the situation. Some user considers this situation, responsible for the permanent data loss or in other hand, some user takes the situation as these files are recoverable in real. There are some possibilities to get back the deleted or formatted files on the hard drive. Users can recover hard drive data with so ease.

Hard drives are used as the mass storage place for any kind of data on the all systems. The users feel free to keep their files on the hard drive. They don’t even remember to keep proper back up for the essential documents. With the daily life, urgency of the essential files these days people uses some other kind of storage spaces as the hard drive. Those are like the USB storage spaces, memory cards or the external hard drives. These drives are useful in the data portability feature in case of carrying the files from one place to the other. Using these, you will be able to get access on the required files whenever you need them. Still, the chances of losing files on the hard drive increase every time even on your most updated Windows 7 operating system. So you must need the software for Windows 7 hard drive recovery which will work on the other OS in the same way. With Recover My Hard Drive software one more time, you will be able to get back access on the lost files.

The mostly effective data loss scenarios are described here. So that from the next time when you will face these kind of situations may be you will be able to avoid them. Hard drive formatting due to users mistake takes away the stored data on the hard disk drive. If the system hard drive get crashed due to the improper shutting down of the system, then complete data of the hard disk will be removed. Sometimes any ki8nd of the third party applications become effective to the stored data. Any kind of virus attack is also one dangerous scenario behind the hard drive file loss. MBR corruption is the other reason of the data loss, as it contains all the details regarding the hard drive partitions and as well as the stored data. Now not all these big sized problems are big anymore as we have the respective recovery software for the hard disk file recovery.

Here the Recover My Hard Drive software has developed by the programmers thinking of the necessity of the users. Its east to use interface is very much comfortable for those users who are not technically that much updated. It has the features, which allows the user to scan the hard disk thoroughly and restore the lost data on the drive. You must download now the software and complete the data recovery if do not want to lose the files permanently.

Mac recovery software for deleted Trash files

Macintosh OS is an effective OS designed by Apple Inc. limited only for Apple products. Mac OS can’t be suited for some other systems other than Apple systems which is secure from virus threats and malware. And it is well-liked by majority of the users for its GUI based features.

The Trash folder on Mac systems stores all the deleted data from the file manager. Whenever you delete data from trash your data gets deleted permanently. So if you accidentally delete any necessary files from Trash, it can cause loss of data. There are other ways of deleting folders on Mac. Assume a situation wherein you deleted some files from Mac using command + Shift + option + delete key combination. This key combination will delete the files permanently without giving any warning. And so the files will bypass Trash and if the files are important this might trigger loss of data. In this situation the lost data can be restored using recover deleted trash files. The application easily restores every one of the deleted trash files effortlessly. There are certain commonly made mistakes that can cause loss of files from Mac Trash. Here are several of them listed:

  • Accidental deletion of files – When you delete any file from the Trash thinking that it is no more needed, the files will be permanently deleted. If you need the file again then it is lost.
  • Deleting files in different ways – Instead of deleting a file using command + delete, if you accidentally press command + shift + delete, the file will be lost permanently.
  • Empty Trash – Accidental emptying of Trash will result in permanent deletion of all the files present in it.
  • Command + shift + option + delete key combination – When you use this key combination, Trash will be emptied without any confirmation dialog so if you have any important files then it will be lost.

The data files which are lost from Trash folders could be restored using mac trash recovery software with very simple steps. It can handle any data loss situations from Trash folder on Mac system and certainly helps to recover deleted trash files. The recovery program for Mac can be utilized on various Mac systems like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. Certain top features of the software could be this way:

  •  Retrieves files which might be emptied or deleted from MacTrash.
  • Recovers files deleted using command + shift + delete key combination that bypasses Trash.
  • Recovers files that bypass Trash as a result of some errors or false functions.
  • Effectively restores all file types like DOC, PPT, PPTX, PDF, XLSX, JPEG, MPEG, MP3, MP4, etc.
  • Deleted Trash files from different Mac file systems like HFS, HFS+, etc might be recovered.

The software is probably the best recovery software that may restore all file types which can be deleted from Trash folder on Mac. To stop loss of data from Trash folder, be aware which file you’re deleting and also think in which method you might be deleting folders before deleting it. Thus it is possible to avoid certain commonly made mistakes which could lead to data loss. The program can be obtained for trial purpose. Go through the trial version and when the recovery of data is effective then you can certainly choose the software.


How to recover emails from corrupt OST file???????

MS Outlook is the most widely used email application on the planet, which integrates e-mail, tasks, contacts and appointment scheduling. Microsoft Outlook has numerous advance features for example instant email searching, categorizing, flagging and scheduling appointments. Once you work on online mode, Outlook stores its data in Personal Storage Table referred to as PST file and when you would like to work in offline mode, Outlook creates an exact copy of PST file on Exchange Server and referred to it as Offline folders with OST file extension. It’ll be very help full for you personally is if you web connection is not working correctly. Through this you can easily works in offline mode, which automatically converted as into online when you connect your OST file to Exchange Server.

Any corruption to these OST file will leads to enormous loss and in case if you lose your important business emails then it will leads to a big disappointment. Are you currently the one who lose his important emails due to OST file corruption? Yet still wondering for the means to restore them back? Then the following is your search ends here. Right here is the software by which you can not only repair your corrupt Outlook OST file however you may also recover emails from OST file. Along with email you can also recover other Outlook items saved in Outlook OST file.

Common reasons which cause corruption to the OST are:

  • System crash when OST file in use leads to OST corruption.
  • Sometimes you get message throughout the synchronization process it happens if OST file isn’t synchronized properly with Exchange Server, which in turn leads to the corruption of OST file.
  • Compacting OST file, sometime leads to deletion of emails from OST file.
  • Virus attack on the OST file will contributes to OST file corruption which often leads to email deletion.
  • Outlook up-gradation may also be another reason for deletion of Outlook emails.

Solution to overcome these corruption causing situations

Fix OST software programs are wonderful software which repairs the corrupt OST file and recovers every one of the Outlook emails with utmost ease. This application is especially developed to scan corrupt OST file helping you in recovering all your deleted emails. You cannot only recover your deleted emails but in addition recovers the entire Outlook components like contacts, journals, calendar items, sent items, attachments, notes, personal folders etc. Its effective scanning algorithm can even repair highly corrupted or password protected PST file. This application will generate a healthy copy of OST file by extracting all of the attributes in the corrupted OST file. This tool will also support recovery of emails from corrupted OST file on Windows 7/ XP / Vista/ 2003 and 2008. Besides all this, using this tool you can even repair highly compressed OST file. If you want to utilize this tool, then you can download its trial version from here. In case you are content with the result from the trial version then you can download it licensed version.

Precautions which help you to protect your OST file form corruption:

  • Make usage of updated version of antivirus program to combat deadly viruses.
  • Do not exit Microsoft Outlook improperly.
  • Maintain a backup of one’s important emails and other items.
  • Exit the MS outlook before you decide to repair OST file.

Best software to restore lost files from flash drive

Perhaps you have lost some of your important files from USB drive by wrongly formatting it when connected to the system? By the time you could realize your mistake it was too late as all the stored data was gone? After this type of incident, are you worried and thinking how to recover lost files from flash drive after formatting? The best answer for your question is lost file recovery software which is highly reviewed by industry experts to recover deleted or lost files from various data storage devices.

Now let us see what is flash drive?

Flash drive is actually a data storage device that is popularly used by the people to store huge amount of information. By making use of these drives you can store documents, photographs, MP3 songs and video recordings.  This storage drive can be easily connected to any computer or laptops via USB port in order to copy or transfer file from flash drive to system or vice versa. These drives are produced by different brands such as ScanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, etc. with different data storage capacities.

Nevertheless, there are times in which you might suffer the deletion or loss of your important files on these flash drives. The causes for data loss may be different but at the end it makes you to face huge loss of your valuable files and folders stored in it. Just have a look on some of the reasons under which you might lose your data.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Formatting the USB drive by accident or intentionally.
  • Corruption of file system when the storage drive is connected to some infected system.
  • Using pirated third party data recovery software to restore lost files might delete some of the stored files leading to loss of data.
  • Practice of utilizing Shift+delete key combination to delete any file leads to permanent loss of files because the file deleted by using this option bypasses the Recycle Bin.
  • Improper handling of USB flash drive which causes corruption of the drive which makes the files inaccessible resulting in loss of data.
  • Spyware attack on the USB drive when connected to the computer to transfer files.

These were some of the frequently occurring data loss scenarios which might come across in the future while using flash drives or any other storage device. Most of the people lose their hope and think that it is impossible to recover lost files. But this is not true; it is possible to recover lost files by making use of lost file recovery tool. This application can restore data from hard disk drive having bad sectors by creating disk images. It can efficiently retrieve all types of files not only from the flash drives but also from other devices like SATA, IDE hard drives, memory cards, digital cameras and many more. This file recovery tool supports file recovery on both Windows operating system and on Mac operating system. It uses in-built scanning algorithm to identify the file type and retrieve it effectively at your fingertips with the help of file attributes.

Get the trial version of the software and install it on your personal computer. After installation of the file recovery application, just launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon and then select appropriate recovery options which you face during the recovery process. When the lost file recovery process is completed you can check the performance of the recovery utility and in case you are pleased with the recovery results you can purchase its full form available on the internet.





Tool for Repairing PPT

Why does a MS power point file get corrupted?

The PPT file of PowerPoint primarily corrupts due to viruses that enter into it when user embeds some pictures or text in presentation file. The infected data might disarrange user slides or attack file header resulting in damaged PPT. The damaged PPT file does not open and shows error message like “File not accessible. PowerPoint will close now”. Damage to PPT file may also happen due to improper system shutdown or malfunction of PowerPoint while using the PPT file. Distribution of PPT files over network is another possible case of damage to PowerPoint presentation files. So, to get the presentation work user need to repair corrupt PPT file using Repair PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint comes with a fluent user interface with some additional and advanced features than previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. In this menus got replaced by Ribbon. The tasks and options are easily accessible using Ribbon in different groups. User can use these striking features to make presentations for the project, preparation module, product particulars, market statistics, etc. However, user might come across a situation when we not able to open the PPT. It happens due to corrupt PPT file of MS Office PowerPoint. To repair a PowerPoint file good PPT repair tool is needed which is the easiest way for the user.

Here are few listed error messages that appear on certain scenarios as mentioned:

  • Ø “PowerPoint found a problem with content in <filename>. PowerPoint can attempt to repair the file”   Whenever the user tries to open a PowerPoint 2010 file from Outlook or from Internet.
  • Ø “There was an error accessing the file xxxx.ppts” when user tries to open a PowerPoint that user have downloaded from internet or network directory.
  • Ø “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened now”. This type of error message is seen when the user gets 2010 PPTX file in email attachments and opens it on PC having an older version of PowerPoint.
  • Ø “PowerPoint found an error that it can’t correct. User should save ppt, quit and then restart your file” errors like this might occur due to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 software malfunction.

Power Point Presentation is widely used across the globe in business or for educational purposes. However, sometimes your PPT files may get accidentally deleted from your PC. At that time if you use unreliable software to recover it back then it may damage your presentation file even if you get the file. In such scenario, this application can repair presentation files easily and recover it back without much difficulty.

Automatic update of application makes computer secures but also damages a PPT file. During the process if there is a low network connection or problem in networking devices then it can corrupt PowerPoint presentation. But with the help of this software you can fix PowerPoint document with much ease.

This software takes such corrupt PPT / PPTX / PPS files and deeply scans them to extract content of the presentation PPT. It makes a new healthy copy of PPT file with the extracted data putting content in the slides in the same fashion as it was in original corrupt PPT. The tool is hundred percent secure to guarantee that the new PPT file is free from viruses and macros, which could cause damage to your PowerPoint presentation data. User can use this award winning utility to repair PPTX 2010 file with ease. The tool will repair Microsoft PowerPoint Office file of any size and even password-protected presentations.

Now the corrupted MS Power point file is successfully repaired .Be updated that the demo version will allow you to recover but the full version only has the ability to save the file which come for a best price.

Ways to repair corrupted RAR Archive file

A RAR file can be a compressed type of files that may be made up of WinRAR software. RAR could be a new extendable based on the WinRAR application. The RAR file is similar to an archive that may have some of other files like xlsx, bmp, doc, jpg, tiff etc. in compressed form in order that they take less space and could be downloaded or emailed quicker. RAR files are usually acquainted to transfer the files in compressed form through online. Therefore, there are many more odds of RAR Archive file corruption. You may think how to repair this file as you could have important data in it.

Following could possibly be the some common factors behind RAR file corruption

Interruption while downloading or extracting the RAR file

When you try to open downloaded RAR file on your hard drive, you can find an error message like “Could not open D:\data\abc.RAR”. The key reason with this dilemma is either the RAR file is downloaded incompletely or net connection is fairly low which means that your RAR file has been corrupted. If sudden power failure occurs or you accidentally shutdown the system while extracting contents from the RAR file then you may see in the RAR file corruption. Sometimes, you may even get CRC errors while extracting the data from RAR files that makes your RAR file unreadable.

File Header corruption

The file header offers the entire specifics of that file. If the file header gets corrupted you will get “Header Corrupt” error message, which will not permit you to access the contents as a result. The RAR file header might get corrupted on account of virus attacks, power surge problems and file header editing utilities.

Central directory corruption

Whenever a central directory gets corrupted or missing, you might encounter “End of central directory signature not found” error message. Central directory is situated in RAR file structure, which stores within the set of files which is often compressed and held in the RAR Archive file. A RAR files could be identified by the presence of central directory only. If central directory is corrupted then your RAR files become unreadable.

Virus attacks

Viruses, worms or spyware might also corrupt your RAR files. Viruses may duplicate and destroy the data and quite often it will delete the file causing data loss. Therefore, make use of an effective antivirus put in to avoid data loss.

In any of these cases there’s no need to stress how to repair RAR archive file since you can employ relevant repair tools to repair file corruption issue. RAR repair programs are strong repair tool that will repair and recover the things from severely corrupted or damaged RAR files. This software may also repair RAR files after CRC errors. Additionally, this tool can be useful for repairing RAR files, which are highly encrypted using passwords. It is possible to repair your corrupted RAR file using simple measures.

Download free demo form of the RAR repair software and after that launch it. After launching this program, browse RAR files through hitting “Browse” button to find that the corrupt RAR file and after that click “Repair” button to initiate the repair process. Once you delighted by the actual result obtained through the trial sort of the application, purchase license key of the software.

Easy way to recover Data from Memory Stick

Memory stick is a moveable storage drive with the similar facilities of a hard drive. The finest thing about memory sticks is that, the data stored can be transferred from one computer to another. We might take it with us wherever we required. One of the most significant advantages of the memory stick is size issue. It is completely incredible that a small device like this can in fact hold huge amount of data. This small size makes it more well-suited and easy to take. But sometimes there subsists some risks of corruption/erasure of your data from memory sticks. Somehow, normally these deletion circumstances are also augmented concurrently along with its usage. Sometimes, human accidental mistakes can make to lose data from memory sticks. It is improved to distinguish data loss scenarios. So when you lose/delete the vital data means you could be astonished!! You could be anxious to recover data after losing it. Memory stick recovery software can helps you to trounce this dilemma. Some universal data loss scenarios are listed below.

Frequent data loss scenarios:-

  • Abrupt segregation of memory stick: – When you are expected to relocate any very important data from your memory stick to system, the power could stop working abruptly or it may be detached swiftly from system, this will be the cause of data loss from your memory stick.
  • Bad sectors memory stick will be unsuccessful to stock up data due to any bad sector, unexpected harm or built in error. Due to these bad sectors data stored on it will be omitted or become inaccessible to users.
  • Virus contamination: – You could perhaps download any necessary data from server and it is hoarded on your system, if you connect memory stick to system to shift data. That time virus may get into it. This will wreck the stored files on memory stick and make them inaccessible.
  • Accidental deletion: – You could unintentionally delete valuable data or you may format the memory stick which is associated to your system. When you format the memory stick, complete data which are located in it will be erased and resulting in data loss.
  • Power failure: – When you are conveying any vital data from memory stick to your system, if power stop working abruptly, or involuntarily you may remove memory stick from system. Then, there exists panorama of corruption/inaccessibility of memory stick and results in data loss.

You should supposed to be cautious when you mislay data from memory stick, once the data is wiped out means do not attempt to overwrite it with new data. Always keep the backup of much needed files.

Memory stick recovery software is put up to recover all data lost due to above affirmed reasons. Memory stick recovery software is formed by software professionals. It is anticipated with helpful attributes to recover all data which is omitted or deleted by human mistakes. It can’t change the original data and it has the facility to recuperate all deleted/lost data from interrupted read/write process on your memory stick. It supports different types of external drives of various brands. It can accomplish ideal scanning procedure to convalesce corrupted/lost data from your memory stick. This software distinguishes and defends file names succeeding to recovery.

Memory stick recovery software is presented in trial sort; you may possibly download the trial sort and run it. You will realize how this software really works. Using trial version you can analyze all deleted/mislaid files. To hoard the recovered files you must have to pay for the complete version of this software.








How to repair a PST file?

What is a PST file in outlook and what does it contains?

I lost some of my emails from my outlook trash .Is there any possible way to retrieve them. If so by what means?

I tried to access an outlook profile remotely but it crashed unfortunately .Is there any tool available that could possibly repair PST file which are corrupted?

Where the scanpst.exe is located in my system .I need to repair my damaged PST file which behaves in a weird manner due to some virus problems or can anyone suggest me similar tool that is capable of repairing the outlook PST file?

The outlook is one of the email client application provided by Microsoft to assist the windows user in an efficient manner.MS Outlook comes as a separate program as well as a tool with the MS office package. The ultimate usage lies in the managing and accessing of the emails and it’s attributes in the offline and online mode. It also has several other purposes. The datas and information which may be created or embedded using outlook is stored in the form of a PST file .PST file stands for Personnel storage table. It is located in local logical drive of the installed PC .The PST file is completely responsible for the each and data of the outlook profile and other activities.

Recover lost emails:

Deleting the emails is one of the routine and a common thing in disk management .But recovering the deleted mails is not a common scenario which can be done only with the help of a good PST repair tool. A good PST mend tool must be well enough to repair the corrupted PST file without causing any further damage to the available PST file. But one thing to be kept in mind is there is no possibility of regaining the account settings of the outlook profile if and only if the user had backed up the settings. One of the tools with such capability is provided below

Why not scanpst.exe?

The scanpst.exe is one of the PST file repair tool provided by the Microsoft Inc itself. By default it is located in “C:\program files\Microsoft office\office 12\”.The scanpst will be helpful only up to a certain extent because the scan PST program does the repair process directly on the actual PST file itself which sometimes leads to a permanent data loss situation where the PST file cannot be repaired at any cost. So it will be a wise choice to choose PST file repair software which will not cause any damage to the original PST file. A tool with such capability is given below.

There are several additional features in this tool when compared with the others. Some of them are

  • Ø During the repair process it does not make any change to the actual PST file instead it takes a copy of the PST file and repairs it successfully .After successful repair process it replaces the existing PST file but the original can be traced back which ultimately avoids further damage to the original PST file.
  • Ø It also provides option to scan for the PST file location for the users who doesn’t know the actual PST file location.
  • Ø It also repairs PST files which are corrupted due to virus attacks, unexpected power off and repair due to file sharing in the network
  • Ø It can easily fix compressed and password protected PST files
  • Ø One of the most commonly occurring problems is corruption due to over sized Pet. It can be repaired using this tool without any difficulty


In a PST file an attribute can hold up to only 2 GB of data .So it is recommended to split the oversized attribute into two or more. For download of demo version proceed here.