Best method to retrieve data from formatted memory cards

Memory cards, the best storage devices are used on video cameras, camcorders, smartphones and mobile phones to store data. The memory cards could be operated on various gadgets like desktop computer and laptops, with different operating systems.

The different memory card brands in the present day are HP, Kingston, Lexar, Transcend, Sony, SanDisk, Samsung, etc. The various data that you just store in memory cards could be lost during several situations. Your data loss from storage devices usually happens because of file corruption or accidental deletion. One of such loss of data from memory cards can be explained here. Assume that you connected the memory card of your camera onto your system to transfer few photos from it. After connecting it instead of opening the files in it, you accidentally formatted the memory card. The entire data present in it was lost with the single click of yours. So in order to recover formatted memory card photos and other data you have to make use of recovery software before the card is overwritten. And there are many reasons that cause loss of data from memory cards. The different causes that lead to loss of data from memory cards are:

  • Invalid or corrupt file system – Once you reformat any memory card and if any errors encountered during the process then you may face problems like file system corruption or inaccessibility of data that you store that formatted memory card, etc. that results in loss of data.
  • Error messages suggesting to format – Certain times if you make an effort to access any data from memory card, error messages appear proclaiming the message ‘device is not formatted. Format it now.’ This could be simply because of any malfunctioning of the memory card or could be due to some virus attack. In this instance, you must forcefully format the memory card which leads to data loss.
  • Accidental deletion of data – Usually while accessing memory card photos on a camera you might accidentally select delete all option instead of deleting few
  • Virus attack – Once the hard disk drive is affected by malware then all the partitions and its particular data will be corrupt and inaccessible. This extremely causes data loss from hard disks and therefore you might want to lose many priceless data.

You may encounter various scenarios that lead to loss of data from memory cards. And in all such scenarios, you need to restore the data from memory cards with the help of recovery tool. The software can be easily utilized for lost picture recovery on Windows. Some of the salient features of this recovery program:

  • Completely regains lost data on flash memory cards such as CF, SD, XQD, XD picture cards, MMC, memory sticks, Pen drives, etc.
  • Also, the software is capable of recovering data from devices having FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, etc. file systems
  • It successfully recovers each of the data types like XLS, TXT, DOCX, EXE, MPEG, DIVX, MP3, MP4, etc. from Windows and Mac systems
  • Performs good recovery of various photo files such as JPEG, PNG, NEF, CR2, CRW, BMP, JPG, TIF, etc.

The software can be easily utilized to restore any data from memory cards of different brands. This recovery utility is a perfect solution for the question like can you retrieve deleted pictures from SD card? The software is compatible with various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2003 and Mac OS Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard.