simplest way to repair and recover your outlook pst files.

Most of us rely on Outlook for everyday life. We keep our personal and professional data for example contacts, emails, reminders, messages, tasks, notes, appointments, calendar, folders etc. in Outlook as it’s an easy way to maintain things. Any issue in opening the Outlook PST files on account of various reasons is trouble. Each PST file of various Outlook versions comes in different size limits. Once the PST file is corrupted/damaged it cannot be opened with any source.
Corruption/ damage or lost PST file may be due to, and what to do about it:
Over size: for instance, Outlook 2000 PST files get corrupted if it reaches 2 GB or higher in size. This damages the PST file so you won’t manage to open Outlook.
Accidental deletion: unknowingly you could possibly delete your emails, contacts, tasks etc. Don’t worry you’ll be able to recover the lost PST files.
Password protected: you might have set your password to your profile and can have forgotten the password and you really are not able to open the PST file. This software helps you to repair password protected PST files and retrieve it.
Shutdown: Improper system shutdown or sudden closing in the Outlook. This can damage your PST file also it can be repaired by this software.
Power failure: you’re dealing with your outlook and due to power failure the file could easily get corrupted.
Virus or Malicious Software: as a result of virus in your system which might affect your PST file, it will not be accessible. So it’s recommended to setup an anti-virus in your system.
Outlook PST repair is both a repair and recovery tool that repairs corrupt PST and DBX files and recovers deleted or lost emails, tasks, journals, notes, calendar items, contacts etc. Outlook PST repair can help you locate your PST files in the system in case you don’t know where it is and repairs it. It repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000,2003,2007,2010 and it also supports OST files. You can recover emails deleted in the deleted items or from the other Outlook folders. Provides preview in the repaired items through Outlook style browser view.
This software is best to repair damaged pst file. It repairs the damaged PST file, whether it’s a minor corruption or even a sever corrupted file and you will be able to preview all of the repaired files i.e. how many emails, contacts, tasks, notes, appointments are already repaired, it is possible to determine the header of the emails, i.e. from, to, subject and date of your respective sent, received, drafts etc. You can do this just by a single click on this download button. In this way you get a demo version and are able to do the above. If you’re satisfied with the actual result you should buy Outlook pst repair and will be able to get the whole recovered files. It’s safe to do so because this software will repair your damaged file by setting up a different file and not on your original file. This helps in not corrupting your original file further.



How to backup Microsoft Outlook pst file

MS Outlook is an electronic mail client contained in Microsoft office package. It functions as an independent personal information manager being an internet email client in the local laptop or computer, or even in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange server it can be used to control group scheduling, e-mail and task management.

MS Outlook let us to add an email account, create a fresh electronic mail, forward or reply to an email, include an attachment to an email, open as well as save an email attachment file, add e-mail signature to emails, build a work schedule appointment, schedule a meeting with other, set a remainder regarding appointments or even conference, makes it possible to hold contacts, create task, develop a note etc.

MS outlook allows you talk by means of e-mails as well as discuss the information by means of general public folders along with internet connectivity. Outlook enables you to set up data in how you desire, so that you can find the data very easily making use of Windows shortcuts, that lets you to navigate to the data files or to your folders. Many variants associated with Outlook are generally Outlook 97, Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007 and also office 2010.

Outlook stores extremely important personal and organization data and many businesses rely on Outlook contents. It stores Outlook information within your local hard disk like a one .PST file. In specific situations users may possibly lose data from Outlook. Various circumstances of losing files are when size reaches maximum size for e.g. 2GB in Outlook 2000, whenever your laptop or computer ruined or perhaps lost or perhaps stolen, upgrading from one Windows Operating system version to a different, moving to a different computer leads to loss of data, moving towards the new Outlook version, if you changed the positioning involving pst file, accidental erasure or formatting your hard drive exactly where pst file is stored, once you didn’t shut down Outlook correctly and so forth.

PST file user doesn’t like to get rid of the information that is saved in .pst file. One of the solutions is always to maintain the back-up of PST file. Back-up is nothing but keeping the copy associated with content of PST files in another computer, or in any dependable safe-keeping devices. Manually retaining the particular back-up has certain drawbacks as it backups merely couple of folders and leaving other things, it brings about loss of data. For e.g. keeping e-mail, notes, contacts and leaving such things as Outlook setting, signature, nickname and also other things.

As a way to backup complete PST file data and to backup Outlook settings it is suggested to utilize Remo Outlook backup and migrate software program which assists one to backup as well as restore Outlook emails along with Outlook attributes such as contacts, journal entries, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, junk email lists, calendar items, signature, rules together with critical Outlook settings.

Capabilities are generally it’s got choices to generate unlimited number of back-up profiles, secures the back-up with passwords, it has very good Graphical user interface and contains complete set of Outlook items from where you are able to select as well as save them, built-in scheduler automatically backups Outlook according to scheduled time, restore option enables you to regain files if you find a corruption to existing Outlook profile and many more

Extra functionality associated with Outlook backup and migrate software program is, it will help to migrate Outlook files and setting from older edition to the new model of Outlook or even from Windows XP/vista to Windows 7 or even from one system to a different system.

For those who have purchased fresh personal computer and when you wish to migrate Outlook files to new computer you can download and use Remo Outlook backup and migrate computer software it completely migrates Outlook files and also setting without missing a single Outlook folder

How to recover outlook attachments easily?

Many email clients are used only for sending emails and transmitting files. MS Outlook is an email client that has additional components like appointments, RSS feeds, journal entries, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes etc along with sending emails with attachments. Other email clients like Google, Yahoo etc store email messages as separate files on the hard drive. But, Outlook does not store attachments as separate files instead it stores these attachments in Personal Folders.pst file. Outlook attachments are stored in individual Outlook items and cannot be accessed directly as other Outlook files. If you want to work with the content inside your attachment, first you have to save that attachment to your system. Outlook allows to preview attached file in read only mode but not to edit the content present inside the attachment without saving it. At this moment, the changes done by the Outlook user are not saved back to the attached file. When an attached file is opened using Outlook, file is copied to a folder that holds temporary files. If an attachment is opened using open option, Outlook copies the file to file system and opens it for editing. The changes done to the file at this stage can be saved back to the open Outlook item. To make these changes permanent in the opened Outlook item, you have to save the file before closing it. If file is not saved, the changes made to the file are not saved to the original Outlook item.

If the PST file is corrupted due to spyware attack, improper exit of Outlook etc, attached files in your email messages cannot be accessed. To recover outlook attachments easily, you have to rely on efficient tool that recovers all your attachments along with all attributes.

The Attachments Options Task pane in Outlook allows you to attach any type of file. There is no certain limit for the number of attachments while sending emails in Outlook. Sometimes, the attached files such as documents, audio, video files in Outlook may be blocked. Outlook blocks those attachments that have viruses that may risk your system. MS Outlook categorizes attachments into three different levels. In the first level, attachments are not accessible in Outlook. InfoBar in Outlook informs that Outlook has blocked that attached message which might be an unsafe attachment. When you receive the above-mentioned message, the attachment stored with the email message cannot be accessed. In Level 2, attachments cannot be directly opened with an Outlook email message. You have to save the attachment in order to open it. Level 3 attachments are unrestricted attachments where you can open them within Outlook directly by double clicking them.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is powerful repair tool that repairs corrupt PST files and recovers emails with attributes of Outlook like contacts, calendars, tasks etc., along with attachments created on various versions of outlook like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This utility is capable of repairing highly encrypted PST files. Preview recovered Outlook data, when you download demo version of the software.

Ways to recover deleted emails

Microsoft Outlook is an email client, which is designed to operate as an independent personal information manager. It basically manages emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, to-do lists, etc. on hard drive. It allows you to share information by means of public folders and internet connectivity. It is available as a part of MS Office suite. It can be used either as a stand-alone application or with Microsoft Exchange Server. PST (Personal Storage Table) is used to store data files of MS outlook including emails, calendar, contacts, reminders, to-do lists etc. When you delete a mail from MS Outlook it directly goes to deleted items list, later if it can be recovered from deleted items easily. But if you delete mails from deleted items folder, you can recover it only with the help of email recovery software. If PST files gets corrupt, you cannot access the emails present in MS Outlook. You can make use of built-in tool named Inbox Repair tool, which is available in MS outlook. If Inbox Repair tool doesn’t repair corrupt PST file, you could try good recovery software to fix it. In order to recover deleted emails you can try Remo Repair Outlook (PST), which helps you in repairing PST files and it also recovers lost or deleted emails, folders, notes, contacts, calendar items, etc. The software actually repairs corrupt PST files and stores it in a new personal storage file format to assure additional security to the source PST file.

There are various reasons for corruption of PST files like accidental formatting, virus attack on hard drive, reinstalling OS, etc. Some of the common reasons for data loss are briefly discussed as follows: If you accidentally delete mail from deleted items list from MS Outlook, you cannot recover it unless you use recovery software. If you format your hard drive accidentally, data present in it gets erased. While reinstalling OS, if files get corrupt due to power surge data loss might occur. If you shut down system improperly, it may result in data loss.

You can minimize the chances of data loss by following some of the basic precautions that are mentioned as follows: 1) backing up your data to some external storage device might help you if your important data gets erased. 2) In order to keep virus away from your system you can install advanced anti virus software and update it regularly. 3) To protect your system from power surge you can use good stabilizer, which might help your data from being lost. 4) Before shutting down the system just check if you have closed all running programs and applications.

You can download the trial version of Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and install it in your system. The trial version allows you to check for the recovery results. If you are happy with the recovery results, you can purchase full version of the software which permits you to save your recovered data on CD, DVD, USB drive or any other storage device. The software supports MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.