Is your PC effected with virus….?

Had you lost all movies stored in your hard disk due to virus attack?

You want to recover the lost movies….!

If you are one the person who lost movies due to virus or malware attack, then no need to be worried if not done backup for your files. yes you can recover the lost movies which you like most. These situations arise due to downloading files from internet which are containing virus files which may harm your computer. This virus makes your personal computer processing slow, it creates shortcuts automatically, and it hides the data and in some cases it may deletes the files automatically without intimation. These are the some scenarios where videos get deleted. It is an best software to UN deleted files.

  • ACCIDENTALLY DELETION:- movies get deleted accidentally by pressing delete button by placing cursor on file or by pressing shift+ Del by selecting the file.
  • DURING TRANSFERRING OF FILES:- During transferring of files or movies by means of USB’S or cable,because if you remove USB or cable before completion of transferring of file the file may not get full copied and some times it get deleted.
  • DURING CONVERTING OF FILE SYSTEM:- During converting of files system from basic to advance there will be no data loss i.e.,from FAT to NTFS. If you are converting file system of data from advance to basic i.e.,from NTFS to FAT, here you will find data loss as by files get effected or corrupted and get deleted.
  • ACCIDENTALLY FORMATTING:- movies get deleted by pressing format accidentally.
  • IMPROPER SHUTDOWN :- In this movies get deleted due to improper shutdown of  PC or rebooting the system while the file is transferring.
  • HARD DRIVE CRASHES:- Movies get deleted from their partitions or drives which are stored in hard drive.generally hard drive crashes because of malfunctions and stored information cannot be accessed on the system configuration. Hard dives also crashes due to power fluctuations.

Features of video recover utility:-

Video recover utility is used to recover deleted video which  had lost due to virus attack and also due to above following reasons. Video recover tool works in a effective manner in such a way it fetches all the data which you had lost. It is built up with a such good and effective algorithm ,that it works in a good manner and recovers all lost videos. It will recover all types of video formats of files. There are so many recover tools in the market,but no one works as effective as this software woks.

It is having an good user friendly interface where all users can easily understand how to use this respective software. It supports all types of operating system such as Window XP,7,vista,2003 and 2008. It also supports all types of formats of file system such as FAT16 , FAT32 , NTFS, NTFS5.  It supports all types of hard drives such SATA ,SCSI,IDE.

It has additional features i.e., not only to recover video files but also all types of audio files such as mp3,amr, mpeg etc.,and also images which are having these extension formats .i.e., jpg, jpeg,png,gif etc., it also recovers all types of raw images which are taken by using different professional cameras.coming to best features of video recover utility is that it takes less time for scanning partitions or drives where you had lost data.after scanning it saves the data in Zip format . By using this saved scan part we can resume the scanning of remaining data or recovery in which we can save time . After extracting files we can preview the files and can save it. In trail versions we can scan and save the order to save the files you need to purchase the video recovery tool.


By using this software you can recover the media files which you had lost. As to recover we need to follow few simple steps.

  • Download the software and install it.
  • Run it and select the partition or drive from which you want to recover the data.
  • After selecting scan the drive and save it.
  • In trail version after scanning ,the process can be saved.
  • From the saved scan part we can fetch data and we can have preview of it and can save the files where ever you want.