Difference Between MBR and GPT While Partitioning a Disk

You already know that before using the hard drive you must need to split the hard drive into multiple partitions. Whenever you partition the hard drive it has following advantages like formatting convenience, increased security and improved performance. The hard drive partition contains information about the hard drive partition structure. But, where this information gets stored? The information gets stored inside the MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table) of the hard drive.

MBR and GPT stores the information regarding the start and end range of the hard drive partition and it also contains the information about the active hard drive partition that comes into play during the booting process.


MBR stands for Master Boot Record that is most widely used partition table format since 1980. MBR supports maximum of four primary partitions and the size limit up to 2 TB. But, in the fast growing world where data is the most important resource for all big enterprises cannot work with this limitation. Therefore, an advanced version of partition table is required.

The GPT stands for GUID Partition Table is the newest technology of the hard drive partition system that supports maximum size limit up to 9.4 zettabytes. But, all the older Windows operating system like Windows XP doesn’t support GPT partition format. Only all the latest Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 supports this version because GPT partition table requires UEFI technology on the mother board. Except Windows, some other operating systems like Linux and Mac operating system such as Yosemite and Mac OS X also supports GPT partition table. GPT also provides more protection against the data loss compared to MBR because GPT contains two partition headers that store the start and end address of the data stored inside the hard drive, but MBR saves only a single partition table. Apart from these features, GPT has some more advanced features and if you want to get information about those features continue reading.

GPT partitioning advantages over MBR:

  • By using GPT partition table, you can improve the performance of the system because it decreases the boot up time of the system.
  • GPT provides more security over data corruption because it contains two partition tables, namely backup header and partition table but MBR contains only one partition table.
  • GPT partition table can be implemented only on UEFI technology based systems which enables the Secure Boot feature of the Windows 8 operating system.
  • Using MBR maximum partition limit up to 4 without creating the extended partition which allows creating more sub partitions in same partition but, GPT allows creating maximum up to 128 partitions.
  • MBR have the maximum permissible partition size up to 2TB but GPT supports maximum permissible size limit up to 10 ZB.



Parition recovery after it become inaccessible

Partition recovery from hard disk is needed when the partitions in hard disk either is deleted or becomes inaccessible. Some separations are made in the hard disk to store the data and these separations are named to know specifically. Hard disk is the primarily used device in computer system that is used to store the data.

These partitions are created with different headers and stores different files in it. All the data that are kept in the partitions having its information in the header section of the partitions.

Reason why hard disk partition becomes inaccessible:

When the header section is corrupted then that particular partition becomes inaccessible in the hard disk. When this happens all the data in the hard disk is lost and the partition seems to be inaccessible.

Files system exists in the hard disk partitions. Each information is tracked in the file system that is said as the record of the files stored in the hard disk.  Let us see what goes behind the simple savings and deleting of files.

When the files is saved in the partition of hard disk or any storage device containing files system then the files is given an address. The location where the data is kept is assigned an address that is called the access point for the particular data. This address information is kept in the files system and that too with all the information related to the files.

When you perform deletion then the files access is deleted. This means the pointers those are leading to particular data are only deleted. As soon as these pointers are deleted, the accesses to the files completely get finished. If in case the header of the files system is corrupted or deleted due any reason then the complete partition is lost or deleted.

However, you can recover partition and not only this but you can also recover damaged partition still you need to know how these pointers deletions are performed.

  • Viruses sometimes directly attack the header of the files system and to the pointers pointing the files system.
  • Shift delete also finishes the last option of recovery from “Recycle Bin” and delete all the pointer permanently.
  • Action like abrupt shut down, power surge, improper shut down of an application can result in deletion of pointer unexpectedly.
  • Header corruption of file system also keeps the same track of data loss.

Wait… wait…wait the concept is not yet over. Therefore, this is stated that only the pointers are deleted that means the files are still present in hard disk. This means you can easily restore files but the way is to find such medium to recover files for you. To undergo this process you just need to use the software. Download the software instead you can use the backups and restoring points but these both are only effective at the time when they are updated (the condition of updated backups and restoring points existence have very less priority). Therefore, its always asked to use the software that can recover data easily.

Need to know how to recover partitions from hard drive?

Then partition recovery tool is the best solution for your question. All you need to do is just go through the below article in detail and then you will be able to use the partition recovery tool.

Hard drive is the most commonly used data storage device and people always store their valuable data on hard drives. Partitioning is dividing the hard drives into different logical drives. There are lots of advantages of making partitions like you can maintain separate drives for your business data, personal data, frequently used data and so on. You can easily make partitions by using “Disk Management tool” without using any expensive third party utilities. This software allows the user to make, format, undelete, compress, expand and merge partitions.

However most of the people rely on these hard drives to store their data and believe that the data stored will be safe forever. But there are chances of losing data even from these drives due to various reasons like power failure, virus attack etc.

Suppose you wanted to re-install Windows operating system in order to get rid of some errors and you accidentally formatted one of the partitions during installation process by using “Format “option. Later you recognized that you forgot to take backup of the important files from the partition. This resulted in loss of your important data stored in that particular partition. Now you must be worried and searching for a way to get all the files back from the formatted partitions. No need to worry!!! The data lost from your partition can still be recovered using best partition recovery software. There are many data recovery tools available in the market to recover lost or deleted data from partitions.

However, you must also be familiar with some other data loss scenarios which you may face in your future.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • If the partition of your hard drive is attacked by the virus, then it leads to corruption. These viruses can severely affect the valuable data stored and makes the data inaccessible to user and this cause’s data loss.
  • Improper shutdown of your computer creates bad sectors on the hard drive partition which in turn corrupts the files of operating system and hence makes the data unreadable.
  • During conversion of file system from FAT to NTFS the data may also be lost leading to huge data loss.
  • Creating new partitions on hard drive of your system and trying to locate free among partitions that are already present may cause data loss from partition.
  • If the Windows disk management tool or Mac disk utility is not utilized properly while creating or shrinking volumes or drives can cause data loss.
  • Using unreliable third party tools to create new partitions may also lead to data loss.

Like the above mentioned scenarios, there are many other reasons which causes data loss from partition and there comes a need partition recovery software. In market there are many recovery tools which are user friendly and highly reviewed by professionals. This software makes Windows 7 partition recovery possible.

This software helps to recover data from different file system partitions on both Mac and Windows based operating system. This software provides an option to view recovered list of files in “Data View” and “File type View”. This tool can easily recover data lost from hard drives due to hard disk failure, bad sectors, system crash, and OS re- installation. This tool recovers data with complete folder structures from formatted, deleted, lost, corrupt or inaccessible drives. It can easily retrieve accidentally lost files from NTFS partition corrupted due to bad sectors. By using this software you can easily recover data different removable storage devices.

This software has effective scanning algorithm to recover partitions in just few minutes.

Download the demo version of partition recovery tool .Install the software on your computer and when done double click on desktop shortcut to open the application. Now select the appropriate recovery options which you face while using the tool. When you are done with the recovery process you can check the performance of the software and if you are satisfied with the results you can buy its full version available online.






A simple method to recover lost partition on Windows

In personal computers, a partition is a process of logically dividing the hard disk into multiple units so that user can have different partitions which can be used for different purposes. That is nothing but the creation appearance of having separate drives for file management, operating system and other application installation or other purposes. When you format the hard disk partition will be created in the hard disk, and the partition information is stored in the partition table. Boot sector contains the information about the size of each partition and the address where each partition begins. When you boot an operating system into your computer, the partition table defines that the hard disk is formatted into how many partitions. Corruption of the hard drive can occur due to various reasons like corruption of partition information, deletion of partition table information or partitioning errors. This will lead to loss of data on the hard drive, but it is possible to recover partition and recover lost data from the hard drive by using good quality partition recovery tool.

The loss of data on the hard drive can occur in various situations, some of the case scenarios in which data loss on the hard drive can occur are as follows.

For the computer can be able to begin booting properly two things should be exist, and they are master boot record and partition table. The partition table should contain at least one active partition. Then only the operating system can load properly depending on the file system format on that partition. If the partition table is deleted or partition information is corrupted then the operating system is not be bootable, and an error message is displayed. This may cause the data on the hard drive become inaccessible.

Operating system can read the partition information and display the available drives if the active partition can be found from partition table and partition boot sector is proper. If the file system is deleted or corrupted then the contents of the drive may not be displayed and the error message is displayed like that “Drive is invalid”. This may lead to loss of data on the hard drive.

The new partition can be created using the third party partitioning utility. If some errors are encountered during creation of new partition may lead to loss of data on the hard disk. User can edit, create or delete the partitions by using the disk management utility. If user accidentally deletes the partition then there are chances of causing the loss of data. Anyhow, in order to recover lost partition on Windows, you need to take advantage of the superior partition recover software.

It is possible to recover hard drive and recover deleted or lost data from the hard drive by using the good partition recovery software. The Windows hard drive recovery software allows you to recover the deleted or lost files from the hard drive (with FAT16, FAT32, Ext FAT, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems). By using this software, you can recover the deleted or lost data from the external USB drives, fire wire drives and memory cards. Using this software it is possible to recover the deleted or lost data from the RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions. The trial version of the Windows hard drive partition recovery software is much useful in evaluating the recovery results. The trial version allows the users to preview the recoverable data before going to save the data into the storage medium. You can get it from the web to make a trial prior to pay money for complete version software.

Getting all the lost data back after the loss of partition

Requirement for storing details are increasing day by day as numerous portable as well as non portable. Some devices have inbuilt memory even though some needs to be extended. To accomplish the need full many storage devices like hard disk drive, memory cards, and external hard drive are invented.

Globally using hard disk drive is performed and this use has past the expectations. People who use computers are familiar with the hard disk while they ought to interact with the unit frequently.

There are a few files systems which handle every data by making use of algorithms that are inbuilt inside them. The versions of numerous files systems are FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and Ext FAT. Nevertheless the only drawbacks of those hard drives are that they’re the individuals with data loss. There are several such instants where we lose our data, same goes with hard disk drive recovery possible? Or what need to be completed to carry out the best partition recovery.

Partition is the option provided to manage data based on the user’s convenience. Still these partitions are not so strong in an attempt to avoid data loss. If you find a data loss from partition you have to recover hard drive partitions and in addition file system matter for recovery in order to restore formatted NTFS partition on Windows XP in order to obtain our data back.

Note: There are many methods one can save the data from loss along with there are many scenarios that one can recognize how they can loss their data. So before recovery let’s possess a glimpse on scenarios where it’s possible to lose the data.

1. Formatting and reformatting are the factors which definitely cause loss of data.
2. Power surge can sometime make the improper shut down that leads you to data loss sometimes.
3. Deletion of files from trash.
4. Formatting drives without creating backups.
5. Files passing how big is recycle bin when deleted.

Tips: To prevent the data loss.

1. Create backup in an attempt to refrain your computer data quality and regularity.
2. Usage of updated antivirus.
3. Checking for power so as to stay away from the improper turn off.
4. Disconnect the external devices or USB or flash drives with using “safely remove option”.
5. Check requirement of files before deleting them from trash.

Moreover the corruption of data can be so common while formatting and reformatting of devices is tough. Once your data is lost that doesn’t mean that it is irrecoverable it is usually recover by using some tools.

When you have formatted you hard disk or you have reformatted it after formatting and upon that you need your data returning to your drive then only option left is recovery. There are many software dedicatedly built to do the needful. These are available on internet and therefore are simple to operate. Before heading for the full version it is better to select the trial version downloads and further if you learn satisfied with the actual result it is possible to switch to the full version. Recovery isn’t trust worthy so safer to useful data using few steps because precaution is superior to cure as stated years ago.


Recover data from formatted hard drive

Hard disk is an electronic storage device, which is one of the essential parts of the computer. It can store all programs and files. SATA, SCSI and IDE are the types of hard disks and there are some other types of hard drives like USB drives, external hard drives, SD cards etc. If the hard drive gets corrupted or damaged, you lose all the data. Losing data from hard disk is quite natural nowadays. Because there are so many unexpected things may happen like accidentally deleting important documents, photos, video, audio files etc. while you are working on computer. There are some best data recovery tools to recover data from hard drive.

Following are some data loss scenarios.

  • Accidental Formation of a hard drive is the main reason for data loss. Suppose, you may format the partition mistakenly instead of selecting storage device like external hard drive, memory card and flash card etc. that time you will lose all important data from hard disk partition. Sometime you may lose data from partition due to human errors like delete a file, emptying from Trash, formatting partition etc. In this case you may forget to take back up of data before formatting the partition can lead to huge amount of data loss.
  • Re-installation of Windows OS will erase complete data from the hard drive. You must format the drive before preparing computer for reinstallation of new Windows OS. At that time your data on that partition will be lost completely. You had better to take proper backup before reinstallation of operating system.
  • File system error is the main cause for data loss. Sometimes you may get errors while converting one file system to another due to some reasons like virus attack, improper shutdown of the computer and boot sector corruption etc. can leads to data loss due to compatibility issues.
  • Partition conversion is one of the main reasons for losing data from hard drive. Sometimes when you try to convert the partition on hard drive from dynamic to basic, there are possibilities for data loss from hard disk.
  • Error due to third party partitioning tool may make you lose data from hard drive. Some of the third party partitioning tools like disk management utility etc. may damage or corrupt the data that exist in the partition.

Hard drive recovery tool enables you to recover data from formatted hard drive. This software can recover data after reinstalling Windows OS and deleted or inaccessible partitions. It can easily get back lost data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions. This tool is best recommended for restoring data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT partitions. It supports restoring data from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, external USB drives. The operating systems supported by this tool are Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2003 etc. Download the trial version to check the performance of the software before purchasing the full version.


Steps to recover repartitioned volumes from Mac OS

Mac OS X is an operating system designed for computers and laptops, which are developed by Apple Inc. If you would like to partition HFS and HFS+ volumes, you can perform it with the help of Disk Utility tool. In order to create more volumes with the available disk space or remove extra volumes, which is not being used you can repartition the hard drive. You can use Disk Utility tool to manage volumes efficiently. While repartitioning process, there are possibilities of losing data from your hard drive. In such cases, lost data can be recovered by using recover repartitioned volumes software. Remo Recover (Mac) – Pro Edition software is advanced Mac partition recovery software, which helps you in recovering lost or deleted data from hard drive, flash memory card, USB drives, etc. The software also allows you to recover RAW file images that have been lost or deleted from iPods, flash memory cards, camcorders, etc.

There are various reasons for data loss from your system like accidental deletion, data corruption, virus attack, repartitioning errors, etc. Some of the common cases for data loss are mentioned as follows: If you have emptied files from trash, it gets deleted from the hard drive. During repartitioning, errors may occur if your system is affected by power surge resulting in data loss. If your hard drive is affected by virus, your files become inaccessible thus resulting in data loss. The other causes for data loss are due to improper shutdown of  the system, power surge, etc.

You can follow some of the basic precautions if you would like to avoid data loss from your system. Some of the common precautions are: 1) You can take back up of important data and save in on any external storage device in order to retrieve data if its lost. 2) You need to install advanced anti-virus software to remove harmful virus from your system. 3) You can connect good stabilizer, which can protect your system during power surge. 4) You must shutdown your system properly by closing all the running applications and programs in order to avoid data loss. Data loss from your system can be minimized, if you follow the above mentioned precautions.

Remo Recover (Mac) – Pro Edition software is one of the best recovery software available in market, which recovers your lost or deleted data from formatted, missing, reformatted volumes and repartitioned drives. It also helps you recover data from inaccessible or corrupt volumes and volumes that fail to mount. It recovers files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 partitions or volumes. You can be able to preview the recovered data before saving it by using “Preview” option available in the trial version. You can download the free to try trial version and check for the recovery results. If you feel comfortable with the recovery results, you can purchase licensed version of the software. In order to save the recovered data, you have to activate the key first. After activation, you can be able to save the recovered data from CD, USB drive, DVD or any other storage device.