How to recover deleted files from memory card

Memory card, which is also known as Flash card, is a data storage device used for storing digital information. PC cards (PCMCIA) were the first commercial memory card that was released in the 1990’s. These cards are now used in industrial applications to connect I/O devices like modems. The different types of memory cards available are SD, mini SD, XD and MMC cards. Memory cards are generally used in mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. It is a non-volatile storage device, which means that it can retain stored data even without constant power supply. It is mainly used to store audio, video, picture and document files. However, memory cards are easily prone to corruption due to many reasons like virus attack, OS crash, etc. In order to recover deleted files from memory card, you have to use powerful recovery software.

The various reasons for the data loss are mentioned below:

Accidental deletion: If the user accidentally deletes the files by using Shift + Delete combination, data gets erased.

Virus attack: If you hard drive is affected by virus, you must remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise it may cause serious damage to your system. It can corrupt your files and make them inaccessible. You can remove the virus by using a good anti virus software or by formatting your hard drive, which results in data deletion.

Formatting: If the user accidentally formats memory card, data that is present in the memory card gets erased permanently.

OS crash: Operating system gets crashed due to improper shutdown and fluctuation in power which may result in data loss in your system.

There are some precautions you need to take in order to avoid data loss. Some of them are listed below:

  • Maintain a regular back up of your files.
  • Shutdown your system after closing all the programs and applications.
  • Install a quality anti virus and keep updating it regularly.
  • Do not remove memory card abruptly when it is in use.

If you tend to lose data even after taking precautions, you need to use data recovery software in order to recover your files. Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition is an advanced and effective software to recover your deleted or lost files from memory card. With the help of this software you can also recover lost or deleted data from hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards and fire ware drives. You can download and install demo version of the software which is freely available in the internet. After installing you can check for the recovery results. You can use “Preview” option to preview the recovered files before saving them.  There is an option available called “save recovery session” where you can save your scanned information for future use. If you are satisfied with the demo version you can buy licensed version of the software. After activation, you can use “open recovery session” option to open the scanned information.

Get back deleted photos on Windows using Digital Photo Recovery Software

Photos captured using digital cameras are usually stored on flash drives like memory cards before they are transferred onto a hard drive either for permanent storage, editing or even for sharing over the network. However, loss, deletion or corruption of photos can occur at any stage or in any device but there is a difference in each scenario. Some people are generally unclear about the three different terms that is deleted, lost and corrupted. Let us try and look at how each of these terms differs from each other with respect to data loss and in which scenarios recovery of photos is possible.

Firstly deletion of photos means that the photo is deleted with the knowledge of the user, i.e. the user accidentally deleted a file either on his hard drive or his memory card which bypassed the Recycle Bin. In such cases you can get back deleted photos easily as the location of the deleted photo is known to you and recovery is possible as the photo has not been permanently deleted. In case of loss of photo, the photo is lost i.e. the user has no idea about where the file has gone and in such scenarios too recovery is possible as lots of Digital Photo Recovery Software let the user to perform a raw search to locate the file.

However, when it comes to corruption of photos, the scenario is completely different. When a photo gets corrupted, it is not lost as a whole but only a part of the file goes missing or a part of the file is damaged. In such an instance a photo recovery software will not be of much, as the photo needs to be repaired and not recovered. Photo repairing software are hard to find and the success rate of these tools will also be very less.