Tool to Repair MS PowerPoint File

Nowadays, PowerPoint is one of most widely used presentation tool across the globe. This tool is extensively used for following purposes like business reports, educational documents, project report, organizational growth representation report, seminar report etc. PowerPoint presentation file helps the user to generate the slideshow representation along with different projections and multi-dimensional view of the documents. Presentation file is created with following file extensions such as.ppt, .pps and .pptx etc. Some of the common reasons that can corrupt PPT files are listed below:

Improper termination of MS PowerPoint application: the Improper closing of PowerPoint application can also damage the PPT files and you need to repair these damaged PPT files before opening on any PowerPoint application tool.

Interruption while changing the file format: Changing the file format of PPT files repeatedly from newer version to the previous version, called the round-tripping of PPT files that might cause the corruption of PPT files.

Interruption while downloading the file: While downloading the files from internet any interruption occurs due to network error that might corrupt the header of the PowerPoint file, which will make your presentation file inaccessible. Hence, you need to repair this corrupted PowerPoint file before using.

Virus and Malware Infection: Virus intrusion can also damage the PPT files whenever you store these files on the virus-infected system.This damage will make these PowerPoint files inaccessible and in order to regain the access, you need to repair these infected PPT files using some reliable tool or software.

Apart from above-mentioned scenarios, some other like scenarios that can also corrupt PPT files are as follows: file transfer issues, interruption while updating the PowerPoint application, downloading issues, and improper installing of PowerPoint application etc.

If you come across above-mentioned scenarios then you can use PPT Repair tool in order to make these PPT files damage free. PPT Repair tool is one of the most advisable to fix the PPT files issues in few simple steps without having too much computer knowledge.

Advanced features of PPT Repair tool:

  • PPT Repair tool helps to repair PowerPoint file on Windows operating system following versions like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 etc.
  • By using this PPT repair tool, you can also repair damaged PPT files on all the latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint application like MS PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • Repairing of PowerPoint presentation file elements like texts, hyperlinks, and embedded objects also possible with the help of PPT Repair tool.
  • It can also repair large size and password protected PPT files on all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint application.
  • This repair PPT tool efficiently repairs all types of damaged PPT files without modifying the original file structure or the content of PPT files.
  • By making use of this repair tool, you can also repair PPT files stored on external storage devices like memory cards, USB pen drives, external hard drives etc.
  • Repair PPT tool can also repair the PPT files designed with the following extensions like .ppt and .pptx extension in few simple steps.

Tool for Repairing PPT

Why does a MS power point file get corrupted?

The PPT file of PowerPoint primarily corrupts due to viruses that enter into it when user embeds some pictures or text in presentation file. The infected data might disarrange user slides or attack file header resulting in damaged PPT. The damaged PPT file does not open and shows error message like “File not accessible. PowerPoint will close now”. Damage to PPT file may also happen due to improper system shutdown or malfunction of PowerPoint while using the PPT file. Distribution of PPT files over network is another possible case of damage to PowerPoint presentation files. So, to get the presentation work user need to repair corrupt PPT file using Repair PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint comes with a fluent user interface with some additional and advanced features than previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. In this menus got replaced by Ribbon. The tasks and options are easily accessible using Ribbon in different groups. User can use these striking features to make presentations for the project, preparation module, product particulars, market statistics, etc. However, user might come across a situation when we not able to open the PPT. It happens due to corrupt PPT file of MS Office PowerPoint. To repair a PowerPoint file good PPT repair tool is needed which is the easiest way for the user.

Here are few listed error messages that appear on certain scenarios as mentioned:

  • Ø “PowerPoint found a problem with content in <filename>. PowerPoint can attempt to repair the file”   Whenever the user tries to open a PowerPoint 2010 file from Outlook or from Internet.
  • Ø “There was an error accessing the file xxxx.ppts” when user tries to open a PowerPoint that user have downloaded from internet or network directory.
  • Ø “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened now”. This type of error message is seen when the user gets 2010 PPTX file in email attachments and opens it on PC having an older version of PowerPoint.
  • Ø “PowerPoint found an error that it can’t correct. User should save ppt, quit and then restart your file” errors like this might occur due to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 software malfunction.

Power Point Presentation is widely used across the globe in business or for educational purposes. However, sometimes your PPT files may get accidentally deleted from your PC. At that time if you use unreliable software to recover it back then it may damage your presentation file even if you get the file. In such scenario, this application can repair presentation files easily and recover it back without much difficulty.

Automatic update of application makes computer secures but also damages a PPT file. During the process if there is a low network connection or problem in networking devices then it can corrupt PowerPoint presentation. But with the help of this software you can fix PowerPoint document with much ease.

This software takes such corrupt PPT / PPTX / PPS files and deeply scans them to extract content of the presentation PPT. It makes a new healthy copy of PPT file with the extracted data putting content in the slides in the same fashion as it was in original corrupt PPT. The tool is hundred percent secure to guarantee that the new PPT file is free from viruses and macros, which could cause damage to your PowerPoint presentation data. User can use this award winning utility to repair PPTX 2010 file with ease. The tool will repair Microsoft PowerPoint Office file of any size and even password-protected presentations.

Now the corrupted MS Power point file is successfully repaired .Be updated that the demo version will allow you to recover but the full version only has the ability to save the file which come for a best price.