Recover photos from corrupted flash drive

Digital cameras are devices which have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you can store the equivalent of a dozen rolls of film at a time, delete bad photos immediately and download the photos to multiple devices.

But like everything else, there can be a dark side to digital photography: memory card corruption. Not only you, but many of us have experienced it first hand, where a card that was working normally suddenly appears empty, or refuses to mount on your system and starts displaying strange error codes in the camera.

Of course, with the right software, you can recover photos from corrupted flash drive with the least effort.

Tips to prevent memory cards from getting corrupt:

  • Never turn off the digital camera while photos are being transferred to the PC or vice versa.
  • It is always advisable to reformat camera cards at regular intervals depending on how frequently you use the digital camera.
  • Use the camera controls itself to reformat the memory card. Avoid using your computer for reformatting the memory card.
  • If the memory card is having problems frequently, it’s probably time to invest in a new memory card before disaster strikes.
  • Never eject the memory card while the camera is still ON.
  • If you accidentally deleted images from a memory card or the memory card is corrupt, do not continue using it if you want to attempt data recovery, as the old files will be overwritten with the new files once this is done.

REMO Recover (Windows) Media Edition software has been around a long time and has earned good reputation as a reliable software which lets the user recover photos from corrupted flash drive .It’s easy to use interface allows any non technical person to easily recover his lost/deleted files.

REMO Recover (Windows) Media Edition software is a read only application, that does not write anything to your memory card, so it is safe to try. The software lets you recover photos and RAW image files of all well known formats. In addition to this, the software also lets you recover audio and video files.

Help to put errant PC files back in place

Many people are under the impression that Apple products such as Mac computers and iPods never suffer a breakdown. While these are strong quality items they are no more immune to online sabotage than any other devise or application using downloads. Viruses and other malware can come aboard your Mac or iPod easily attached to a valid program. And the programs that scan for these viruses have been known to damage files on their own. If you have a Mac and have been losing files without an explanation you may have to reload your operating system. But before you do this you will want to save all of your data to other storage such as an external drive. Retrieving lost, damaged or deleted files on Macs requires REMO Mac data recovery software. This program is one of the few data recovery tools in existence built expressly to recover data on from Mac Hard disks and solid state drives.

For recovery of deleted or damaged MP4 files on iPods there is REMO Digital Media Recovery Software. Built primarily as a tool for photo recovery this powerful program has hundreds of useful applications. These include recovery of image files and camera RAW files.

If you are running a PC with Windows you will be pleased to note that REMO has a program designed especially for data recovery on Windows. REMO Windows Data Recovery Software supports any Windows operating system including windows XP and Vista.

For general purpose file recovery REMO offers their world famous program to recover deleted files. REMO Undelete is the ultimate program to reverse a poorly made decision that resulted in a file being accidentally deleted. The very user-friendly interface allows anyone with even the most limited computer experience to find and recover deleted files.

Types of files that can go missing without human assistance are Microsoft .PST files. These are the file types used in Microsoft Outlook emails. REMO Outlook Mail recovery program will locate these files even after other programs and Outlook upgrades have removed them. If you use Outlook and have noticed any files to be lost this is the program to restore them.

A Microsoft Outlook targeted PST repair system

PST files are the primary file system used in Microsoft Outlook. When messages are sent using outlook those messages are PST files. When the messages are stored they are stored as PST files. And when messages are compressed they are compressed as PST files. But PST files are apt to become damaged if file size limits are exceeded. They can also be corrupted when being scanned for viruses during download. It is a tough situation as one needs to check incoming mail for viruses but the tool to check the mail often destroys the letter. A solution to this problem is the Outlook Mail Recovery program from REMO. This user friendly program enables anyone with any level of computer expertise to initiate fast simple PST repair.

The challenges of memory card recovery have been addressed

Digital cameras and other small consumer electronic devices store information on inexpensive solid state memory cards. These cards will save image files in familiar file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and around a dozen others. When these picture files are accidentally deleted before being downloaded it is generally assumed that the precious photographs are forever lost. When files are deleted, the code stored in the area of those files is not erased. All that is changed is that access to the area as an unallocated segment is restored. If one has downloaded a simple memory card recovery program such as the Digital Media Recovery Program from REMO it is a simple matter to seek out the files using the familiar extension and restore them to active duty.

How to ensure private data stays secure

One of the most serious problems in personal computing is spyware. These sneaky programs can enter your computer and steal all your secret data. Even if you delete files, your data is not secure, as spyware will search out strings of numbers that it recognizes as being financial information. When you wish to remove private or secure information from your computer’s hard drive, you will need to use a powerful file shredder such as the program for that purpose available from REMO.

The REMO file eraser exceeds the standards required for removal of secure information set by the United States military. This simple to use data eraser allows for nine different patterns of data shredding. It supports all Windows operating systems including Windows XP and Vista. Simply send the desired to be erased file to the REMO shredding zone and the data is destroyed beyond recovery. You will find the REMO file shredder online at

Are you losing data on an aging FAT partition system?

Computers using Windows 95 and 98 operating systems separate data on their hard disks using file allocation tables. Commonly referred to as FAT 16 and FAT 32 drives, these disk partitioning systems are prone to complete loss of data. Unfortunately, if one loses access to a segment of the hard drive due to a lost partition, on also loses access to the data contained within. Although few computers operators are still using systems divided by file allocation tables, there still needs to be a means to recover lost partitions and damaged file from these drives. For that reason, REMO has available FAT recovery software.

Computers with newer operating systems from Windows 2000 through to Vista use the NTFS partitioning system. For recovery of lost partitions or damaged files on these drives, there is a REMO program specifically geared to NTFS recovery. Both of these programs support USB data recovery from Flash drives.

Have you ever doubly deleted files by accident?

It amazes me that even considering that Windows operating systems incorporate a fail safe against accidentally deleting files, also known as the recycle bin, that somehow I manage from time to time to bypass the recycle bin and lose wanted files. I also have been known to absentmindedly empty the recycle bin when it is filled with files I still have a need for. Until recently, I was unaware that there is an easily available remedy for just this kind of human error. That solution is Undelete – deleted file recovery software from REMO.

REMO undelete is the fastest and most reliable missing file recovery software ever created. Recycle bin recovery takes under a minute using this powerful REMO program. No previous data recovery experience is required to both undelete files and save those rescued files as backup to a DVD. For more information and a free demo download, visit With REMO Undelete, no file is lost or missing for long.

Specialized programs for restoration of electronic data

There are hundreds of programs available that promise to be able to recover deleted files.  But what can these programs really do? Can they deep scan an entire hard drive? Some can. Can they find a deleted file by searching for the code specific to that file’s structure? A few can. And can they then restore the lost data based on a program designed to read the lost data’s footprint and replace it? Only one can do this. Only one program to recover data can scan, find and restore corrupted files that have lost digital information, and that program is REMO Data recovery software.

REMO has developed dozens of target programs to recover deleted files. They have programs for every specific data recovery context in use today. There is even a REMO program for iPod recovery! At you will find an easy to use program built to recover every kind of data or process file, and also built to scan any kind of data storage device… even iPods.