Simple Methods to Fix Corrupt Zip file

Zip file contains one or more files and is widely used to compress files. To transfer big sized data over network there is need to compress information for reducing its overall size. These are having the ability to compress data in a very fast and effective way. These are called data containers because they compress several files. They are having the fixed size limit.

Sending data online is most popular technique today, during the process there may be the probability of corrupting Zip files. Consider a scenario, when you are sending Zip file over network to another user who is far away from you, in case if sudden power failure occurs, it corrupts your Zip file. In such case, you need to use one advanced tool, which is perfect to repair Zip file. You may find plenty of reasons to corrupt Zip file; some of them are Zip file header corruption, virus attack, power failure, etc. When you face any situation among above stated reasons then it is better for you to use this award winning utility to get good result.

Few factors responsible for Zip file corruption:

CRC errors: CRC is an expansion of cyclic redundancy check. Whenever you start downloading any big sized file from internet, there may be chance of breakdown of files because of any interruption like sudden power failure. Hence, this scenario yields CRC errors leads to corruption, when you try to open such files then the result will be an error like bad CRC.

Pulling out of pen drive during Zip file transfer: Assume the situation, where you are copying Zip file from pen drive to computer, sometimes if you think file transfer process is over and you try to pull out pen drive in between this process then it leads to corruption of Zip file.

Virus attack: This is the maximum possible scenario, which ends up with Zip file corruption. If you are transferring any data from other storage devices, there may be possibilities of virus entry on your computer. When you store those data, then you may face the situation like Zip file corruption.

When the user stuck at previously stated situations then one must know how to fix a corrupt Zip file. This top rated utility is able to mend Zip files from such above stated situations. The utility is able to fix Zip and Zipx files. It is designed with built in scanning procedure to repair Zip files within a couple of minutes. This program is very powerful in fixing a Zip file from any storage devices like USB drive, memory card, etc. The application makes repair process very simple without actually disturbing the original file.

What care to be taken by the user when he/she faces the situation like Zip file corruption?

Never try to use untrusted third party applications.

Avoid removal of storage devices like pen drive, memory card, etc during file transfer.

Try to keep backup of your significant files in any of other storage devices such as memory cards, external hard drive, thumb drive, FireWire drive, etc.