How to Recover your Lost Data from Memory Card?

Every time we speak or discuss about memory card, what builds up in our mind? Yes, exactly a tiny peripheral storage device that may be attached to variety of gadgets and therefore ensuring data can be saved on them in safe and most secured way. But, although these cards are secure but still, loss of data occurs over and over again as a result of different reasons that are unknown to consumers. When this kind of instant develops with folks, normally they get panicked. They might think that data recovery is not possible.

However there are many things that users should do is that they must employ utility that’s competent to deal with all of the process of data loss or deletion from memory cards with the help of a utility tool like Recover Memory Card software which is recommended by various skilled professionals.

Usually files that are saved over memory card gets missing as a result of users own fault like accidental deletion. Let’s discuss one among such situation in an exemplified way. Suppose that your card has reached its maximum limit to save pictures on it, thus you now must either backup them or delete a few of the junk images to ensure that you can save images in  the memory card. In this scene you decided to delete the junk pictures from the memory card that not much use for you. After erasing those unwanted pictures, the next time you started previewing then you  realized that a few of the crucial snapshots are missing from cards. What’s happened to them?

Actually these were erased together with junk pictures, so the question is how to precisely restore those images with the help of recover memory card software? Each one of the missing photos may be restored  by simply following some basic  steps over with the help of recover memory card software.

Besides the reason like accidental deletion, there are numerous other reason that may put memory card of many consumers in similar state. Some other factors that result in delete of image is due to the utilization of some 3rd party application, deletion while previewing images, error while making data transfer, unintentional formatting of storage cards and several other similar circumstances.

Even though it is well equipped in handling such situation, a few limitations must be followed by users while deleting any type of file from memory card. Probably the most prominent one is that they have to stop utilizing the card the moment there’s any type of loss of data over storage card. This is really required, because if the specified files are overwritten by other file then it won’t be easy to recover them whether we use the recover memory card software or any other application. Besides this one other major thing is the fact that format or reformat ought not to be done, which would make memory card picture recovery process a lot more complex.

Different image format can be obtained easily by using it. A few of the renowned file formats of images are PEF, PNG, GIF, ORF, JPEG, JPG, SR2, NEF, PSD, CRW, BMP, TIFF, 3FR, RAW, CR2, TIF, ARW, K25, RAF, KDC, X3F, DCR, MRW, DNG, etc. Photos which can be rescued from card may be surveyed before saving them at some of the location of HDD. This tool can also assist to recover memory card files in an easiest way because of its well supported GUI and outstanding scanning algorithm. It may be downloaded online for trial use.


Recover SD card

As you all know that storage device is very useful nowadays for everyone. Memory cards can be found in different storage capacities and size in the market. They come in different varieties also for example Micro SD cards, SD cards, SDXC cards Micro SDHC cards, etc. The storage capacities of SD cards vary from 1 GB to 32 GB. These cards can be used for cameras, mobile phones, video cameras etc for storage purposes. But sometimes these cards get corrupted and data stored onto it gets deleted. So the best thing is to have a proper backup of your important data in order to prevent the information from corruption. Let us discuss the common scenarios for data corruption and losses.

Scenarios for SD card corruption and loss of data

  1. Virus attacks due to which the data gets corrupted and loss.
  2.  Sometimes on account of abrupt system shutdowns and power failure the data gets deleted and lost.


  1. SD card corruption, loss of data, formatting/reformatting of SD cards and a lot of other reasons for SD card corruption and deletion.


So in such cases how to recover sd card?  You may be thinking that the data is gone forever and you will not be able to recover it. Hence you should not worry. You can actually recover sd card deleted files along with other important data using SD card recovery software. The program is available for windows and for Mac operating systems. It can easily recover corrupted data, music files, videos, RAW images from damaged, corrupted and formatted SD cards. This can also recover data from USB drives, pen drives, memory cards, memory sticks etc. It is also available for different brands like Sandisk, Kingston, Lenovo, Sony, HP, Lexar, Transcent etc. It provides secure n safe data recovery. It performs different scanning algorithms and recovers the corrupted SD cards completely. It cannot edit and change the data after recovering it. You can actually preview the recovered data and save the data to the location of your choice. To find out more in regards to the software, it is possible to download the free trial version of SD card recovery software using steps:

Steps to download the free trial version of SD card recovery software

Step 1: Step one is to download the free trial version of SD card recovery software, do the installation and create a shortcut icon on the desktop.

Step 2: Now connect the Sd card, USB drives, pen drives or other data storage devices in your laptop or computer and quickly launch the software program.

Step 3: The software will start recovering the corrupted data completely and effectively.

Step 4: Once the file recovery completes, it is simple to preview the recovered data and save the data on the location of your choice.