How to unformat the hard drive of system?

Nowadays computers are designed with inbuilt storage devices known as hard drives or hard disk drives. These hard drives possess huge data storage capacity. You can use the Windows or Mac computers to store all your official and personal information like files, worksheets, music, videos, business files etc. You may have your precious files as back up on external devices like SD card, pen drive etc. But, losing such important files would hurt a lot, if the deleted or lost files are not needed enough, then it’s ok, suppose the deleted or lost files are much needed and if you need them at any cost, then you need to bring them back using recovery software.  Then, to resolve such data loss situations, software experts have developed this excellent file recovery software, this tool can recover data from the formatted hard drive and unformat the SD card and Pen drive. It is capable of recovering data which could be probably lost under following scenarios.

  • Unintentional format: – It’s common to format the hard drive while installing OS or to get rid of dangerous virus etc. While formatting the hard drive in haste, you may accidentally choose the wrong drive to format and then you could lose huge data. Sometimes, you may intentionally format the hard drive or SD card or pen drive, but after that, if you require any files from that drive, then obliviously you need a tool to unformat it.
  • Deletion of hard drive or Volume: – Sometimes, there is a chance of deletion of complete drive or volume of your system. If such case happens, then you could be under a huge data loss condition.
  • Severe virus contamination: – It is the well-known reasons for your data loss from the hard drive of your system or from external devices like SD card, memory card, pen drive etc. Once the virus gets into your system or any storage drive, then it persistently damages the files stored on hard drives, in some cases, it makes to prop up an error message which leads you to format the drive forcefully, thus you could lose files.

After deletion or formatting the drive, the lost files could not be moved away permanently, they could be residing on the drive or external drive but the files would be unseen. So, to get back those files you can use this software to recover all deleted or lost files from the formatted hard drive. It is capable to unformat SD card, and brings back all files without a miss. This software is non-destructive and performs the read-only operation

This Unformat drive software supports photo recovery, partition recovery, more than 300 types of file recovery. You can use it on both Mac and Windows systems having any version of OS. One more added benefit of this tool is that it lucratively supports pen drive data recovery too. It supports almost all external data storage devices and performs the quick scan action on the drive and regains the files with utmost ease.

This software is also available for user confirmation in the demo version, simply get it from the internet and execute it by selecting the drive or SD card from which you need to retrieve data, and then after a quick scan it gets back all deleted files and unformats the drive. Suppose if you need to save the recovered files, and then get the licensed version of this software.