Different ways of converting OST to PST on Outlook 2010

Communicate to different persons through different means are common these days. Now-a-days emails are the widely used communication medium, and also the fastest means of communication too. Microsoft is a head in technology from other brands so seeing this requirement Microsoft launched programmed tool for emailing.

Outlook is the client tool which was named for emailing and provides the user an environment of emailing. Competing to itself the Microsoft launched different versions which came in a queue. Firstly it was launched in the year 2000 with Outlook 2000 name and later comes the 2003, 2007, and 2010.

The older versions were draw back with the lesser size of PST which was 2 GB and then it was healed with size of 20 GB and last version was 2010 in it the PST size is of 50 GB which minimized the chances of error caused due to oversize.

User using outlook can work both on offline mode and online mode as well. If user find it comfortable working with offline mode in his Outlook 2010 and later wants to convert OST to PST on Outlook 2010 then one can do it by using different converting tool.

On internet many OST to PST converter are there he/she can chose one amongst them and can accomplish the task of conversion. The conversion gives you all attributes in a folder like contacts, address book, notes and calendars are stored in the PST.

So before your OST gets corrupted and you get’s in the state of facing the risk of losing your attributes details just convert your OST to PST.

The time when OST gets corrupted the conversion is not possible that’s for sure and apart from this many other reasons are there which corrupts your data and leads you to the data loss.

  • Users account is deleted with the admin without the knowledge of user whose account has been deleted.
  • Files sharing is done on unsecured network can corrupt the files.
  • Upgrading of your Outlook versions on your systems.
  • New configuration made improperly.
  • If information exceed from 50 GB (which is very rare) will make you reach to the stage of oversized files corruption.

These scenario leads to the corruption of PST or your emails data likes (sent items, inbox, drafts, calendar, tasks and many more to enlisted.

So here are the precautions which are meant to save you from the data loss.

  • Avoid the exceeding of data.
  • Application should be shutdown properly
  • Updated version of antivirus should be used in the system to refrain virus attack.
  • Back up PST and OST files should be created.

Now if you want your offline data to be converted to online then the OST have to be converted to PST. For accomplishing the task you have to go for a download.

Once you are done with your downloading and installation process you can start the conversion part. All the attributes will be converted and will be save to the folders and later you can create a back up of your PST and OST.