Download Tool to Get Data Back from Windows and Mac OS

“I got 32 GB memory card and tried to back up all files to the card, but unfortunately card got corrupted and lead to loss of all the data. Can anybody suggest how can get back data without losing a single file from memory card?”

Corruption of memory card or any other storage device happens generally because virus or card unnecessarily removed without closing it properly. But still, you don’t need to be panic as you can get back data from memory card with the advanced Get-back data software, which uses the advanced algorithm to retrieve files which are lost due to memory card getting corrupted, damaged, infected, formatted unknowingly etc…

get data backUse of advance algorithm and technology in the software, make sure that all the directories and files are stored to their desired location without missing a single data from the drives. To get back data from any drives such as USB drive, pen drive, hard drive, flash card, MMC, SD card, SSD sticks, and USB sticks is possible with the help of this tool.  It is compatible with all the operating system file systems.

Advanced Features of Get-Back Data Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Hard Drive of Computer or Laptop:

  • The software is able to recover data without harming any of the files which are already present in the drive.
  • It has the capability to support various gadgets and Filesystems.
  • Get-back data tool can get back data from the RAW hard drive, partitioning error, external hard drives, hard disk crash and by bypass recycle bin.
  • The retrieved data is sorted based on their size, name, file type, and date.
  • This utility is a digitally signed, which make sure that any file is not misplaced or deleted from the drive.
  • Provides “Save Recovery Session” option, which helps you to save the scanning session info and to proceed with the recovery later
  • It can get back data from a various version of an operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or Mac versions.

Procedure to install get-back data software:

First, download and install get-back data software, then launch an application which directs to the main screen from which you can select “Recover partition /drives” again after processing it will direct to “formatted /re-formatted recovery”. The software will scan deeply to recover entire data and display with the choice of “preview” button. To view, all the recovered files click on the button “preview” option. Once satisfied with the data is recovered and restored then you can purchase the software.

Certain scenarios from where data gets deleted or lost:

  • Data gets lost while formatting or re-installing of hard drives.
  • The data gets infected by malware or virus may that generate to lose files.
  • Unintentionally recycle bin deleted from Windows or Trash is been deleted from Mac OS.
  • System hacking might be one of the reasons by which data gets lost.
  • Power failures, which results in unsaved data to be lost or corruption of files.