Easy methods to recover deleted files

If you have made an error and deleted some important files and you want to know how to recover deleted files? The answer is just by using file recovery software, which are mainly designed and in such a way that it recovers the deleted files and folders within few minutes.

As you know once the file is deleted, you can get them back from the Recycle Bin. But what about the file that has been emptied from the Recycle Bin or by using combination of two keys “Shift + Delete” or using command prompt? In such situation, the file will be deleted bypassing the Recycle Bin. If the file is deleted from hard drive, those files become invisible to you. But in reality, the file is not really deleted from hard drive, only the index of the file is deleted, the content still remain in the hard drive, which can be recovered if the file is not overwritten by new files. There are few other reasons which might lead to file loss:  They are accidental formatting or re-formatting drive or partition, file system corruption, OS crash, power surge, viruses, improper system shutdown etc.  Here the deleted files, which have been deleted from above-mentioned reasons, can be recovered with the help of file recovery software.

The first things you need to do when you accidentally delete the file is that the deleted files should not be overwritten. If the files are overwritten, then the file gets deleted or lost and those files are really unavailable from the computer. If the deleted files are important then you should take precaution that the hard drive needs to be removed from the computer and must connect the hard drive as a secondary storage device to the other computer. Once the hard drive is connected to the computer, you need to install the best file recovery software to computer in which you have connected your hard drive to recuperate deleted files.

Before recovering the deleted files you should always make sure that the selected file recovery software allows you to recover deleted files quickly and easily. See to that the file recovery software has demo version before purchasing full version.  Always use the demo version of the software and check whether you can recover your deleted files. The file recovery software must also have preview option so that you can view the files before saving. You need to check whether the software supports different file types. If you are pleased with demo results, you can always download the full version of the software and recover lost or deleted files from your hard drive.

The best software for recovering deleted file is Remo Recovery (Windows) – Basic edition as it has advance scanning algorithms that can scan and recover deleted or files from formatted, re-formatted hard drives. It also supports various file types like images, excel, word, power point, flash, etc.  You need to just follow some simple easy steps to install the software and once you are done with that, you can very easily get back the deleted files.