Easy ways to recover deleted files using command prompt

A command prompt is a mechanism of interacting with OS or software by typing different commands to perform particular tasks. The technique of instructing a computer to perform particular task is referred as entering a command. User can make use of “Enter” key before submitting the text command. Once the command is entered, the command-line interpreter receives, parses and execute the requested user command. After completion, the command usually returns output to the user in the form of text lines on the command-line interface.

Some of the user prefers to delete the files using DOS command prompt as it bypasses the Recycle Bin. If you have deleted the file using command prompt and you want to know how to recover files deleted using command prompt. The answer is with the use of file recovery software.

Most of the computer users favor to make use of the delete key to delete a file. If you delete the file using delete key it just sends the deleted file into the Recycle Bin. Thus user can recover deleted files using Restore option. The Restore option enables to restore the deleted file to its original location. This is the common method of deleting files which is the most widely used. There are other methods from which the deleted file can bypass the Recycle Bin. One such method of deleting files is by using DOS command prompt. The DOS command prompt helps users to delete the file, by making use of the DEL command. If the user deletes the file using DEL command and later realizes that the file that he/she deleted was really important, he/she would requires file recovery software to recover the deleted file. The file recovery software helps the user to recover files deleted using the DOS command prompt without any difficulty. The file recovery software also lets the user to recover files that have been deleted using other methods like using combination of two keys Shift+ Delete keys, files deleted with the use of cut or move command or files deleted using the simple delete key.

There are various file recovery software available on the internet to recover the deleted files from the above-mentioned scenarios. You must be very apparent in selecting the file recovery software. The software must have capabilities to recover files from various data loss scenarios. The file recovery software should not create any further complications during recovery process and recover files with ease. It must have simple user interface. One such best file recovery software is Remo Recover (Windows) Pro edition. This software has built-in advanced algorithm scanning which recover deleted files from various data loss situations. The software scans for the deleted files using DOS command on the drive/partition. The software has appropriate select option for logical drive from which you can recover files that are deleted using DOS command. You can download the demo version of the file recovery software.  Once you are satisfied with demo version, you can make use of save recovery session option which helps you to save your precious time.