File Recovery Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Two days before while I was working on my computer, I saw the drive “D” of my computer hard drive had huge number of unnecessary files. After seeing this, I formatted that drive in order to clear all useless files from my computer. Before formatting I should have checked properly, because I actually forgot that recently I had saved one important file in that formatted drive, so after formatting I lost that important file from my computer. Now at any cost I need that important file back can anyone help me to bring back that file.

Are you suffering from similar type of problem? Then don’t worry; now you can easily recover data from formatted partition. Yes it’s very simple, just you need to use files recovery tool, which has the ability of bringing back data from formatted partition. It is actually efficient software recovery software that can get back all the data which has been lost after formatting a partition of a hard drive.

Before commencing with formatted file recovery application, let us have a discussion on the reasons due to which partition of hard drive gets formatted.

Accidental formatting: While trying to format a partition that contains useless data, you may end up selecting a wrong partition. In case you have not maintained a good source of backup of your important files then it results in huge data loss.

Reinstallation of operating system: Before reinstalling the operating system of your computer, you have to format your partitions, because it will ease your reinstallation process and also boost up your systems performance. While formatting if you don’t check out for your necessary files in the partitions that is be formatted then you will get into troubled state.

Partition Table Corruption: Partition Table holds the information about the partition on the system, and if it gets corrupted due to some reasons, then your HDD partitions may go missing from it which leads to huge data loss.

Other Reasons: Partition mat get lost or deleted due to other reasons like power surge, aged drive, MBR corruption, wrong re-partitioning process, and so on.

However you don’t have to panic, if you lose your important files when you format any of the partition of your hard drive, because using files recovery software, you can easily get back your important data from a hard drives.

Advanced Features of This Recovery Software

This product can recover data from deleted, lost and formatted partitions on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. It is capable of restoring documents, media files, audio files, compressed files, folders, etc. from the partition. It also retrieves files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS and HFS+ volumes / drives. Using this tool, you can recover data from formatted, corrupted, RAID and RAW partitions. It facilitates you to restore partitions from IDE, SATA and SCSI hard drives. This application has ability to retrieve partitions data from both internal and external HDDs of different brands like WD, Iomega, Samsung, Hitachi, etc. In addition to partitions recovery, it can even get back files from memory cards, USB flash drives, iPods, cameras, pen drives, and so on. Once done with partitions recovery, it allows you to preview recovered partitions data before restoration.