Have you ever doubly deleted files by accident?

It amazes me that even considering that Windows operating systems incorporate a fail safe against accidentally deleting files, also known as the recycle bin, that somehow I manage from time to time to bypass the recycle bin and lose wanted files. I also have been known to absentmindedly empty the recycle bin when it is filled with files I still have a need for. Until recently, I was unaware that there is an easily available remedy for just this kind of human error. That solution is Undelete – deleted file recovery software from REMO.

REMO undelete is the fastest and most reliable missing file recovery software ever created. Recycle bin recovery takes under a minute using this powerful REMO program. No previous data recovery experience is required to both undelete files and save those rescued files as backup to a DVD. For more information and a free demo download, visit www.remosoftware.com. With REMO Undelete, no file is lost or missing for long.