How to ensure private data stays secure

One of the most serious problems in personal computing is spyware. These sneaky programs can enter your computer and steal all your secret data. Even if you delete files, your data is not secure, as spyware will search out strings of numbers that it recognizes as being financial information. When you wish to remove private or secure information from your computer’s hard drive, you will need to use a powerful file shredder such as the program for that purpose available from REMO.

The REMO file eraser exceeds the standards required for removal of secure information set by the United States military. This simple to use data eraser allows for nine different patterns of data shredding. It supports all Windows operating systems including Windows XP and Vista. Simply send the desired to be erased file to the REMO shredding zone and the data is destroyed beyond recovery. You will find the REMO file shredder online at