How to Perform PST Recovery

Nowadays most people are addicted to Microsoft Outlook for their email applications. They may be using it for office or personal purpose. By using this Outlook you can store your mailbox content in your hard drive itself. But the miserable thing is that it stores all data in a single PST file. PST stands for personal storage table folder. The user may get suffer due to PST file corruption because if the PST file gets corrupt, your Outlook will not work. Suppose if your Outlook is not working at the start of day then your whole day may get wasted. If you have backup, get data back otherwise you need to repair PST file to recover all data using PST recovery software.

Let us see some of the scenarios of PST file corruption which are explained below.

  • Virus infection or malware: If the macro-virus is infected which is unable to identify and neutralize by the anti-virus that is used by the user, it leads to PST file corruption.
  • Incorrect file system recovery: If you have done incorrect file system recovery then the PST file may get corrupt or become inaccessible.
  • PST file compression: Two or more PST files can be compressed to save disk space. While compressing if the system gets shutdown, the PST file may get damage and it cannot access.
  • Improper termination of Outlook: If you have turned off your system when Outlook is performing some related tasks. Then the PST file may get corrupt.
  • Exceeding the PST file size: In earlier version like Outlook 2002 PST file size is 2GB. If it reaches 2GB or more then there is a chance of PST file corruption.

Irrespective of PST file corruption reasons, you can make use of PST repair tool. Using this software you can perform PST recovery on Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. Most of them are developed by the PST repair experts. Now you may get doubt whether this tool repairs my PST file or not. Therefore to clear your doubt first you can download demo version of this software. And then try to repair your corrupted PST using this trial version. Once you satisfied with trial version then you can purchase its complete version.

This software has strong built in scanning algorithm. To recover all data from the corrupted PST file, first it scans the entire hard drive. After scanning you need to select corrupted file from which all data can be recovered. Then the selected PST file gets repaired. And also the repaired PST file displayed on the screen. Then you have to select the location to store repaired PST.

Once the PST file gets repaired don’t forget to have a backup. Thus whatever may be the reason to PST file corruption, you are able to recover all mailbox contents such as emails, calendar events, tasks, contacts and any other data related to Outlook profile.