How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Document Files from External Hard Drive?

Most of the people use external hard drive to store data as a backup. These external drives store many media files as well as documents. Sometimes users may face data loss from external hard drive due to various reasons. In such circumstances, don’t get panicked, you can easily recover your document files from external hard drive on Mac with the help of recovery software. You can make use of Mac Deleted File Recovery software to restore deleted document files from external hard drive within few mouse clicks.

Assume that you are working on any documents files like PPT that contains more than 75 slides. You have been preparing this presentation for your office meeting. Since you have been working on it for last 3 months and you are just putting on the finishing touches. After completing your PPT documents you have transferred it to your external hard drive on Mac based operating system. After transferring of files, you see that it has some unwanted stuff so you decided to delete that files. But after deleting the files, you shocked to see that PPT file is missing from your external hard drive in which you had spent lots of time as you have deleted this files accidentally.

Once files get deleted from Mac OS, you will search the deleted files in its Trash folder. If you delete any file from external hard drive it doesn’t move to Trash instead it bypasses the Trash. Anyone can suffer from this type of situations, so don’t worry!! The documents that are deleted from external hard drive is logically erased from the external hard drive but not permanently as this documents are still remain on the external hard drive. You can recover those documents files with the help of recovery software until and unless you have not overwritten any new data on them. You can make use of Mac Deleted File Recovery software to recover accidentally deleted document files from external hard drive.

How to avoid data loss in the future?

  • Always keep backup of important documents periodically so that you can restore your important files when you accidentally delete them from your hard drive.
  • Check twice before deleting any files from your external hard drive or any other removable storage devices to ensure that you don’t need those files anymore.

Features of Mac Deleted File Recovery software:

  • This software restores documents files from external hard drive, on Mac operating system such as Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • It can also recover various types of files such as videos, photos, audios, etc.
  • This software is also capable of restoring documents files after empty Trash folder on Mac operating system.
  • Preview option is available for the users to preview the recovered files. If they are satisfied with the recovery results then they can upgrade the software with its full version.