How to recover data from formatted drive?

Hard drive is device that is used to store vital data including photos, videos, pictures and text files. There are so many drive brands available in the market you can buy and further you can use it to keep data whatever you want. However, sometimes it has happened, the user stuck in such a situation from where it is impossible to retrieve data from hard drive. When you try to expose hard drive to access intact data there is an error message appears on computer screen such as “Drive needs to format first”. In such a condition what you should do? If you go for formatting then entire data within hard drive is lost for forever. You cannot do anything in such a situation, here you have to format the drive first if you want to use drive space further. Conclusion is that you definitely lose data in such a condition.

After losing data in such a situation no needs to bother and does not need to think that data is lost permanently from hard drive. When any file is deleted from system then image of that file reside in drive until it is overwritten. Before overwriting, you can recover every bit of data by making use of recovery that is efficient to recover data from formatted drive. Here you can make use of Recover Formatted tool and get back vital data from formatted drive with ease. More detail follow link:

Unexpected formatting condition is arises due to various reasons some of them are as virus attack, improper shutdown, power surges, header corruption, ineffective file system conversion and so on. Virus attack is code that is generally designed to damage system state either by damaging system data or by malfunctioning system. It is happened when user interacts with remote severe via internet in order to accomplish some task. When you do so then some viruses present in network relocate in system memory. Once it has entered into system memory then there might be a probability of inaccessible condition of drive. Further, it is must to do format hard drive to reuse drive space. As you do format entire data within hard drive is wiped out, causes severe data loss.

Improper system shutdown may also lead to inaccessible condition. It is because when you do sudden shutdown then there might be chance of file system corruption. As the file system corrupted then all data within hard drive goes inaccessible for future use or it may make complete hard drive inaccessible too. Power surges are other causes that may lead to unreachable condition. Every component of computer system operates at particular voltage. Hard drive also uses some voltage to perform task when power surges occur in the meanwhile when hard drive performing some read write operation then this might lead to file system corrupted. Next, you are unable to access drive data.

Encountering such severe condition not need to worry just go ahead and make use of above mentioned revival tool in order to recover files from formatted drive. This tool uses advance skilled algorithm to undelete data from formatted hard drive on both Windows as well as Mac operating system. It is capable to bring back lost data from various file system including FAT, NTFS, ExFAT and HFS. If you are person who are suffering from such a situation then you can utilized this tool and revive every bit of data from hard drive effectively.