How to Recover Deleted Document Files on Windows?

Microsoft word is one of the most application which is used to create document. These files are widely used in business, education, etc. for creating and editing documents. Most of the word documents are saved by the .doc or .docx extension. However, like other file these files may get deleted or lost due to some various reasons.

Sometimes, you come to know anyone intentionally deleted your important documents. The documents you lost are very crucial, because those are prepared some educational, hospital system or business system. Most of the time deleted Microsoft word files during their access or deleting some unwanted files from there hard drive of Windows operating system.

In this situation, you may get tensed and start thinking that how to recover deleted document files on Windows. Don’t worry? Be. Relax! Because now it is possible you can recover deleted documents by using Recover Deleted Document software. This software has got strong algorithm which is capable to perform deleted document recovery in an effective manner.

Reasons for deletion of document files on Windows:

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while deleting unwanted word document file, you may select and delete essential word document file by using “Shift + Delete” combination keys, as a result of this you may loss word documents on Windows.
  • Emptied Recycle Bin: If the size of deleted file has larger than the 10% of the total hard drive capacity then automatically file lost from Recycle bin.
  • Unintentional Format: Sometimes, what happens you wanted to format C: drive but you may accidentally format some other drive that will cause loss of documents on that drive.
  • Third party Interruption: Sometimes, while you converting the word file format from one to other by using unreliable third party tool as their more chance of file corruption.
  • Bad sectors: The bad sectors present on hard drive are harmful because if you saved any documents on hard drive they infected by virus, which makes its file inaccessible.

Other than these reasons for deletion of word documents on Windows there are few more reasons such as documents deletion they are bypassing windows recycle bin, deletion of partition, defrag error, improper shutdown, etc.

Features of Recover Deleted Documents Software:

  • It can recover documents that lost due to pressing Shift + Delete key combination.
  • The software can recover documents bypassed recycle bin due to exceed file size.
  • Using this utility, you can recover those documents which have been lost during the transfer process.
  • It has ability to recover documents from HDD, USB drive, Firewire drives, etc.
  • Recover compressed Word documents using Zip archive.
  • Helps to check is that all word documents recovered or anything left before saving we can preview those documents.
  • The recovered documents saved in CD/DVD or hard drive to easy access.
  • Using find option you can locate the files based on creation date, size of file etc.
  • Recovered documents can be saved based on size, file name and type.
  • Base on unique file signature, it will recover the document files.
  • Using save recovery session you resume the recovery process for the next you try to recover files.
  • Recover documents from any versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista etc.