How to repair a PST file?

What is a PST file in outlook and what does it contains?

I lost some of my emails from my outlook trash .Is there any possible way to retrieve them. If so by what means?

I tried to access an outlook profile remotely but it crashed unfortunately .Is there any tool available that could possibly repair PST file which are corrupted?

Where the scanpst.exe is located in my system .I need to repair my damaged PST file which behaves in a weird manner due to some virus problems or can anyone suggest me similar tool that is capable of repairing the outlook PST file?

The outlook is one of the email client application provided by Microsoft to assist the windows user in an efficient manner.MS Outlook comes as a separate program as well as a tool with the MS office package. The ultimate usage lies in the managing and accessing of the emails and it’s attributes in the offline and online mode. It also has several other purposes. The datas and information which may be created or embedded using outlook is stored in the form of a PST file .PST file stands for Personnel storage table. It is located in local logical drive of the installed PC .The PST file is completely responsible for the each and data of the outlook profile and other activities.

Recover lost emails:

Deleting the emails is one of the routine and a common thing in disk management .But recovering the deleted mails is not a common scenario which can be done only with the help of a good PST repair tool. A good PST mend tool must be well enough to repair the corrupted PST file without causing any further damage to the available PST file. But one thing to be kept in mind is there is no possibility of regaining the account settings of the outlook profile if and only if the user had backed up the settings. One of the tools with such capability is provided below

Why not scanpst.exe?

The scanpst.exe is one of the PST file repair tool provided by the Microsoft Inc itself. By default it is located in “C:\program files\Microsoft office\office 12\”.The scanpst will be helpful only up to a certain extent because the scan PST program does the repair process directly on the actual PST file itself which sometimes leads to a permanent data loss situation where the PST file cannot be repaired at any cost. So it will be a wise choice to choose PST file repair software which will not cause any damage to the original PST file. A tool with such capability is given below.

There are several additional features in this tool when compared with the others. Some of them are

  • Ø During the repair process it does not make any change to the actual PST file instead it takes a copy of the PST file and repairs it successfully .After successful repair process it replaces the existing PST file but the original can be traced back which ultimately avoids further damage to the original PST file.
  • Ø It also provides option to scan for the PST file location for the users who doesn’t know the actual PST file location.
  • Ø It also repairs PST files which are corrupted due to virus attacks, unexpected power off and repair due to file sharing in the network
  • Ø It can easily fix compressed and password protected PST files
  • Ø One of the most commonly occurring problems is corruption due to over sized Pet. It can be repaired using this tool without any difficulty


In a PST file an attribute can hold up to only 2 GB of data .So it is recommended to split the oversized attribute into two or more. For download of demo version proceed here.