How to Repair and Recover Outlook PST Data?

Apart from using as a personal email client, MS Outlook 2010 is also used as business client. MS outlook 2010 has more features compared to its older versions. It is the best tool available in the market which can easily organize your calendars, emails, contacts and various other stuffs. Improved ribbon interface is an added feature in MS Outlook. Grouping of conversations is highly improved. Apart from these features there are also some other advantages in MS Outlook like IMAP improvements, “People Pane” and “Social Networking Features”. There are several other features which make MS Outlook a stable software. Microsoft Outlook 2010 gives you the privilege to wipe up your inbox and check the remaining space in mailbox by viewing account information of Outlook profile. To remove the conversation thread automatically users can use the help of ignore option included in Outlook. This button will wipe all the conversations messages related to a particular thread but it will also delete all those messages related to the thread that may appear in future also.

Special scenarios leading to the corruption of MS Outlook:

  • Sometimes user might observe that MS Outlook is taking too much time to read the data or write data from PST files. This type of problem can happen if the PST file is too big or if it is corrupt. Exceeding the PST file limit cold produce bad outputs like losing your contact, task, appointment etc.
  • PST file in Outlook 2010 is compacted so that users can regain the unused space in the PST file. Archiving the PST file can produce some errors which lead to loss of Outlook data items
  • Abruptly shutting down the system without exiting the Outlook could lead in data loss.
  • Other reasons are like software malfunction, virus attacks, sharing the PST file in network could also be the reason of losing data.

Prevention method for data loss in Outlook:

Users can refer to the following tips to prevent data loss in outlook:

  • Using an updated antivirus will protect all your files in the system including the Outlook files.
  • Keep a backup of your files will help you to avoid embarrassing situations when you lose your data.

Recover outlook PST using a perfect tool and its features:

It is harder to say which is a more difficult data recovery task, to recover Outlook PST information or to recover Outlook DBX file data. Each one of these data recovery jobs presents specific challenges that must be met by an Outlook recovery tool to recover Outlook PST files. Full scale Microsoft Outlook stores all of your e-mail messaging, calendar functions and other customizations in what is known as a PST file. This file is divided by use of tables. A program to alleviate this problem must be able to reconstruct the PST file tables and restore access to archived data. Outlook Express on the other hand stores its information in many folders all with the DBX extension. A simple Microsoft search will locate files with the DBX extension however removing from those folders individual DBX files and then opening them is almost impossible to do manually.  Fortunately there are DBX recovery programs that will assist you in locating recently deleted DBX files and migrating them to new digital storage.