How to Repair AVI Video File?

Hi guys, am passionate about watching movies and I have not missed any recent movies yet. I always use to download movies in AVI format via Internet. The main reason to choose AVI file format is that it is one of the best file format for video and audio combination. But recently I was struck into a major issue i.e., the movie is not playing which I have downloaded. I tried many times to play the AVI file in media player. But the player installed on my system was not accepting to play the video. So I tried with other media players but it was no use. Later on I came to know that AVI file got corrupted. Can anyone, please assist me to know how to repair an AVI file that got corrupted? Thanks in advance!”

Off course you can fix your corrupted AVI files with simple steps, yes its true. There is a program called AVI file Repair tool which helps you to resolves errors in AVI file. This program is designed and developed with unique codes, which makes your AVI files to fix easily with all latest versions of Operating Systems.

As we know AVI is the audio and video file which is generally seen on Windows and Mac operating systems which occupies more space due to its high video and audio quality. Usually these AVI files are played on media players like Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, DIVX and also web based storage gadgets. This AVI files are very effective than other video files. The main reason for this is, it has best clarity and other playback features. It is a multimedia format configuration launched by Microsoft which gives high quality videos. These files contain video and audio file codecs, where it stores files digitally.

Why this AVI file gets corrupted?

Malware infection: If you are downloading some videos from different sites were some of them would be harm full which we may not be knowing that. These infected programs may affect other AVI files which are present on system which leads to AVI file corruption. Due to this your AVI videos will not respond while playing it on the media player.

Bad Sectors:  If there are many bad sectors on your hard drive this can effect AVI files which have been stored already. To overcome this issue you have to check hard drive regularly for bad sectors and should perform scheduled drive defragmentation.

Compressing files:  Due to its high quality AVI file has more size. So in order to reduce the space on drives, people use some unauthorized software to compress their AVI videos. This will make your AVI files to get corrupted.

There are some other reasons which make your AVI file to corrupt, such as errors generated while files are synchronized between PC and your external storage device. Also if there are any interruptions occuring while downloading files from internet will make your AVI file to corrupt. By considering all the above issue you can make use of this repair tool which makes you to know how to repair an AVI file.