How to Restore Formatted SanDisk Memory Card

SanDisk memory card is an electronic flash memory data storage device used to store large number of high quality photos, videos, music and many other documents. These are commonly used in many electronic devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, MP3 players and Tablets.  Alike other cards, these devices come with a range of capacity from 4 to 32 GB and is reliable for usage. Even though it is more compatible to use, it is risky too to lose data from it easily by human mistakes.

Have you unknowingly formatted your SanDisk memory card? Was the data present on SanDisk card very much essential? There are many SanDisk memory card users who face the same problem and keep on searching in internet for a best solution. If you have formatted SanDisk memory card, then need not worry as you can easily restore lost data from memory card after formatting it by using some reliable third party data recovery app. One such restoration tool is Flash Card Recovery that is made compatible to recover formatted SanDisk memory card. This software is built with powerful scanning engine that deeply scans your formatted memory card to locate deleted / lost file types and then using it unique file signature helps in recovering data.

Common scenarios where user may format SanDisk memory card:

Format Error: Sometimes due to corruption, when you try to access files present in memory card on computer, you might encounter error message “The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” If you press “yes” only then you will be allowed to move further, but formatting the card will remove all the data saved in it. This corruption may be due to virus infection, abrupt system shutdown while using memory card, file system corruption, improper ejection of this memory device, etc.

File System Errors: Like every storage media, SanDisk memory card includes file system. This file system plays an important role in storing and retrieving data. Due to some unknown errors if this file system gets damaged, then it makes all stored files and folders inaccessible leaving you no choice except formatting your memory card. This would result in severe data loss as formatting erases entire data.

Virus attack: When you place your SanDisk memory card on virus infected laptops or computers, then your memory card gets severely corrupt. To avoid further multiplying of viruses, users may choose to format the memory device, which in turn leads to data loss.

Accidental formatting:  This is one of the most common situations faced by the users. When you connect your SanDisk memory card to your computer, while formatting systems drive you may mistakenly format SanDisk memory card causing deletion of all data.

Don’t fret!! Data recovery from SanDisk memory card is possible. Formatting SanDisk memory card will not erase the stored files permanently. Instead, it just marks the files as deleted and provides space to store new files, but the actual data remains intact until the files are not overwritten with new data. Thus, you need to use Flash Card Recovery Software to perform the task of lost file restoration from memory card after format, before overwriting of lost data. As soon as you realize the loss of data from SanDisk memory device after format, stop using the drive and start using this tool to restore data from removable disk drives or USB drives.

Precautionary measures:

  • Try to make proper use of memory card while inserting or ejecting it to or from system.
  • If you have already lost data from memory card then stop using that card right after the data loss is experienced.

Features of Flash Card Recovery Application:

Flash Card Recovery Utility is the most demanded tool that helps you out to recover formatted SanDisk memory card data safely and securely without causing any damage to the files. This retrieval tool can easily retrieve data from different types of memory cards like CF, xD, SD, SDHC, SDXC, Micro SD, MMC and other type of memory cards on both Windows and Mac system. This award winning tool can easily identify and rescue different file formats upto 300 types on the basis of their unique signature. In addition to memory card, the software recovers deleted or lost files from USB drives, FireWire Drives, iPods, Digital cameras, etc. Flash Drive Recovery tool not helps you to restore data from SanDisk memory card, but it also supports other brands of flash cards like Transcend, Kingston, etc.

This recovery software provides free demo version with clear and steps that helps user in recovering SanDisk memory card after formatting without anyone’s assistance. Even a novice user can retrieve files using this recovery tool as the software is built with simple GUI. You can preview the recovered data to check the efficiency of this product. You can save the restored data only when you purchase this utility.