Know About Halting Hackers From Sabotaging Computer Systems

The second Firewall side chat will be hosted by the Engineering and Computer Science Center for Cyber Security from 10-11 a.m. Friday March 25, that is focused on using “penetration testing” in order to beat hackers around the world who are at work breaching systems.

Op-Ed-Halting-Hackers-For-The-Holidays-300x186Mikhail Gofman who is ECS Center for Cyber Security’s assistant professor of computer science and director. The issue of vulnerability of hackers and computer security using malware is discussed to take control of computer systems – accessing sensitive data and crippling businesses.

The companies are targeted by these threats such as recently Los Angeles was attacked along with many government institutions around the world and steal private and sensitive data and sabotage critical infrastructure such as power plants, said by Gofman, who is expert in virtualization, biometric authentication, Web security and cloud security.

Why is ransom ware a growing problem?

The Ransom ware is distributed by the pay per install networks (PPIs) like many varieties of malware today, in malware distribution which are blank markets specializing for profit. To get a feeling of accomplishment for having successfully infected system the hackers in the old days spread hacker enthusiasts spread malware. The main aim for spreading of the majority is done for profit.

How are systems breached?

Malware is developed by the attackers such as trojans, ransom ware, and fake anti viruses, these are designed in such as way that it can help to achieve monetary gain. Except the victims everybody wins and malware of the attackers extracts money from the infected users and systems and the money will be made by PPIs from the attackers who pay them for their distributed services.

Attackers are allowed by many of the vulnerabilities to successfully plant malware such as ransom ware. Due to insure system configuration and implementations these things happen and most of which are avoidable. For example, all the companies can force their workers to scan the emails attachments and avoid the malware, but most of them won’t do this.