Know How to Easily Migrate Outlook Data to a New Computer

Microsoft Outlook is one of famous email client application that comes along with the package of Microsoft Office Suite. Most of the institutions, organizations, schools, companies use this application for communication purpose. It is also known as personal information manager and holds so many Outlook attributes like emails, tasks, notes, calendar entries, RSS feeds, junk emails, etc. Outlook consists of mainly two files i.e. OST file and PST file. PST file permits the storage of all the Outlook attributes, so it is necessary to take the backup of PST file.Migrate Outlook to new computer

Consider a scenario where you bought a new PC and want to work on the Outlook application. Here under situations, you are not able to work on Microsoft Outlook application on the new PC before all the Outlook data gets stored in the older PC. To start Outlook application on your new PC you need to migrate Outlook to new computer i.e. you have to copy your PST file onto the Outlook of new PC and along with these, you have to copy some more attributes like notes, journal entries, calendar entries, etc.

How to migrate Outlook to new computer?

The migration of Outlook from older PC to new one can be done in two ways

  • Manual Copying of Outlook Items: By copying all the Outlook items manually you can move the entire Outlook data from old PC to new PC. For this process you have to copy each and every Outlook item i.e. you need to copy PST files, rules, signatures, shortcuts, etc. This seems to be a simple process but it is so lengthy process because each Outlook item needs to be copied exactly to the same location as it is in the original PST file. While moving data if any sort of disturbances occurs then it results in valuable data lost.
  • Using Migration Software: In order to overcome the data loss problems which involve copying of each and every item, a reliable third party application came into picture which is nothing but Migrate Outlook software. This application helps you to migrate Outlook to new computer. This process doesn’t involve copying of Outlook items and the migration can be done by using this software. But before starting the migration process it is mandatory to backup the Outlook data.

Unique Features of Migrate Outlook Software:

This software supports migration of Outlook data on various versions of Windows operating systems. It is also used to move Outlook personal folders to the new computer and provide backup of all the Outlook data including PST files and other Outlook attributes. It consists of a powerful algorithm which helps to relocate the Outlook 2010 PST file to Outlook 2013 PST file without having any difficulty. This application is also used to resettle Outlook data such as emails, tasks, calendar entries, RSS feeds, journals, reminders, etc. from your old PC to new PC. At the time of PST file migration, there will be no data loss as this software doesn’t assist the copying of Outlook items.