Know How to Fix CRC Failed RAR File in Easy Steps

repair crc failed rar fileIn case you are not able to open a RAR file that has been downloaded over internet. Such situation indicates either the file is corrupted or the original file itself is not completely downloaded.

Other prominent case which leads to RAR files inaccessible is CRC error.

CRC error or cyclic redundancy check is an error detecting technique. When you transfer a file from one system to other or download a file from internet, your computer makes a calculation for all the data in the file to ensure originality. Computer compares the CRC value of the original file to the value of the file being transferred to another system. If these two values differ, the file that was transmitted does not match the original file, and your computer displays a CRC error message.

Even a bit of mismatch can produce CRC error. So it has become utter urgency to know how to fix crc failed RAR file.

CRC error and RAR

Some typical causes of CRC error are noise on the line (sometimes called burst errors and most CRC algorithms will account for some classes of this type but not large amounts).

The sender and receiver not using the same CRC algorithm (rare but it does happen).

Some other possible causes include exposure of media to excessive temperatures or magnetic fields, cross linked disk sectors, and mechanical problems with disk drives.

CRC errors are mostly associated with compressed file such as RAR or Zip. RAR files often loose its originality and fail in CRC check because of the missing or decay able segments.

As RAR files works by extracting the segments of files and then adjourning it, hence CRC becomes more redundant issue.

How to Fix RAR file that fails in CRC error test?

The best solution to the problem is to try to obtain another copy of the file. For example, use your backup copy of the file or get a new copy from the original source. If you obtained the RAR file by downloading it, then downloading it again will almost always solve the problem.

If you cannot obtain a new copy of the compressed file, try to obtain individual segments of the RAR file that is recoverable. Standard procedure is whenever CRC error pops out before clicking on OK button try to locate the file and save a copy of that file in another location. When you click OK, the partially extracted file will be deleted from the target folder, but the copy of the file you made in the other folder will still be there.

The catch is you have some missing data in this file which is recoverable by using third party software.

That’s all about Repair crc failed RAR file, in today`s article.