Need to know how to recover partitions from hard drive?

Then partition recovery tool is the best solution for your question. All you need to do is just go through the below article in detail and then you will be able to use the partition recovery tool.

Hard drive is the most commonly used data storage device and people always store their valuable data on hard drives. Partitioning is dividing the hard drives into different logical drives. There are lots of advantages of making partitions like you can maintain separate drives for your business data, personal data, frequently used data and so on. You can easily make partitions by using “Disk Management tool” without using any expensive third party utilities. This software allows the user to make, format, undelete, compress, expand and merge partitions.

However most of the people rely on these hard drives to store their data and believe that the data stored will be safe forever. But there are chances of losing data even from these drives due to various reasons like power failure, virus attack etc.

Suppose you wanted to re-install Windows operating system in order to get rid of some errors and you accidentally formatted one of the partitions during installation process by using “Format “option. Later you recognized that you forgot to take backup of the important files from the partition. This resulted in loss of your important data stored in that particular partition. Now you must be worried and searching for a way to get all the files back from the formatted partitions. No need to worry!!! The data lost from your partition can still be recovered using best partition recovery software. There are many data recovery tools available in the market to recover lost or deleted data from partitions.

However, you must also be familiar with some other data loss scenarios which you may face in your future.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • If the partition of your hard drive is attacked by the virus, then it leads to corruption. These viruses can severely affect the valuable data stored and makes the data inaccessible to user and this cause’s data loss.
  • Improper shutdown of your computer creates bad sectors on the hard drive partition which in turn corrupts the files of operating system and hence makes the data unreadable.
  • During conversion of file system from FAT to NTFS the data may also be lost leading to huge data loss.
  • Creating new partitions on hard drive of your system and trying to locate free among partitions that are already present may cause data loss from partition.
  • If the Windows disk management tool or Mac disk utility is not utilized properly while creating or shrinking volumes or drives can cause data loss.
  • Using unreliable third party tools to create new partitions may also lead to data loss.

Like the above mentioned scenarios, there are many other reasons which causes data loss from partition and there comes a need partition recovery software. In market there are many recovery tools which are user friendly and highly reviewed by professionals. This software makes Windows 7 partition recovery possible.

This software helps to recover data from different file system partitions on both Mac and Windows based operating system. This software provides an option to view recovered list of files in “Data View” and “File type View”. This tool can easily recover data lost from hard drives due to hard disk failure, bad sectors, system crash, and OS re- installation. This tool recovers data with complete folder structures from formatted, deleted, lost, corrupt or inaccessible drives. It can easily retrieve accidentally lost files from NTFS partition corrupted due to bad sectors. By using this software you can easily recover data different removable storage devices.

This software has effective scanning algorithm to recover partitions in just few minutes.

Click here to download the demo version of partition recovery tool .Install the software on your computer and when done double click on desktop shortcut to open the application. Now select the appropriate recovery options which you face while using the tool. When you are done with the recovery process you can check the performance of the software and if you are satisfied with the results you can buy its full version available online.