Outlook OST to PST File Fixer

Microsoft Office Outlook is fully fledge email client application which facilitate users not only emails to read and write but also they can attach varieties of attributes such as calendar, notes, contacts, journals, appointments and more. It is the tool that provides a simple graphical user friendly feature to send or receive the mails. Microsoft Outlook is a mail storage manager which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook synchronize email and stores all the information like email, contacts, calendar and other outlook attributes in a single file. This type of file is known as Personal Storage Table.

fix ostOutlook is a standalone application. It is one of the most efficient and reliable software which helps user to manage and organize all the information of Outlook profile account in a systematic way and it also saves user time and perform the task very effectively. The most important features of Microsoft Outlook is enable user to accomplish their task like sending emails and reading mails even if there is no internet connection on their PC. The Outlook has specific file type in which whatever user have done modification or changes to their Outlook profile account like reading / writing mails to the respective client are saved in the .OST file extension.

Offline Storage Table is the full form of OST. When Microsoft Outlook resume with an internet connection, all the mails and all the attributes will automatically get synchronized with Outlook Exchange Server and stored on the mail server. However, there are some instances were Outlook PST file may get damaged or corrupted due to severe reasons. In such situation, user want to fix OST file and search for the solution on the internet in order to overcome from this problem.

What are the scenarios for corrupting Outlook OST file?

Unlike other files that are stored in the system, Microsoft Outlook OST file is also prone to get corrupted due to many issues and some of which are described below:

  • If the Outlook user computer is get infected by the intrusion of virus, Trojan, malware and more. Then, there is chances of damaging Outlook OST files that are usually get stored in the system hard disk and lead to inaccessibility of mails and attributes from the OST file.
  • Sometimes OST files will not synchronize properly due to improper connection with server and network problems such as slow network connection etc. Then it may damage complete Outlook OST file and get corruption.
  • The Outlook inbuilt inbox repair tool (i.e. Scanpst.exe) is designed to fix OST file that is corrupted or damaged. Most of the Outlook user gives first preference after they are not able to access mails and other attributes from there OST file to the Outlook‘s default repair tool. The major drawback with this inbuilt repair tool is that it won’t work properly is the file is corrupted severely and it also manipulates the original OST file itself while repairing the damaged OST files, in case if it fails then it will lead to further damage of OST file.
  • Outlook OST file size might get corrupt due to increase in size, when it goes beyond the specified file size limits (ie.2GB or more). It becomes inaccessible and leads to OST file corruption.

Fix OST Software is the most reliable OST fixer which is designed with special scanning algorithms that scans all the content from the corrupt OST file and copies it into a healthy PST file. This tool repair both corrupt PST and OST file of the Outlook. It follows read only mechanism which do not damage the original file.