Solution to Recover Files

“Hi friends, yesterday I have re-partition my desktop hard drive in order to install updated and latest Windows 10 operating system. After successful completion of installation process, I have switched to previously installed Windows 8 OS but I was shocked that the entire files stored in hard drive is lost. And I forgot to take backup of essential files s prior repartitioning the computer hard drive. Hence, can anyone suggest me solution to recover my lost files from the desktop.”

folderMy File Recovery is the efficient and advanced utility compare to any other recovery tool because it consists of many unique features. With the help of powerful scanning techniques user can get back lost or missing data from formatted/repartitioned hard drive on both Windows and Macintosh operating system. This recovery tool is totally free from harmful viruses and without effecting the source file you can recover all lost files and folders from any hard drives. Works on different file partitions such as NTFS, HFS+, NTFS5, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, and ExtFAT partitions/volumes. My File Recovery utility recovers lost or deleted files from various hard drive interfaces like SATA, SCSI, PATA, IDE, etc. You can easily save or pause the recovering process using “Save Recovery Session” option to prevent rescanning of hard drive.

Possible scenarios behind loss of files from hard drive:

  • You may lose your important files and folders by deleting some files mistakenly by using “Shift + Delete” key combination.
  • At times your desktop/laptop fails to boot due to registry error this leads to data loss.
  • Improper shutdown of the desktop might leads to hard drive failure thereby making the stored files inaccessible and you might come across huge data loss.
  • Malware/virus attack on the computer or laptop can corrupt the hard drive by making it inaccessible leads to loss of files.
  • Sometimes, you may format your computer hard drive partition if there are too many errors in the hard drive that are normally generated because of virus intrusion in the system.
  • Corruption of partition table is the other main reason which results in hard drive failure which makes the files inaccessible causing loss of data.

Apart from above mentioned issues there are other factors that results to data loss are MBR boot error, use of third party utility, presence of bad sectors, file transfer error, system crash, hardware issues, etc.

Why My File Recovery? 

Preview the File: You can check out the list of recovered files by using “Preview” option before restoration of files on any secondary storage gadgets.

Supported OS: This recovery software allows you to get back files from different OS like Yosemite, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7/8/10, Mountain Lion, Lion, and Leopard.

Recover File Type: It provides more than 300 file extensions including PPT, PSD, AVI, MOV, MP3, DOCX, MP4, XLS, EXE, HTML, PST, BMP, JPEG, 3GP, GIF, TIF, PNG, WMV, AIFF, and so on.

Compress: With the help of this recovery tool you can compress the restored files on the basis on file name, file type, creation or modification date, and file size to reduce disk space.

Different types of file: Allows you to recover files including audio files, executable files, video files, PowerPoint files, Outlook data files, image files, etc.

Key points to remember:

  • Stop using computer hard drive after data loss because it will overwrite and chance of file recovery is less.
  • Always use latest antivirus software to scan hard drive for viruses.
  • Before formatting/reformatting, partition/repartition, of HDD recommend to take a backup necessary files.
  • Cross check the contents of Recycle Bin/Trash folder before emptying it.


What’s the Difference Between SSD and HDD?

Personal computers buyers will have a very little choice on file storage they got with their laptops, Ultra-book, desktops, etc. If the user bought an Ultrabook, they have solid state drive (SSD) as a primary storage device. If they bought laptops and desktop computers they had hard disk drive as main storage device. As both drives stores huge amount of data, so you had a choice to configure your system either with SSD, HDD, or sometimes both. Now a sudden question came into your mind like how to choose the drive and what’s the difference between SDD and HDD? Now let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of both the drives so that it helps you come to come to your decision.

Differences between SSD and HDD:

Hard disk drive is a nonvolatile storage device used in both computers and laptops. So that it retains the data in the system even when there is no power. These are metal platters with a magnetic coating. Coating stores the data, whether that data consists of weather reports, digital music collection, audio, video etc. It consists of read and writes head on an arm so that it accesses the data while platters are spinning in hard drive enclosure. It is typically faster and better, the precision and speed of the HDD drive is also high so that it has the capacity to store large amount of data in a small area.

SSD stands for solid state drive. When compared to hard disk drives these are traditional disk based hard drives. The functionality of SSD is same as HDD but there is small difference in storing the data. Instead of magnetic coating on the top of their platters, the data is stored in the form of interconnected flash memory chips. These chips may be installed permanently on system’s mother board, on PCI cards, etc. It has no moving components like spinning disks, read and write heads etc. It makes use of NAND flask memory to store the data. SSD’s are noiseless, less susceptible to physical shocks, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HDD and SDD:

Both SSD and HDD’s have same functionalities. Like they boot the system, store the applications, store the important files, etc.

  • Price: SSD’s are more expensive than HDD’s in terms of rupees per GB. For the storage of 1TB internal 2.5 inch drive, you have to pay Rs 4000 for HDD whereas SDD charge Rs 6000.
  • Fragmentation: Because of their recording surfaces, hard disk drives works better with larger files that are laid down in contiguous blocks. So that in one continues motion the drive head can start and end its read. When hard drives are starting to fill up, large files can become scattered around platter of the disk, which is known as fragmentation. While read and write algorithms have improved so that the effect is minimized, the fact is that HDDs can become fragmented, while SSDs doesn’t care where the data gets stored in the memory chips, since it doesn’t consists of physical read head. Thus, SSDs are inherently faster.
  • Durability: An SSD has no moving parts, so that it keeps the data safe even when the laptop is dropped or shaken, etc. while it is operating. Most of the hard drives park their read and write heads when the system is off, but when they are in operation, they are flying over the drive platter at hundreds of miles an hour. Besides, even the parking brakes have limits. If you’re rough on your equipment, an SSD is strictly recommended.
  • Availability: Hard drives are simply more plentiful. There are many brands of HDD’s like Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung, and Hitachi, etc. than the SDD’s models than SSDs.
  • Overall: As from the above advantages and disadvantages HDDs win on capacity, price, and its availability. SSDs are best if the ruggedness, form factor, speed, noise, or fragmentation is important factors to you. If it weren’t for the cost and capacity issues, SSDs would be most preferable.

Here’s the Easy Way to Recover Lost Data after Format

“Hello guys! Last Sunday, when I was installing Windows 10 on my system then accidentally I formatted entire hard drive. Due to this accident, I lost my all-important data such as official documents, videos, audios, videos, etc.  Now, I am searching an effective tool to perform recovery task of formatted hard drive data. If you guys have any idea about data recovery after format hard drive then please suggests me.”

At that instance you may get tensed and will go in search for a tool to restore data after formatting hard drive. Here’s a reliable and efficient tool which helps you to recover lost data after formatting hard drive. In this situation, you can make use of Data Recovery after format software without hassle. This tool is capable of recovering data after format from various storage devices like hard drive, flash drive, memory card, etc. on various update version of Windows and Mac operating system.

Some of the reasons due to which you need to format the drive/card:

  • Bad Sectors: Excess of bad sectors in storage device like hard drive, memory card, etc. may cause the reason of inaccessibility of that hard drive. To make that storage derive accessible, it is must to format that drive.
  • MBR Corruption: In any storage device, the MBR is the first sector which keep it records of the file details and gives instruction to the computer that how to do the partition of hard drive, etc. If due to any reasons, MBR gets corrupted then there is a chance of corruption of hard drive.
  • Operating System Crashed: When operating system gets corrupted due to any reasons then while reinstalling process of operating system, a message comes related to hard drive partitions formatting. If mistakenly you click on that option then you may face data loss issue due to formatting of that drive.
  • Accidental Format: When you do ‘right click’ from mouse on the partition then many options come such as open, share with, copy, format, and scan and so on. If mistakenly you select and click on format option then definitely you may suffer data loss issue due to drive formatting

However, if you are experiencing data loss issue due to above mentioned scenarios then no need to get tensed. You can recover lost data after format hard drive data with the help of data recovery after format tool. This is one of the reliable and efficient recovery tool which helps you to perform data recovery after format the storage device. You just download and install Data Recovery after Format software and follow some simple steps which are instructed by this tool.

Features of Data Recovery after Format Software:

  • This tool is specially designed to recover lost data after format on Windows and Mac. Using this utility, it can get back files from different types of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI and IDE and other storage media like external or internal hard drive, pen drives, memory cards, etc.
  • It quickly retrieve data from Windows support file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and EXFAT formatted partition and Mac supported file system such as HFS+ and HFSX.
  • This application has inbuilt strong algorithm which is capable of performing data recovery after format and has much capability to recover data from damaged and crashed hard drive with utmost ease.
  • It provides an advanced features such as preview the recovered data after format drive prior to restoration.
  • You can resume the scanning process at any instance of time with the help of “Save Recovery Session.”

Know How to Fix CRC Failed RAR File in Easy Steps

repair crc failed rar fileIn case you are not able to open a RAR file that has been downloaded over internet. Such situation indicates either the file is corrupted or the original file itself is not completely downloaded.

Other prominent case which leads to RAR files inaccessible is CRC error.

CRC error or cyclic redundancy check is an error detecting technique. When you transfer a file from one system to other or download a file from internet, your computer makes a calculation for all the data in the file to ensure originality. Computer compares the CRC value of the original file to the value of the file being transferred to another system. If these two values differ, the file that was transmitted does not match the original file, and your computer displays a CRC error message.

Even a bit of mismatch can produce CRC error. So it has become utter urgency to know how to fix crc failed RAR file.

CRC error and RAR

Some typical causes of CRC error are noise on the line (sometimes called burst errors and most CRC algorithms will account for some classes of this type but not large amounts).

The sender and receiver not using the same CRC algorithm (rare but it does happen).

Some other possible causes include exposure of media to excessive temperatures or magnetic fields, cross linked disk sectors, and mechanical problems with disk drives.

CRC errors are mostly associated with compressed file such as RAR or Zip. RAR files often loose its originality and fail in CRC check because of the missing or decay able segments.

As RAR files works by extracting the segments of files and then adjourning it, hence CRC becomes more redundant issue.

How to Fix RAR file that fails in CRC error test?

The best solution to the problem is to try to obtain another copy of the file. For example, use your backup copy of the file or get a new copy from the original source. If you obtained the RAR file by downloading it, then downloading it again will almost always solve the problem.

If you cannot obtain a new copy of the compressed file, try to obtain individual segments of the RAR file that is recoverable. Standard procedure is whenever CRC error pops out before clicking on OK button try to locate the file and save a copy of that file in another location. When you click OK, the partially extracted file will be deleted from the target folder, but the copy of the file you made in the other folder will still be there.

The catch is you have some missing data in this file which is recoverable by using third party software.

That’s all about Repair crc failed RAR file, in today`s article.

Easy Way to Recover Files from Mac Trash Bin

recover Mac TrashMacintosh operating system is an efficient OS developed by Apple Inc.. Unlike other OS platforms, whenever you delete any files or folder from your Mac OS X operating system, the deleted files gets accumulated on Mac temporary storage container formerly called as Trash.  The Mac Trash folder stores all the various deleted files and folders from the file manager and allows to user to restore the deleted files from it. If you delete file / folder from Mac Trash then your files gets deleted permanently and you can only recover Mac Trash by using a reliable recover utility like “Trash Recover Software”. Before knowing about this utility it’s good to few reasons for files deletion from Mac Trash folder.

Causes for files deletion in Mac Trash folder:

  • Forcefully emptying the Trash: Suppose, if you use options like “Shift + option + Command + Delete” to empty the Trash then, entire files presented on the Macintosh Trash folder gets deleted permanently without intimating  or any warnings. This results in serious of data loss from Trash folder.
  • Emptying Trash: Sometimes, if you empty the Trash in a hurry without checking the contents in it. All the entire data presented in the Trash may get deleted.
  • Deleting files from Trash while restoring: Take a situation, if you simply enter the Trash folder to restore some of the files. During which instead of selecting “Restore” you could accidental select “Delete” option. This causes deletion of selected files from Trash forever.
  • Third party applications: While accessing some files on a third party application, during which any sort of interruption is occurred like sudden system shut-down. Then there are lots of possibilities that the files may get delete and the deleted won’t even be presented under Mac Trash.
  • Other factors: Apart from the above indicated common deletion scenarios. Sometimes reasons like deleting files by clicking on secure empty trash, using “Command + Delete” option to delete files etc. could also result in files loss in Mac Trash container.

How to recover files from Mac Trash?

Files that got deleted from Trash folder can be simply recover with the help of “Trash Recovery Software”. This utility has powerful in-built scanning algorithms features which help to locate and recover the files that got deleted from Trash. It is supported an various versions of Mac OS like Leopard, snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Lion, Mavericks, so on. This software is the optimum tool to recover files from Trash that got lost due to reasons like emptied Trash, Command + shift + delete, Secure empty Trash, etc. The recovered files can be sorted on viewed on the basics of name, data of creation, file size, file signature so on. This software can recover more than 300+ types of files with its unique signatures.

File Recovery Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Two days before while I was working on my computer, I saw the drive “D” of my computer hard drive had huge number of unnecessary files. After seeing this, I formatted that drive in order to clear all useless files from my computer. Before formatting I should have checked properly, because I actually forgot that recently I had saved one important file in that formatted drive, so after formatting I lost that important file from my computer. Now at any cost I need that important file back can anyone help me to bring back that file.

Are you suffering from similar type of problem? Then don’t worry; now you can easily recover data from formatted partition. Yes it’s very simple, just you need to use files recovery tool, which has the ability of bringing back data from formatted partition. It is actually efficient software recovery software that can get back all the data which has been lost after formatting a partition of a hard drive.

Before commencing with formatted file recovery application, let us have a discussion on the reasons due to which partition of hard drive gets formatted.

Accidental formatting: While trying to format a partition that contains useless data, you may end up selecting a wrong partition. In case you have not maintained a good source of backup of your important files then it results in huge data loss.

Reinstallation of operating system: Before reinstalling the operating system of your computer, you have to format your partitions, because it will ease your reinstallation process and also boost up your systems performance. While formatting if you don’t check out for your necessary files in the partitions that is be formatted then you will get into troubled state.

Partition Table Corruption: Partition Table holds the information about the partition on the system, and if it gets corrupted due to some reasons, then your HDD partitions may go missing from it which leads to huge data loss.

Other Reasons: Partition mat get lost or deleted due to other reasons like power surge, aged drive, MBR corruption, wrong re-partitioning process, and so on.

However you don’t have to panic, if you lose your important files when you format any of the partition of your hard drive, because using files recovery software, you can easily get back your important data from a hard drives.

Advanced Features of This Recovery Software

This product can recover data from deleted, lost and formatted partitions on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. It is capable of restoring documents, media files, audio files, compressed files, folders, etc. from the partition. It also retrieves files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS and HFS+ volumes / drives. Using this tool, you can recover data from formatted, corrupted, RAID and RAW partitions. It facilitates you to restore partitions from IDE, SATA and SCSI hard drives. This application has ability to retrieve partitions data from both internal and external HDDs of different brands like WD, Iomega, Samsung, Hitachi, etc. In addition to partitions recovery, it can even get back files from memory cards, USB flash drives, iPods, cameras, pen drives, and so on. Once done with partitions recovery, it allows you to preview recovered partitions data before restoration.

Reliable Software for Recovering Data from Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Drive

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex is an external hard drive manufactured by Seagate. It is mostly used to store the huge amount of data up to size 3TB. It is expensively used in Mac and Windows operating system for store ann transfer the huge amount of data from one system to other.

Have you lost data from Seagate FreeAgent GoFLex drive due to accidental or intentional reason? If yes, then you can use of Seagate Hard Drive Recovery software to recover data from Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drive with utmost ease. This software is capable of recovering data from Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drive as well as other manufacture’s brands of hard drive such as Western Digital, Lexar, Hitachi, and so on.

Common causes that leads to deletion or loss of data from Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drive:

  • Hard Drive Failure: The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex hard drive get failed due to malware infection or bad sectors present in the hard Drive. If hard drive get failed which effect on data which is stored on it and leads to data loss from hard drive.
  • Third Party Tool: Sometimes, while creating a partition on Seagate hard drive using any third party tool. During this process if any sort of interruption occurs due to any reason like abrupt shutdown system, as a result of this data get lost from hard drive.
  • Data Transfer Interruption: If any interruption occurs when you are transferring data from Seagate external drive to computer hard drive or vice versa, a sudden removal of hard drive from computer can leads to data deletion loss from external as well as internal hard drives.
  • Unintentional Format: Sometimes, you may select and format Seagate drive accidentally instead of other drive, as an outcome of this you may loss essential data stored on it and needs a reliable recovery software to recover data from hard drive effectively.

Features of Seagate Hard Drive Recovery software:

  • This software is one of the most effective tool designed to identify data from Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drive without any difficulties.
  • It supports various file system HFS, FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS+, HFSX, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT and access data from internal hard drives SATA, SCSI and IDE.’
  • This software is capable of recovering various data such as spreadsheets, documents, audios, videos, and so on from Seagate as well as others brands of hard drives are Western Digital, Lexar, Hitachi, and so on.
  • It identifies data from external hard drives as well as from other storage devices such as USB drives, memory card, memory stick, iPods, iPhones, etc.
  • This program provides a “Save Recovery Session” which allows you to restart the recovery process from where you have left before.
  • It has got effective algorithm which is capable enough to scan Seagate hard drive and it can restore data from the drive within few simple steps.
  • This has simple user interface and even a user with less technical skill can use this application to retrieve data from hard drive.
  • It provides a preview option to preview the recovered data from Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex drive before saving them to a desired location.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Document Files from External Hard Drive?

Most of the people use external hard drive to store data as a backup. These external drives store many media files as well as documents. Sometimes users may face data loss from external hard drive due to various reasons. In such circumstances, don’t get panicked, you can easily recover your document files from external hard drive on Mac with the help of recovery software. You can make use of Mac Deleted File Recovery software to restore deleted document files from external hard drive within few mouse clicks.

Assume that you are working on any documents files like PPT that contains more than 75 slides. You have been preparing this presentation for your office meeting. Since you have been working on it for last 3 months and you are just putting on the finishing touches. After completing your PPT documents you have transferred it to your external hard drive on Mac based operating system. After transferring of files, you see that it has some unwanted stuff so you decided to delete that files. But after deleting the files, you shocked to see that PPT file is missing from your external hard drive in which you had spent lots of time as you have deleted this files accidentally.

Once files get deleted from Mac OS, you will search the deleted files in its Trash folder. If you delete any file from external hard drive it doesn’t move to Trash instead it bypasses the Trash. Anyone can suffer from this type of situations, so don’t worry!! The documents that are deleted from external hard drive is logically erased from the external hard drive but not permanently as this documents are still remain on the external hard drive. You can recover those documents files with the help of recovery software until and unless you have not overwritten any new data on them. You can make use of Mac Deleted File Recovery software to recover accidentally deleted document files from external hard drive.

How to avoid data loss in the future?

  • Always keep backup of important documents periodically so that you can restore your important files when you accidentally delete them from your hard drive.
  • Check twice before deleting any files from your external hard drive or any other removable storage devices to ensure that you don’t need those files anymore.

Features of Mac Deleted File Recovery software:

  • This software restores documents files from external hard drive, on Mac operating system such as Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • It can also recover various types of files such as videos, photos, audios, etc.
  • This software is also capable of restoring documents files after empty Trash folder on Mac operating system.
  • Preview option is available for the users to preview the recovered files. If they are satisfied with the recovery results then they can upgrade the software with its full version.

Perform Instant Data Recovery from Dead Flash Drive

Dead Flash Drive RecoveryFlash Drives are peripheral storage devices that are connected externally to your computer. Since it is compact and has a huge storage capacity, you may keep most of your data in that flash drive. But in some instance, the files, that are saved in your external flash drive may get lost due to some event. At that time, instead of worrying, trust that you are able to perform data recovery from dead flash drive without losing any of your data. The data can be retrieved with the help of Recover Flash application. This application can restore data from hard drives that are not getting mounted. 

File Deletion Scenarios

  • Improper Ejection: Windows provides “Safely Remove hardware” option to eject your external drives safely. In many cases you will not follow this procedure to eject your drive. Removing your flash drive in an improper manner will cause your flash drive to get corrupt. Because of drive corruption, there chances for data loss.
  • Changing Drive Format: The default format of flash drives is FAT32 file system. If you are using the flash drive in Mac, the format should be changed to HFS+ format. Formatting the flash drive often to change the file format will result in that flash drive to get corrupted. As a result, the data stored in that drive will be lost.
  • Negligent Formatting: Say for example, you have completed your hard disk use and about to eject it. Instead of choosing “eject” option you unwittingly chose “format” option. In this case, the files present in your flash drive will be deleted completely.
  • Other Reasons: There are some other reasons like file system damage, abrupt shutdown of the system at the time of working with flash drive, disturbance while file transfer etc. may result in permanent deletion of data from the external drive.

Why this Application?

Recover Flash tool can retrieve data from different types of USB drives, memory card, hard disk etc. It uses advanced scanning algorithm to recover data from dead flash drive. With the help of this recovery tool you can restore files from partitions that are not getting mounted. This tool can recover deleted files from all brands of flash drives such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony, HP, etc. This application recovers files, that were deleted using command prompt deletion. It allows you to sort the recovered files according to their size, name, date and file type. Your recovered files can be previewed actually before saving it. With the help of this software you can perform recovery from formatted partitions too.

Precautionary Advice to Avoid Data loss on Flash Drives:

• File loss in your flash drive occurs mainly because of your carelessness.
• To avoid data loss, always use to keep a back up your of your files at regular time.
• Try not to remove your flash drive in an unprofessional manner.
• Do not to disturb or remove your external drive while the file transfer process is taking place.

Get Info on How to Get Back Data from Recycle Bin

People used to store their important data such as audio, video, images, spread sheets, office files, ZIP files, etc. in computers hard disk, so managing these files is somewhat challenging. While performing various data operations on computer these files get deleted accidentally and go to the Recycle Bin folder, where Recycle Bin is nothing but a trash basket which is used to store the deleted folders and files from computer hard drive, i.e. you can throw any deleted data from your storage device into it and recover’s them back whenever it is necessary.Get back data from Recycle Bin

Sometimes user comes across the situation like deletion of data from the Recycle Bin folder. This happens due to several aspects like accidental deletion, emptying the Recycle Bin, file system corruption, unintentional formatting, etc. and the user cannot able to get back data from Recycle Bin. If this situation occurs, no need to worry because you can recover deleted data with the help of Recover Recycle Bin software.

Before knowing more about this software, let us discuss some data loss scenarios from Recycle Bin:

• Deletion using Shift + Delete keys: Recycle Bin is used to store deleted data and folders from the hard drive and can retrieve them whenever required. While deleting the data if the user accidentally presses on “Shift + Delete” key, then the deleted data will not go to recycle bin and it results in permanent deletion.
• Emptied Recycle Bin by Mistake: After deletion of any data, it will move directly to the Recycle bin from where it could get recovered. But, sometimes if user selects “empty the Recycle Bin” as option then all the important data which need to be restore also gets discarded out of the system.
• Recycle Bin Exceeds its Size: In general case, size of Recycle Bin is 10% of hard disk capacity. So, when recycle bin reaches or exceeds its storage capacity then recycle bin starts deleting the old items that were present in Recycle bin.
Deletion using Command Prompt: Most of the users use command prompt to delete or to copy the folder from one drive to another. If the data is deleted from the command prompt it gets deleted permanently by skipping recycle Bin folder.
Other Reasons: Some other reasons that are responsible for the deletion of data from the Recycle Bin folder are formatting the drive, error in OS installation, software conflicts, and hardware issues so on.

Eminent features of Recover Recycle Bin software:

• It supports recovery of data from Recycle Bin on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows  8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 & Windows server 2003.
• This software is used to recover all type of files from Recycle Bin folder including digital RAW pictures and video    files, audio, spreadsheets, documents, etc.
• This tool not only recovers deleted folders from Recycle Bin but also used for recovering files from external storage devices like external hard disks, flash drives, USB drives etc.
• This application is used to use to retrieve data that bypass Recycle Bin and recovers data from Recycle Bin after  getting empty.
• Recover recycle Bin software consists of a scanning algorithm, so that it scans the entire drive to restore the Recycle  Bin within few minutes.

Efficient Utility to Perform Mac Flash Drive Recovery

“Hi friends, I have Samsung 32 GB memory card. Last day when I connected my mobile phone to my laptop which has Mac OS X through data cable then I saw an error message in my laptop. After that message, all data which is available in my SD card got inaccessible. That’s why; I am tensed because all data of my memory card is very important. If you guys have any idea about an efficient and reliable utility to perform Mac flash drive recovery then please suggest me.”

Whatever may be the reason behind deletion of data from flash drive? If you are using Mac laptop or PC and need a tool to perform Mac flash drive recovery then simply opt for Mac Drive Recovery software. This tool is made by group of experts and a graphical user interface of the application doesn’t require technical knowledge to do flash drive recovery task in Mac. Demo tool is available in the website and after satisfaction of recovery task, if you want to buy full version of this tool with license key then you can purchase from same website.

Reasons behind Deletion of Data from Flash Drive:

  • Abrupt Shutdown of System/ portable devices: Sometimes due to some known or unknown reasons, your system/ portable devices get shutdown abruptly and you suffer from deletion of data from flash drive.
  • Unreliable Third Part Application: Many of the third party applications don’t give you 100% assurance for solving your complete queries. In fact these types of tools may cause the reason behind the deletion of data from flash drive.
  • Bad Sectors: Excess of bad sectors in your system may be the one of the main reasons behind data deletion from the Mac flash drive. A bad sector makes many files inaccessible and as a result you suffer from data lost issue from flash drive in Mac OS X.
  • Other factors: Some other factors of deletion of data from flash drive are boot sector corruption of flash drive, software conflicts, human error/ accidental deletion of data from flash drive, interrupted data transferring process from flash drive to the Mac system etc.

Mac Drive Recovery software provides you a better platform where you can recover flash drive without facing any trouble. Try it and see result with few clicks of mouse.

Features of Mac Drive Recovery Software:

  • Mac Drive Recovery software supports several version of Mac OS X such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • This tool supports any type of flash drive like memory card, SD card, Pen drive, memory stick, MMC and so on.
  • This tool has graphical user interface which provides to any user either he has technical knowledge or not, an easy path to do flash drive recovery task easily in Mac OS X.
  • A powerful algorithm of this tool is capable enough to recover any type of file like image files, video files, audio files, document files or any other files with such an easy way. You just follow some easy steps and restore files from flash drive on Mac with great ease.
  • After completion of recovering task, you can preview all recovered files of flash drive and if you purchase the full license key of this tool then you can save all recovered files in your desired location.

Undelete Data from Windows 8 PC

Microsoft Corporation is one of the foremost operating system manufacturers. Now a days Windows 8 Operating system is dominating the market. As compared to older versions of Windows, they have improved in data security and in personal assistants. Windows 8 operating system supports automatic and manual data syncing in Outlook, iCloud, SkyDrive, etc. This feature helps in securing the important data without losing them due to ay reasons. Windows 8 always require internet for exporting data into cloud, without internet they can’t perform syncing activity so we can’t say Windows 8 is free from data loss problem.

Windows 8 is interfaced by Xbox so they have unbeatable graphical user interface and gives great gaming experience. Windows 8 has in-built antivirus utility for protect against malware, worms and viruses and many more safety feature like File history, Refresh, Reset etc. One of the varied feature of Windows 8 is they do not require drivers for external plug in devices.

How is it possible to restore data even after opting reset option in Windows 8 system?

Of course you can restore all lost data from Windows 8 system because whenever you perform Windows 8 reset a list of lost data will not disappears permanently form hard disk instead resides in hard disk memory. However, you cannot able to view or access those data since their access pointers are gets deleted from table entry by making room for storing other fresh data. In this course of time, if you employ this Windows Data Recovery Software that scan your hard disk and locate all files whose address pointer removed from table. Finally undelete data from windows 8 such as audio, video, pictures, documents, etc from Windows 8 PC without damaging them. Windows Data Recovery Software comes with very user friendly GUI to recover formatted disk on Windows system and performs overall process very safely and securely.

Various other reasons behind loss of data form Windows 8 PC

  • Virus attacks: After severe attack of virus and other external threats, data stored on system hard drive gets corrupted and finally resulted in inaccessible files.
  • Formatting hard disk: It is a process of erasing all data stored on hard disk partition and allocating new memory location but if you perform this process without data backup will results in huge data loss.
  • Formation of bad sectors: Formation of hard disk bad sectors in huge amount, which will affect the data stored on that area, and finally results in loss of data.
  • Accidentally deletion:Most users may delete files accidentally while removing unwanted files from system, organizing files, viewing files, etc.

Have you lost data from Windows 8 PC due to any of above mentioned reasons or any other? If so, just make use of this Windows Data Recovery Software that can support all types of data loss scenarios and undelete Win 8 with in few mouse clicks. In addition, it supports recovery of data from various versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.

Tips to avoid data loss from Windows 8 operating system

  • Don’t interrupt while upgrading your old OS into new Windows 8.
  • Backup your important document and other files before formatting or upgrading your computer.
  • Don’t use virus affected flash drives for carrying Windows 8 set up file.
  • Make sure that upgrading process is completed before turning off your computer.
  • Install genuine antivirus utility in your Windows 8 computer.

Utility to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card

Memory card is a small electronic flash memory storage device used for storing and transferring the digital files. memory cards works like a portable hard disk, due to this feature they are increasing tremendously  in markets and finds use in various electronic devices like digital cameras, camcorders, smart phones, MP3 players, and so on. Memory cards are used to store files such as video audio, images, document files, PPT, PDF files and so on.Memory cards are manufactured in variety of brands and they can be found in different storage capacities. Memory cards are of many types like secure digital card, compact flash card, XD card, and memory sticks etc. But due to some unavoidable conditions like virus attack, files system corruption, and abrupt shutdown the memory card gets corrupted and the file become inaccessible. No need to be worry if such situation occurs because the files are not deleted permanently, only the details of the files are washed away, The lost files are still present on the memory card until they are over written with some new value and you can recover corrupted memory card with the help of software called Corrupted Memory Card software

Reasons behind the corruption of memory card:·

  • Power surge: Frequent power failure is one of the most common reasons for the corruption of memory card. At the time of transferring the files from the storage device if sudden power surge occurs, then the memory card gets corrupted resulting in loss of files.·
  • Abrupt ejection:  While transferring or copying the files from one storage device to another storage device if the user suddenly or forcibly ejects the memory card from the card reader, then it leads to the corruption of memory card
  • File system corruption: File system is used to keep track of all records of all the files present in the system. If this file system gets corrupted then it also leads to the corruption of memory card.·
  • Virus attack: Virus attack is also one of the reasons for the corruption of memory card. This virus enters into the memory card when the user transfer or copy the files from an infected storage device, through card reader.
  • Other reasons: Some of the other possible reasons which are responsible for the corruption of memory card are taking pictures under low battery conditions, use of memory card when its memory if full,  software conflicts, hardware issues, using same memory card on different devices and so on.

Features of Corrupted Memory Card software:

Corrupted memory card software is used to perform memory card recovery operation on both Windows and Mac operating systems. This software easily recovers damaged memory cards like  SD card, XD card, SDHC card, SDXC card Micro SD, Mini SD, Compact Flash cards, MMC cards etc. and used for recovering deleted media files such as audio, video, image, spread sheets, documents etc. It is used to retrieve deleted file from digital camera of different manufacturing brands like Sony, Canon, Kodak, and Olympus etc. Corrupted memory card software is used to fix the damaged memory card and restores the deleted or inaccessible files after abrupt removal, formatting errors, file system corruption, and errors during file transfer, etc.

How to Repair AVI Video File?

Hi guys, am passionate about watching movies and I have not missed any recent movies yet. I always use to download movies in AVI format via Internet. The main reason to choose AVI file format is that it is one of the best file format for video and audio combination. But recently I was struck into a major issue i.e., the movie is not playing which I have downloaded. I tried many times to play the AVI file in media player. But the player installed on my system was not accepting to play the video. So I tried with other media players but it was no use. Later on I came to know that AVI file got corrupted. Can anyone, please assist me to know how to repair an AVI file that got corrupted? Thanks in advance!”

Off course you can fix your corrupted AVI files with simple steps, yes its true. There is a program called AVI file Repair tool which helps you to resolves errors in AVI file. This program is designed and developed with unique codes, which makes your AVI files to fix easily with all latest versions of Operating Systems.

As we know AVI is the audio and video file which is generally seen on Windows and Mac operating systems which occupies more space due to its high video and audio quality. Usually these AVI files are played on media players like Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, DIVX and also web based storage gadgets. This AVI files are very effective than other video files. The main reason for this is, it has best clarity and other playback features. It is a multimedia format configuration launched by Microsoft which gives high quality videos. These files contain video and audio file codecs, where it stores files digitally.

Why this AVI file gets corrupted?

Malware infection: If you are downloading some videos from different sites were some of them would be harm full which we may not be knowing that. These infected programs may affect other AVI files which are present on system which leads to AVI file corruption. Due to this your AVI videos will not respond while playing it on the media player.

Bad Sectors:  If there are many bad sectors on your hard drive this can effect AVI files which have been stored already. To overcome this issue you have to check hard drive regularly for bad sectors and should perform scheduled drive defragmentation.

Compressing files:  Due to its high quality AVI file has more size. So in order to reduce the space on drives, people use some unauthorized software to compress their AVI videos. This will make your AVI files to get corrupted.

There are some other reasons which make your AVI file to corrupt, such as errors generated while files are synchronized between PC and your external storage device. Also if there are any interruptions occuring while downloading files from internet will make your AVI file to corrupt. By considering all the above issue you can make use of this repair tool which makes you to know how to repair an AVI file.


Unique Way to Restore iPod Music Files

IPod is a portable music player device developed and designed by Apple Inc. It is used to play audio, video files of any file format. This device is widely used among all media player devices. Sometimes, it may happen that the music files stored in iPods get deleted or lost due to human errors.

However, if you are facing such drastic situation, no need to worry just makes use of Recover My IPod tool to retrieve all music files with great ease. By using Recover My IPod tool, you are able to recover music or video files within few simple and effective steps. This software provides an option to search recovered files according to their file name and size. It is an advanced tool developed to recover audio file which is available online across the globe. Recover My IPod is compatible with all the versions of Mac and Windows operating system.

Scenarios due to which music files get deleted or lost from iPods

Human Error: Human error may leads to deletion of files from memory cards of iPods. While deleting unwanted files from memory card, users accidentally delete some as a result of which all files get permanently deleted from iPod.

Formatting: Formatting is an option given in iPods to clear all saved data from memory card of iPods. While performing some task, if user press format option unintentionally then all files get permanently deleted from iPods.

Virus Attack: It is one of the most common scenarios due to which music files get deleted from iPods. When iPod is connected to infected system, virus is intruded in it. As a result of which music files get lost from memory card of iPods.

Sync Error: iTunes is an automatic feature of IPods. When your iPod is connected then it will copy all files that are present in it and if it contains some other file then it will be deleted automatically

Improper Ejection: If the memory card is ejected without proper procedure then there is high possibility that the music files stored in memory card of iPod get lost from device.

You can use this effective tool to recover all music files from iPod in few simple steps.

Features of Recover My IPod Software

  • This software is able to perform recently deleted music files recovery and other media files effectively.
  • By using of Recover My IPod software, you can restore MP3 files from recently corrupted, formatted or deleted storage device.
  • This application helps to recover recently deleted music files of other file format such as MIDI, WAV, AIFF, WMA, AMR, etc.
  • Recover My IPod software recovers deleted music files from iPods.
  • Software provides an option to sort out files according to file name, size and type.
  • Find option is available in software which allows user to search files from recovered list.
  • 24X7 technical support is given to users who find difficulty in accessing the application.
  • This is one of the fastest applications to retrieve recently deleted MP3 files and is available online across the world.

Software to Recover iTunes Data

Assume that your iTunes library is displaying an error message. Because after upgrading the iTunes to the new version, the library file has failed to read because it was created using an older version of iTunes. ITunes library file contains your favorite music files, photos and videos. And you might say yourself why I have upgraded my iTunes which cost me loss of iTunes data. If you are looking for the best iTunes recovery software, then in this page you will know how to recover data from corrupted iTunes.

ITunes is the most popular apps which helps user to manage there media files such as audios, pictures and videos. It is developed and marketed by the Apple Inc and it is most widely used to play music files. From the iTunes store you can download movies, audio files and videos. However, an instance occurs to the iTunes application due to which user unable to access iTunes music files. In such type of situation, user may think how to retrieve music files from iTunes and which is the most effective iTunes recovery software. Here, in this blog we introduce the most efficient tool for restoring your favorite’s music file and this is possible by using iTunes Retrieval Utility.

Scenarios which may cause loss of iTunes data:

  • In the hard drive we store huge number of data such as iTunes videos, memorable pictures, music file and more. If the hard drive is corrupted due to intrusion of malicious program like Trojan and viruses and which may lead to data inaccessible for the user including iTunes data.
  • When user want to update iTunes application to newer version, at that time if user makes mistake in updating. Then, it may corrupt iTunes software and the iTunes library file will become inaccessible.
  • Consider an instance; user might have erased data from iTunes library which may cause loss of favorite’s iTunes music files.
  • There are some other reasons for erasing or loss of data from iTunes application such as error encountered while synchronizing, corruption of iTunes folder, etc.

The only way to get back your iTunes data which is corrupted or deleted due to above stated scenarios by using iTunes Retrieval Utility. This tool is one of the most reliable solutions for restoring deleted or lost songs from corrupted iTunes application. The inbuilt algorithm of iTunes recovery software  helps to undelete music files from iTunes. In addition to that, you can also recover lost or erased videos, pictures and music files from the various types of iPod models such as iPod Nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, etc.

This software is capable of restoring different file format of music files like AIFF, MP4, WAV, MP3 and more. The iTunes recovery is possible even after the system crash due to improper defragmentation, power supply failure or some other factors. This recovery tool is compatible with all the version of Mac operating system such as Mac OS X, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, etc. It has ability to retrieve the iTunes data on different storage devices like external hard drive, USB drive, memory card and much more.

How to Set Up and Configure User Accounts on Window 10?

Windows 8 introduced Microsoft accounts, which are generally roaming accounts that allow you to synchronize settings and files from computer to computer. Today we want to discuss what Windows 10 brings to user account management, and the options available to you.

In the old PC settings on Windows 8.1, you were limited to three options, but in Windows 10, those options have been expanded to five and things have been rounded out quite a bit.

To access the Accounts settings, you first need to open the Settings and click or tap “Accounts”.

In the Accounts group, the top-most option is “Your account”, which lets you among other things, manage your Microsoft account, change your profile picture, and more

Managing your Microsoft account must be done online. You cannot do so locally (though you can still have a local account, which we’ll explain shortly).

A Microsoft account allows you to sync your settings and basically roam from computer to computer. Your apps, profile picture, color choices, and more are uploaded to the cloud so wherever you log into next, it appears as you left it on the previous device. This obviously shares a lot of information with Microsoft and it may very well be a bit overkill for some users.

Luckily, if you simply want to maintain an account locally, you can still do that. Simply click the link “Sign in with local account instead” to create one.

You won’t need an email account or phone number or anything else, you’ll simply be prompted for a user name and password. To actually switch to the local account, you will have to sign out of your Microsoft account, so make sure you save anything you might have been working on before you do that.

Beyond being able to create a local account on the “Your account” page, you can create a new profile picture if you have a camera attached.

Finally, if you want to add more Microsoft accounts, or a work or school account, then you can do so using the links found at the bottom of the “Your account” page.

While the new user account settings in Windows 10 aren’t too terribly different from Windows 8.1, there are enough changes therein that merit a closer examination. You still have the option between a Microsoft account and local one, and there are still three sign-in options, but it’s safe to say new users who skipped Windows 8 will want to bring themselves up to speed as soon as possible.

Additionally, the user account items found in the old control panel will largely go unused. There’s simply not enough remaining there that we feel needs to be covered. For most users, the new settings will give them all the control and options they need to not only administer their own account, but other users on the system as well.

How to Manage Safari Notification on Mac?

The latest version of Mac such as Mountain Lion added a new enhanced feature called Safari Web Notifications. This new advanced feature allowed users to subscribe to website update, then receive push notifications right inside of Notification Center whenever website content updated.

This can be a great feature, or, in some cases, an annoying one. In this article, we learn about the how to manage your Safari Web Notifications on Mac or even get rid of them entirely. To get more information then, visit this page.

Subscribing to a web notification:

To subscribe to a web notification in Safari on Mac, you have first need to visit a website that allows you web notifications. There are many notification sites such as,, NBA .com, MLB .com are supported with Mac operating system. is a new added site which is a great example of a site that provides useful web notifications to Safari users. When visiting the website, you’ll be prompted to subscribe to a web notification. Clicking subscribe to a web notifications will add your Mac to the subscription list, and you’ll able to begin receiving push notifications on your Mac when website content updates or whenever CNN decides to send out breaking news updates.

Viewing and removing web notification subscriptions

If you want to view the websites that you’re currently subscribed to, or you change your mind about not wanting notifications, then open Safari and open the preferences (press Command + , [comma] for a shortcut), then click on the notifications tab. A list of all the websites that have offered you notifications will be displayed. Here, you can view all of the sites that you’re subscribed to and revoke notifications from any of these sites if you wish. You can also click on “Allow” to ensure that a particular site can send you push notifications. Additionally, you can remove any websites from this list by selecting them and clicking “Remove” or remove them all by clicking the “Remove All” button.

Learn More: You can change how apps notify you from the Notifications pane in System Preferences. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click the Notifications icon. For more information about Notifications, click the Help button in the Notifications preferences window.

How to Recover Deleted Document Files on Windows?

Microsoft word is one of the most application which is used to create document. These files are widely used in business, education, etc. for creating and editing documents. Most of the word documents are saved by the .doc or .docx extension. However, like other file these files may get deleted or lost due to some various reasons.

Sometimes, you come to know anyone intentionally deleted your important documents. The documents you lost are very crucial, because those are prepared some educational, hospital system or business system. Most of the time deleted Microsoft word files during their access or deleting some unwanted files from there hard drive of Windows operating system.

In this situation, you may get tensed and start thinking that how to recover deleted document files on Windows. Don’t worry? Be. Relax! Because now it is possible you can recover deleted documents by using Recover Deleted Document software. This software has got strong algorithm which is capable to perform deleted document recovery in an effective manner.

Reasons for deletion of document files on Windows:

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while deleting unwanted word document file, you may select and delete essential word document file by using “Shift + Delete” combination keys, as a result of this you may loss word documents on Windows.
  • Emptied Recycle Bin: If the size of deleted file has larger than the 10% of the total hard drive capacity then automatically file lost from Recycle bin.
  • Unintentional Format: Sometimes, what happens you wanted to format C: drive but you may accidentally format some other drive that will cause loss of documents on that drive.
  • Third party Interruption: Sometimes, while you converting the word file format from one to other by using unreliable third party tool as their more chance of file corruption.
  • Bad sectors: The bad sectors present on hard drive are harmful because if you saved any documents on hard drive they infected by virus, which makes its file inaccessible.

Other than these reasons for deletion of word documents on Windows there are few more reasons such as documents deletion they are bypassing windows recycle bin, deletion of partition, defrag error, improper shutdown, etc.

Features of Recover Deleted Documents Software:

  • It can recover documents that lost due to pressing Shift + Delete key combination.
  • The software can recover documents bypassed recycle bin due to exceed file size.
  • Using this utility, you can recover those documents which have been lost during the transfer process.
  • It has ability to recover documents from HDD, USB drive, Firewire drives, etc.
  • Recover compressed Word documents using Zip archive.
  • Helps to check is that all word documents recovered or anything left before saving we can preview those documents.
  • The recovered documents saved in CD/DVD or hard drive to easy access.
  • Using find option you can locate the files based on creation date, size of file etc.
  • Recovered documents can be saved based on size, file name and type.
  • Base on unique file signature, it will recover the document files.
  • Using save recovery session you resume the recovery process for the next you try to recover files.
  • Recover documents from any versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista etc.

How to Recover your Lost Data from Memory Card?

Every time we speak or discuss about memory card, what builds up in our mind? Yes, exactly a tiny peripheral storage device that may be attached to variety of gadgets and therefore ensuring data can be saved on them in safe and most secured way. But, although these cards are secure but still, loss of data occurs over and over again as a result of different reasons that are unknown to consumers. When this kind of instant develops with folks, normally they get panicked. They might think that data recovery is not possible.

However there are many things that users should do is that they must employ utility that’s competent to deal with all of the process of data loss or deletion from memory cards with the help of a utility tool like Recover Memory Card software which is recommended by various skilled professionals.

Usually files that are saved over memory card gets missing as a result of users own fault like accidental deletion. Let’s discuss one among such situation in an exemplified way. Suppose that your card has reached its maximum limit to save pictures on it, thus you now must either backup them or delete a few of the junk images to ensure that you can save images in  the memory card. In this scene you decided to delete the junk pictures from the memory card that not much use for you. After erasing those unwanted pictures, the next time you started previewing then you  realized that a few of the crucial snapshots are missing from cards. What’s happened to them?

Actually these were erased together with junk pictures, so the question is how to precisely restore those images with the help of recover memory card software? Each one of the missing photos may be restored  by simply following some basic  steps over with the help of recover memory card software.

Besides the reason like accidental deletion, there are numerous other reason that may put memory card of many consumers in similar state. Some other factors that result in delete of image is due to the utilization of some 3rd party application, deletion while previewing images, error while making data transfer, unintentional formatting of storage cards and several other similar circumstances.

Even though it is well equipped in handling such situation, a few limitations must be followed by users while deleting any type of file from memory card. Probably the most prominent one is that they have to stop utilizing the card the moment there’s any type of loss of data over storage card. This is really required, because if the specified files are overwritten by other file then it won’t be easy to recover them whether we use the recover memory card software or any other application. Besides this one other major thing is the fact that format or reformat ought not to be done, which would make memory card picture recovery process a lot more complex.

Different image format can be obtained easily by using it. A few of the renowned file formats of images are PEF, PNG, GIF, ORF, JPEG, JPG, SR2, NEF, PSD, CRW, BMP, TIFF, 3FR, RAW, CR2, TIF, ARW, K25, RAF, KDC, X3F, DCR, MRW, DNG, etc. Photos which can be rescued from card may be surveyed before saving them at some of the location of HDD. This tool can also assist to recover memory card files in an easiest way because of its well supported GUI and outstanding scanning algorithm. It may be downloaded online for trial use.