Repair PST Tool

MS Outlook application is an admired tool to preserve emails, contacts, and reminders. MS Outlook works as an email client that helps you to manage your emails and maintains every day update. PST file is the Personal Storage Folder for Microsoft Outlook. Some time you may come across with some situations that you need to send some important emails to your boss or to friend. When you open your outlook account you may get failed and you are shocked. You may try several times with the help of inbuilt repair tool that is with inbox repair tool called ‘scanpst.exe’. Now you came to know that your PST file corrupted.

Generally corrupted PST files on Outlook cannot be fixed by the Inbox Repair Tool “scanpst.exe’ it is a repair tool provided by the Microsoft Outlook service. It scans the damaged PST file, finds the reason for the corruption. But this tool is supportive only in minor PST corruption issues. But now you may be thinking how do I repair Outlook 2010. There is a solution for your worry, there is a most recommended and well featured PST repair tool is available which can repair all your corrupted files on Outlook. Before that we may know why this corruption of PST files occurs.

Reasons behind PST file corruption:

  •  Over sized PST file: – PST files have their own capacity to store the data. When this PST file is oversized ahead of its boundary, means the PST files catch corruption and results in inaccessible to your mails.
  • Virus attacks: – viruses can corrupt the PST files and these virus affected files become inaccessible and results in data loss.
  • Saving PST file on server: – PST file can be injured when you allocate it over a network or when you access the data from the PST file that is accumulated on server. There is a chance of corruption of PST files. In addition to this, if some network crisis exists while accessing data, that time you may lose the data due to PST file corruption.
  • Accidental system shutdown:-while using the outlook application, if it gets shut down rapidly due to power loss or due to some other causes, there is a chance of corruption of PST files.
  • Sharing of the PST file over a network:-the allocation of the PST files with network may have a risk of some disaster causing software, that can damage all PST file’s content.

There for to save all corrupted PST files we need a strong software.PST repair tool can handle all such scenarios. This software is designed with lots of features and can be applied for Outlook application to repair PST files.

This repair tool can repair all corrupted PST files and then retrieves all attributes of PST files like emails, calendars, contacts etc. It does not alter the source of PST file; instead it creates a new PST file to store recovered contents of Outlook in order to ensure the safety to PST files. This repair tool can easily secure compressed and password protected PST files. This software can allows you to search the PST file if you don’t identify position of the PST file.

This software offers you the demo version to evaluate its performance. You can download the demo version to test the results. With the demo version you can preview the corrupted files and you can make use of the “save session” option which helps you to avoid frequent scanning. In order to access the retrieved data you need to buy the real version of this software