Need help in deleting my files permanently

I have heard that though the files are deleted, they can be retrieved through some recovery software. What can be done to delete files forever?

What you have heard is true!

When files are deleted, the actual file contents are not deleted but they are just marked for deletion and not shown in the file system. Unless it is overwritten, they can be recovered using recovery tools. So when you delete confidential files, the usual windows delete method is not enough. This is true even if you empty the recycle bin or “shift” + delete to skip recycle bin.

Manual methods are not available to help you erase all your files forever. In such situation, Remo File Shredder can perform the job perfectly for you. It enables you to erase data including confidential files and trash files just in few clicks. Then you can make sure that no one will be able to restore the files at any time in future. Hence, this software helps to delete file beyond recovery.

Why choose Remo File Shredder?

  • Erases files permanently from the computer: This software eliminates files, folders and deleted data from your hard drive in the safest way.
  • Context Menu Integration: Helps to add files/folders to shredding zone. The option also offers “single click” shredding of files and folders.
  • Inbuilt Scheduler: This option is used to schedule shredding process to run at a specified time. If you want certain files or folders to be shredded regularly at the specified time, then they can be added in the task list in the scheduler and also time and date can be specified so that those files/folders can be shredded at that particular time and date.
  • Password Protected: Set password to protect the software from being misused by others, you can set the password so that you can restrict the number of users from accessing Remo File Shredder.
  • Notifications and Reminders: Pop up notifications and reminders, when there is need to shred free disk space and recycle bin. This advanced feature helps to ensure protection from deleted data theft.
  • Event log: Generates event log of the complete shredding process.
  • Live updates: Automatic live update to keep the software up to date.
  • Context sensitive help: Extremely easy to use, several on-screen instructions and context-sensitive help.