Way to Restore Microsoft Windows Factory Settings

ms-osMicrosoft Windows operating systems provide many advanced features to the users. These systems are most commonly known for their easy to use interface and their functionality. Microsoft is continually upgrading their Windows system in order to provide more security and advanced features. There are many operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft Corp such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. These operating systems are widely used by people for their personal and professional works.

Sometimes, Windows system does not give response very slow or when people try to access some files or some other functional then it will give very slow response.  On that case user need to format or reset factory setting options to improve the system performance and make their task easier. Basically these problems occur due to malfunctioning systems, virus removing, configuration and settings of the computer operating system, making some free memory space and also remove personal information from the system. In general, factory reset option is used to hide or remove the data from the system which will not available longer after reset operation.

Whereas, formatting the system or reinstalling operation used to erase the entire information from the system hard drive partition. In order to reinstall the operating system, you need to spend a lot of time and resources. If you are not aware about reinstalling process, then you need an expert person which re- install the operating system and format or delete the whole data saved in the system hard drive. But in the case of restore factory setting, you just need to follow some simple step to perform it. In factory reset, basically application restores the entire system to its original state by removing all of the data saved on it and attempt to restore the computer to its original manufacturer settings.

In order to factory reset, you just need to follow some simple step. To restore the system in earlier stage, first of all you need to take the backup of your important data and disconnect external devices to the system like printer, scanner, modem, mobile phone, USB flash drives, etc.  Go to control panel and search ‘Recovery’. In recovery Window, you will get two options, that is Reset this PC and Advanced Startup.  Click on Reset this PC option, after that a new window will display with two options like to keep my file and removing everything. Select the option accordingly, after that a new window will display for conformation.  In this window press ‘Reset’ button to reset the system to factory setting.